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  1. Have a happy meowin' birthday! :D

  2. Happy birthday

  3. Merry Birthiversary!

  4. waddup fedoras. look at my rose quartz shirt that someone got me for christmas.
  5. Avatar and Korra will forever be the best shows to come out of Nickelodeon.
  6. Hello again. I did myself up a little for a photo shoot.
  7. Hi. I'm transgender, and have been on hormone replacement therapy for almost two years (my anniversary is Dec 19th). I planned changing my overall hormonal output and transitioning completely to womanhood since I was seventeen, started at twenty. It has been extremely hard, but the ride is worth it (even if, in my opinion, it'll never be truly over). Estrogen does so much to a body. I was already physically androgynous to begin with, but this really heightened my femininity up. I'm grateful to say I can come into any environment where no one knows me, and no one would really see me as anything other than simply a woman. Though, that doesn't diminish that I am still a part of a grossly disenfranchised group of people who need representation and to be treated equally, especially TPOC.
  8. Hello to you too. Who's down to clop tonights.
  9. sup nerds. Haven't posted on here or on this forum in ages.
  10. Waterfox is the best browser, even though I've used Chrome more out of reluctance, due to certain add ons and connections to Google accounts. Waterfox is basically Firefox, but faster. I still voted Firefox, since Waterfox is obviously just a nerfed version of the former.
  11. Hello again everyone (I am the one on the left).
  12. I'm a sexually active twenty-one year old woman. The lines between friendship and relationship for me is blurred. Technically, I am in a relationship, but it is a little oipen. I'm still going to college, and she lives five hours away. Luckily, she is snoozing in my bed right now ehehehe