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  1. This may be a special case due to the magic not directly attempting to conjure a cutie mark like Twi tried to do in CotC to Apple Bloom. Also, Sweeties main problem is trying to find what she's good at, no inspiration (magic or not) will help her in that case.
  2. G4 Rarity by FAR. Spike probably wouldn't fall for the lacking in all personality whatsoever love child of RD and Princess Cadence.
  3. I've gotten into playing a lot of Dota 2 recently.

  4. I've gotten into playing a lot of Dota 2 recently.

  5. Money is what you make of it. Sure you can cheat, bribe, and blackmail with it, but at the end of the day it's just an object. AJ got it in the show when (insert name here) was promoted to a salesman and made his first sale through dishonest means. AJ snapped him out of it when she realized she wound up teaching him to go against honesty. He, in turn gave AJ the only bit he earned as a salespony, which she kept as a reminder of the value of honesty and as her key to the box.
  6. Oh, the irony, money helps make a person better for once. Seriously though, inner symbolism aside, the fact that it's money is a bit weird. He could've given AJ his crutches. They would've served the same purpose in the long run. But really? What's wrong with money when it's given in the same situation as this? It's not like she's going to spend it on farm tools in 3 seconds, she's just keeping it to herself as a reminder of the value of honesty. And that, in itself, is a really big thing to do.
  7. G4 Spike, G3 is an asshole, and I don't care for G1. G4 Spike is a lovable, sarcastic smartass you can just sit down and have a drink with, I'd be his master and friend. Housing and maintaining that thing would be even scarier. Not to mention you would wind up like the whole city of Dale.
  8. *whistles* keep that up and she'll be best pony. Sorry Pinkie, you know I like plot but you're still valuable to me though.
  9. It's the inner meaning behind the money that matters though. It's symbolism for how she helped (insert name here) see the truth and regret his actions.
  10. Maud was boring, although that's what made her funny. Her dry humor and the contrast with those around her make her shine as a character. In conclusion, she is boring, but that is a double edged sword for her. Those who do hate her just need to look up what dry/anti-humor is.
  11. Sweetiemash is my holy ship because of this. No smut allowed, it's terrifying, it's crazy, and I don't wanna read or look at it unless it has over 9000 likes.
  12. Why can't he have both of the Pie sisters? The fandom already loves him so much. I'm only typing more to reach the 100 character limit.
  13. Nothing as of now is a canon ship. I ship it because it has the potential of becoming canon. We also don't know Spike or Rarity's age, so as of now it's only creepy if you make into something creepy. We could debate about this a lot, but it just comes down to opinion at the end, which I respect. I can also think of many ships creepier and more ridiculous than Sparity, care for some Zooshy or Princest, or maybe some Rariblood? Pick your poison, I ain't got all day.
  14. I respect your opinions. I could see both Fluttercord and Dislestia working out in their own scenarios and ways. It all just comes down to who wants the D greater (sorry, couldn't help myself). I haven't read the comics yet. The gray area thing is one of the problems I see in Dislestia also. As for Discord and Celestias childhood, We don't know anything about it so I try not to make too many guesses, although it is something to think about.
  15. Same here dude, same here. My friend converted me to the fandom last year. I knew about bronies before though, I just thought I'd never become one.