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  1. Y'all already know I copped the two-day pass RIP Sean Reinert, legendary drummer for Cynic and a briefer time with Death. Both these bands were very important for my descent into the darker pits of madness death metal... Big sludge week: Lastly, cannot emphasize how damn strong the two Undeath releases from last year were... this band will go places. Some tech death that sounds something like Atheist, Death, Cryptospy, Gorguts,even At The Gates but dropped this album before any of those bands' debut LPs were even out yet. wewlad.jpg Anyone got any 2020 heat? Have yet to listen to any metal that's come out thus far... /////this thread is so dead/////
  2. Hey @Crispy, you listened to the new Acacia Strain album? It’s unprecedentedly atmo-sludge and doom for them. Listened to a bunch of The Doors and Deftones during finals, haha... Last one: Bemoaning the loss of Julie Christmas, it’s still solid stuff!
  3. Merry Birthiversary! 

  4. Somehow missed the memo it was already the third of November- Gonna have to catch up for Black Metal November Unrelated: Car Bomb is sweet, I had the chance to see them in 2017 open for Animals as Leaders and Periphery, and quite honestly, their set was the best part of the show. Their 2019 album, Mordial, is just about as good as their previous, Meta: I like Sepultura but I don't listen to their albums after Arise very often at all, definitely prefer their original sound more:
  5. Been on a big classic Swiss kick... Prefer Morbid Tales to To Mega Therion by just a tiny bit, but Necromantical Screams has to be the greatest Celtic Frost track. The best Coroner record imo: They just have such a way of writing hazy, disorienting techy riffs. Check out Exhorder- Slaughter in the Vatican. Pantera ripped their whole sound off that album Album below! Lastly, some fucking ferocious 2019 war metal. Behold: Teitanblood.

  7. Good to see familiar faces still around heh :p

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      Yeah, it's hard to believe I've been a member here for 8 years now. o.o

    2. Twiliscael


      Yep, something like 7 years for me- insanity... you’re certainly one of the great old ones still here 🙇‍♂️

    3. Envy


      Me great? Lol... Thanks!

  8. Always been a Gojira fan, I got the opportunity to see them a few years opening with Kvelertak for Mastodon... great times, would love to see them again sometime. And props on Dissection, that's an essential Cloud Rat: a female-fronted sludgy grind outfit with some screamo leanings. Hell the fuck yeah. Been digging into their discog lately, only started listening to them when this album came out ~2 weeks ago. Another band I've been digging recently: Lord Dying. Can't speak to their releases prior to this one, but their 2019 effort will take you on a proggy sludge ride... for Mastodon fans. Can't let y'all get away without some really heavy stuff. Enter: Antichrist Siege Machine, premiere war metal and riff kings ... their 2017 demo is even more of a riff-factory than this one. Been meaning to check that our forever, finally did. I do bemoan the loss of the Halo theme, but it's probably my favorite album by 'em overall. Crazy stuff... Hell ya Crispy.
  9. Y O U   C O M M I T T E D   T H E   T A B O O 

  10. Perpetually in need of this album to come out... the Discordance Axis boys (minus Dave Witte ) strike again: Check out a friend of mine's black metal project that just released its first EP! Support the dude, he's a cool guy and evidently puts out some killer tracks. Promising death/crust from Estonia, debut full-length came out earlier this month: Lastly, a Japanese death/thrash band that does a really sweet job of blending pretty crushing grooves, death-metal Flea bass, and technicality aplenty. Named after a renowned Samurai warrior and with album art featuring traditional Japanese art, it's pretty cool stuff. Really taking a liking to these guys recently, can hard to find all of their music on Youtube though. Crispy-kun Long time no talk old buddy, how you been chief?? I was pretty disappointed in the album honestly... sounded alot like 10,000 Days, but everyone was just playing on autopilot. Not really what I waited over a decade for, but it's alright. There's some cool enough tracks, like this one:
  11. :crackle:<- when the candy apples hit just right 

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      Howdy howdy Nas, long time eh?

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      Yeah dude, how's it been? :squee:

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      Same ol’ same ol’, last year of uni just started up for me x) Yourself?

  12. I want an Ashley Too

  13. May the thrash be within you pony peeps. Throw them! I’m freezing... Last one for now... ..