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  1. Guillotines

    Humanized Rarity

    I still have some things to add to this, but why not post it now. The inking for her hair did take a little while.
  2. Guillotines

    Craft So I started a popsicle stick house

    I'm building the whole house.
  3. It's not finished, so I'll come back and update it.
  4. Guillotines

    Visual Art Anthro Fox Girl I Drew

    If I can find the time for this I think I will. Thanks, I had fun making it.
  5. Guillotines

    Visual Art Anthro Fox Girl I Drew

    I haven't thought about doing requests, but I guess I could start some time Yeah, eventually I'll get around to colouring and shading. ^^,
  6. Guillotines

    Visual Art Anthro Fox Girl I Drew

    So I wanted to redraw the original character I got going as my avatar and here was the result that I got from that. I'm sure I still need lots of practice, but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.
  7. Guillotines

    My Attempt at Drawing Fluttershy (Now with Discord)

    Haha! Yeah I've noticed the legs are a tad off. I guess I can always keep drawing more till I get it right.
  8. Guillotines

    S05:E07 - Make New Friends But Keep Discord

    You can not unsee this connection of comedic genius! Mwahahaa! >=]
  9. Since I would like skills to draw comics I'm working on a MLP fan comic as practice for this. Here's where I chose to start. /updated Decided to throw Discord in there. Still learning to draw him.
  10. Guillotines

    First time buying merch?

    I don't always purchase mlp merchandise, but when I do it's usually a lunchbox.
  11. Guillotines

    Visual Art Cartoon self portrait

    I did this for a gig I started drawing people's pictures on Fiverr. I'd really appreciate some feedback though. What do you think?
  12. Guillotines

    Characters outside MLP you wanted to see ponified.

    The pony version of Star Trek.
  13. Guillotines

    Why is Autism an Insult?

    People who put other people down to feel better just aren't worth anyone's time.
  14. Guillotines

    Drawing MLP Tarot Cards

    Drawing MLP tarot cards. I'll be updating this each time I get a card done. If there are any suggestions as to which pony to use for which cards I'm all ears. I think Twilight would be very good as the magician though. What do you think?
  15. Guillotines

    Name your favorite junk food

    Pizza hut's pizza tastes awful. I honestly don't blame you for going for the good stuff when it comes to that.