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  1. Twiliscael

    Mega Thread Metal Thread

    Whitechapel starts losing me after their first two, though I do like their self-titled more than I think I should. AAAAAAS I HACK YOUR LIFELESS CORPSE WITH MY CHAINSAW From my black metal plays today: Maybe not the best Immortal album, but it's absolutely their most cold and aggressive. Like the Reign in Blood of black metal, this is a pummeling, vicious riff machine that's over as fast as it started. Hated more than they deserve, while I'd fail to call Dark Funeral particularly unique, they just keep blasting and tremming their way into second-wave Stockholm-sound goodness. Last but not least for now is Mizmor-Yodh. More modern black-doom where the doom parts and black parts are good enough to stand in an album on their own, let alone mixed in such a way here. @TwilySparky your devotion to keeping this thread alive is appreciated... this place never used to be dead for more than a few hours when I frequented this site, it's truly sad to see it in the state it's in now.
  2. Twiliscael

    Mega Thread Metal Thread

    Years ago this thread used to do Black Metal November... how far we have fallen... Today's jams- Some important US DSBM: Aaaand black metal from the moon! (actually from Finland).
  3. Somebody do something!

    1. Kyoshi


      I'm doing something!

    2. Hibiki Kuze
  4. Twiliscael

    Rate song, then post another!

    Great song, have a weakness for Maroon 5’s first album tbqh. 7.5/10, there’s better on the album tho I
  5. Twiliscael

    Rate song, then post another!

    6/10 not bad, not my style though D:
  6. Twiliscael

    Rate song, then post another!

    Children of Bodom are solid melodeath 7.5/10 o: Just cuz season 2's coming Soon™
  7. Twiliscael

    Rate song, then post another!

    8/10 gotta love a good war chant! You are unworthy to ascend the throne, mortal.
  8. Twiliscael

    Rate song, then post another!

    Visuals are good and fun and I like the concept of the song, but alot of the riffing and drum patterns seemed pretty typical and the song was a touch too long. 6.5/10. Keepin' it trve up in here.
  9. Twiliscael

    Rate song, then post another!

    7.5/10 Megadeth > Metallica, that's for sure. Good Megadeth album too. New Carti album got me 😫💦
  10. New Playboi Carti album dropped, and it's fresh! Won't change your mind if you don't like him, but if you do, it's even better than his self-titled tape.
  11. Twiliscael

    Rate song, then post another!

    8.5/10 I really like this Slough Feg tbh...
  12. Twiliscael

    Rate song, then post another!

    4/10, don't like Post Malone and boooooring. Fetti on fetti on fetti
  13. Twiliscael

    Rate song, then post another!

    3/10, don't have time for meme-y music when there's so much other music I haven't explored yet. Little IDM/glitch/house/idk-my-electronic-subgenres for the people. All of Alcest's albums are good, that's just their newest. ...though you'll be hard-pressed to find many blackgaze bands that don't write longer songs, it comes with the black metal/post-metal/shoegaze territory they inhabit. Other similar, newer bands are Deafheaven () and Møl.
  14. Twiliscael

    Rate song, then post another!

    7/10, who doesn't have a soft spot for Florence? Lil blackgaze for the people?