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  1. I believe you're right on that; but what if Nickelodeon was more like it used to be (plus what today's and tomorrow's parents want of a kids' network)?
  2. pfftthaaa. You really think I was seroius when I said that?

    1. Sholem Itzhak

      Sholem Itzhak

      Everything anybody posts is taken seriously.

  3. "Dan Vs." would have done it better; and I think we Broneis should pay more attention to that, rather than overrated shows like "Family Guy".
  4. Only if a "real [man]" is Mr. Ratburn in Arthur's imagination: Besides, this cereal would be for kids (but of course adults are welcome too).
  5. Search 'MLP cereal' on Google Images, and the first thing you'll see is MLP themed boxes of cereal such as this: -or this: -or this: You've probably have eaten a wide variety of breakfast cereals in your childhood (hoprefully not too much, at least not without a good protein source and fruit on the side), but how would you like to buy "My Little Pony" beanded cereal for your kids (or little sister, brother, niece, nephew, or and/or second cousin)? Perhaps it would be Pony shaped cereal with Cutie Mark shaped "marshmellows". It would be a part of a well balanced breakfast, and a wonderful way start the day with the Magic of Friendship.
  6. Aside form "The Hub Network", I'd prefer to see MLP:FiM on PBS (it's not too late for seasons 2-4 to earn E/I accreditation) or Nickelodeon; and the other shows would be better on Nickelodeon as well. Whoops, I didn't mean to reply to your posting.
  7. By saying "Good idea throwing them on", did you mean to imply that I put them on there. All I did was find the videos there, I didn't upload them myself.
  8. While I did watch Cartoon Network occasionally (I remember me and my sister tuning in every Friday night to watch PPGs when new episodes were coming out); I used to only want to watch Nickelodeon (almost all Nick all the time) and home videos (as early as age 3, I would put on a couple of videos a day, including videos from our video camera). I'd say PPG and Dexter's lab were what I was most interested in before the 2000's. My mom also liked Samuri Jack (although I never found much interest in that show) It really is too bad CN became what I consider 'an adult swim targeted at children'; and I can assure you that "Adventure Time" would have been much better had Nickelodeon picked it up when they had the chance.
  9. Of course I do (although I haven't been able to watch The Hub Network on a regular basis since moving out and not being able to get a cable TV package yet). Before i discovered MLP:FiM, I loved watching Doogie Howser M.D. (that was my favorite), classic Batman, Meerkat Manor, and Fraggle Rock (which might have been the first thing I watched when I first discovered The Hub Network). Remember "Jump The Shark Week", those were good times. I also think "Strawberry Short Cake" is a great show to watch with your children, the humor is "Pound Puppies" is priceless, I found "Littlest Pet Shop" interesting even though I didn't watch it often, and Dan Vs. turned out to be the first "adult show" I actually liked. "The Hub Network" made come alive again the kind fo television we really want to see that other channels such as Nickelodeon, Disney Channel and CN have just abandoned.
  10. Based on this recent topic (, many of you want to see much of JanAnimations' work in the field of "Pony-dom" again. Well, wait no more, your wish is granted; it would seem that much of his work was put in the Internet Archives (where you can find all sorts of other goodies you couldn't anywhere else on the Internet). Here's 2 works by JanAnimations in the "Internet Archive" I know you'll remember: There's more too: Click onto type MLP JanAnimations in the search bar, and you're good to go. "Stay 'Pony' My Friends."
  11. How do you know Princess Luna was at her throne in the opening title? A throne could have been made for her in her very own room.
  12. Ok, you make a good point about Pegasi, but if flying wouldn't be allowed in a game of Kick-Ball? These Ponies might be like you and me, but Lauren Faust wanted them to be as close to real Ponies as possible (and I beleive that would also include what would happen when trying to walk on 3 legs). And, show me one scene where a Pony is using her Hoof for "Hand Motions" while walking at the same time.
  13. I don't know; have you seen a Horse walking on only 3 legs without falling? I haven't seen a horse walk with 3 legs at all; I don't know if it would fall though.