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  1. After 3 months away from this community I've finally got some time now to sit, relax and enjoy a little bit, but as aways, I'm bored. Some days ago I decided that I needed to do something, so I decided to do some animations. I know near nothing about then, but I've already have some sketches on paper for some of my ideas. So to the point now: I have 2 questions, 1- Do you guys any good program for starters? And 2- Any tutorials? The ones I found were waaay to complicated to my level. Thanks in advance! o3o
  2. I'm back! After playing 14 hours of BF3 in the last week I'm back! XD

    1. Metemponychosis


      A man's got to do what a man's got to do.

      Welcome back XD

  3. Whats better than BF3 for 5 bucks? Buying a crap-ton of Dice games for 5 bucks!!! If you are wondering, I just discovered The Humble Bundle.

  4. I wish I had more time to snoop around in here... Damn tests...

  5. Well... I got robbed and shot in the leg for being a brony (Does it count? ). I was wearing a brony T-shirt and going back home after an event that I went, near my house this guy saw me and robbed me, then he saw my t-shirt and thought I was gay, yelled at me for some time, got my wallet and my phone and shot me in the leg... And man, that hurts...
  6. Holy sheet! I'm so in love with this song, I can't stop hearing it (I heard it at least 10 times now XD!)

  7. I think I choose to be a pegasus for the reason some of you guys sad: simply for having the liberty of flying everywhere and anywhere at anytime.
  8. It might be 1 AM in here but, what the hay... Twilight Sparkle mode ON: Time to study some history! XD Bye!

  9. My friends stopped playing PS2 some time ago, and the game is not the same thing alone, so does anyone of you guys play it or have a group that I could join? Hope to see you guys in the battlefield!
  10. I would buy one if I could, but shipping this massive painting to Brazil would be a little to expensive...
  11. PROMOTED! I GOT PROMOTED(to cupcake)!

    1. JackleberryCA


      That'll be my reaction whenever I hit Butterfly, I want that badge so bad! :P

    2. Metemponychosis



  12. You could always use some duck tape to fix your 3DS on your arm! Seriously though, I think the best way to do it is to take it with me whenever I have some sort of backpack or bag.
  13. Thanks, and I know how you feel about this lack of stuff in here, the only shirt that I have that is THAT one, I bought on amazon and almost cost me 50 dollars with all shipping and stuff... I think we don't even have enought bronies to at least make a small convention, but it would be nice to have at least a meeting somewhere in the country!
  14. I was just about to post this one! Sim Gretina never gets me dissapointed with (her? it's her right?) remixes and Originals! My favourite from her is this one:
  15. It's true. Being a brony almost got me killed here! I was going home after an event that I went with a brony tshirt and I got robbed, the guy saw the the shirt with ponies and thought i was gay and shot my leg, and man, that hurt. A lot.