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  1. Wander Over Yonder deserved better. 😔
  2. 6/10 Not bad! But it's not really my thing, sorry !!!
  3. Blue Moon

    Gaming Silent Hill

    Ah man, the Silent Hill games are some of my favorite horror games! Silent Hill 2 is my personal favorite cause I think it has the best story and best soundtrack! Silent Hill 1 is really good too, and holds up surprisingly well for an old PS1 game. The atmosphere is 10/10. Silent Hill 3 is probably the scariest of them all, and I haven't played 4 yet, but I plan on it. If they ever make another Silent Hill game, I'd def be interested, but I'm not holding my breath with Konami. I'm still salty over Silent Hills! >:0
  4. heya! just checking in, and wanted to see how've you been!

  5. hey!! hope ur doing alright! :0

  6. oh dang, you're back !! how've you been??

    1. Twiliscael


      Heya. I pop my head in here from time to time here, heh. I’m doing quite well myself, and hope the same can be said of you :kindness:

    2. Blue Moon

      Blue Moon

      good to hear ! it's been like years since i last saw u here !! ive been pretty good as well! i don't really come on here too often tho :0

    3. Blue Moon

      Blue Moon

      also 10/10 avatar aeugh

  7. Matt Ishida (Digimon Adventure)
  8. This movie is amazing, and the best Spiderman movie by far. And definitely one of my favorite movies of this year. Even from just a visual and audio standpoint, this movie is breathtaking, and the leap of faith scene is jawdropping. I've never seen a CGI movie with this kind of unique look before, and the way they took advantage of the medium was incredible. Something like this couldn't be done nearly as well with live-action. Not to mention that the story was good too, especially with the relationship between Miles Morales and his father. It was very well-done (honestly, Miles whole family wa
  9. Blue Moon

    General Media Favorite PS4 game?

    Most of my favorite games as of late I've played on my PS4, there's a lot of good games. But Persona 5, any of the Danganronpa games, Nier: Automata, and Kingdom Hearts are at the top of my favorites.
  10. Bojack Horseman: It's hard to pick a favorite, but Free Churro, Fish Out Of Water, INT. SUB, and Escape from L.A. are all standouts. Steven Universe: Friend Ship Breaking Bad: Ozymandias Digimon Tamers: Lionheart
  11. Blue Moon

    staff An Odyssey Home

    Oh dang, congrats !! @Odyssey
  12. Blue Moon

    Fortune Cookie Game

    Open Fortune Coookie
  13. holy shit ur back 👀

    1. Odyssey


      It still spooks me that I am back. Haven't seen you in a while tho :0

    2. Blue Moon

      Blue Moon

      yeah I'm not here too much but it's good to talk to you again !

  14. Blue Moon

    Gaming Dangan Ronpa

    First game: Sakura was my favorite, but I also liked Aoi, Kyoko, and Chihiro. Second game: Hajime and Hiyoko were my favorites, but I also liked Chiaki, Fuyohiko, Ghundam, and Mahiru. Third Game: Oh man, I loved everyone in this game (except Korekiyo) but if I had to pick some favs, I'd go with Maki and Kokichi. Kaito, Miu, Gonta, and Tenko are all really good too. Ships: Aoi/Sakura, Hajime/Chiaki, Maki/Kaito, Taka/Mondo, Kyoko/Makoto, and Ghundam/Sonia
  15. i have three cats ! holly, cinder, and maya. i also have three dogs, Olley, Chloe, and Mazie.
  16. Blue Moon

    Gaming Recent Gaming Purchases

    I bought Red Dead Redemption 2 !
  17. i was also chatting 10 minutes ago, with @akechi !
  18. Hi, welcome to the forums !
  19. Banquo, Felicity, Simba, and BB-8 all came into my life.
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