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  1. hawkflame

    S05:E17 - Brotherhooves Social

    Wow this episode was a lot of fun! Peter New really was at the top of his game here, He really had to do three different types of acting- In the first third when he was just saying Eeyup and Nope, he basically had to just express all his feelings with two words. His exaggerated Southern Belle schtick as Orchard Blossom was hilarious in that old screwball comedy style, and he really struck a strong emotional chord with hhis scene with Apple Bloom near the end. Oh, and guys dressing as Orchard Blossom at cons is going to be a thing, isn't it?
  2. hawkflame

    Rarity Fan Club

    I believe this is what you were looking for: http://youtu.be/UrBma4OPLw0 Too bad Tommy left the fandom, I really respected him as an analyst.
  3. hawkflame

    Rarity Fan Club

    Wow that sucks. I wonder what brought that on but am afraid to ask in fear of opening up old wounds.
  4. hawkflame

    Is your favorite pony relatable to you?

    Not at all. Maybe it's my more analytical side coming through, but I always thought relatability is a bit overrated as a tool for measuring a character, or at least relatability with personality. It's important to have empathy for them, but for me it's more important that they be dynamic and interesting and well written. My favorite is Rarity, and she's as different from me in personality as it gets, but I think that she's a fascinating character in the way she comes together. There are parts of her personality that come together in unique ways , and she has hidden depths that might not be appreciated otherwise.
  5. hawkflame

    Its all coming up "Rarity"!

    I think it builds on itself. This site has a rep for being rarity friendly, and thus more rarity fans show up. And who wouldn't, really?
  6. hawkflame

    OC Clichés That Bother You

    Alicorns. Unless you're Lauren Faust, of course.
  7. hawkflame

    Which Ship makes the least sense to you?

    Shining Armor and Cadence. Shipping a husband with his wife? What the hell are you sick people thinking? Don't you guys know that the best shippings come between two characters who have barely acknowledged each other's existence?
  8. hawkflame

    How do ponies hold things?!?!

    Didnt Canterlot Boutique show the letter being stuck to Pinkies hooves by tape in the beginning. And how do non unicorns use scissors? We've seen scissors on the show, with finger holes and all. Hell, why do pony scissors have finger holes?
  9. hawkflame

    S05:E14 - Canterlot Boutique

    Pretty good episode, not great. As much as Rarity is my #1 pony and I'm excited to see her realize her dream, I had problems really connecting with this episode at points. And I think it was because the ep seemed kind of confused as to what the conflict was until the second half. At first it seemed like it would be about Sassy Saddles undermining Rarity and trying to take control over the shop, but then in the middle it came to be about artistic integrity vs the role of marketing and business in commercial art. Which is a great conflict to have, I just wish they didn't lean in another direction in the first half. And while I loved the second half, I just wish that clash of art vs marketing was set up better. Song was *great* though.
  10. hawkflame

    Rarity Fan Club

    No new YouTube videos in a while, too busy with work. Too bad about GFK, wanted to know what he thought of these last few episodes.
  11. hawkflame

    S05:E15 - Rarity Investigates

    Overall a very entertaining episode. First of all, it highlights a skill of Raritys that I really like and is often not utilized, and that's her eye for detail. Really I don't think it's been used much since she helped Granny Smith with quality control against the Flim Flam bros. but it is something crucial to her character as it highlights her intelligence. Really cool to see it shown off here. There were a lot of moments that really made me smile here like rainbows little dances in the air, rarity saying to Soarin to just "let her have this", all the film noir references, a lot of it was really fun. But I think structurally something was off. It felt like it took too long to set up the mystery, and the mystery itself suffered as a result. The delivery pony scene was extraneous, as I don't think that Raritys skill at charming guys is something that needed to be reinforced here. I would have taken that screen time to introduce a possible red herring. Or maybe make Wind Rider the red herring and add a new villain. Either way the mystery suffered as a result. Though I do like that they played fair by the audience- every single clue that Rarity picked up on is something that could be noticed by an attentive viewer. Over all a very entertaining episode that's great for rarity lovers like myself, but looking at the episode more analytically i do see problems.
  12. hawkflame

    I LIKE Diamond Tiara!

    I generally don't care for her that much- she's usually just the evil bitch and that's that- but she *can* be written well. And that doesn't necessarily mean mean sympathetic. I found her *very* entertaining in Ponyville Confidential- showing that she can be passionate, ambitious, and really over the top in a funny way. Her giant ego and gruff and pushy way made her a really good foil for the CMC here.
  13. hawkflame

    The Duck from "May the Best Pet Win" Fanclub

    What about the fourth duck that tripped on the street in Rarity Investigates? Does he have a fan club?
  14. hawkflame

    Rarity Fan Club

    Haven't been on here in months, wonder if anyone remembers me. Also looks like ghost face hasn't been here since April. Anyone know what happened to him?
  15. Look at North Korea. Sometimes there's hardly a difference.