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  1. Do you have Species Dysphoria?

    If you think you should be a pony instead of a person, I pity you.
  2. Y-you rub me in the lewd kind of way!

  3. Rate song, then post another!

    6.5/10, pretty catchy and definitely fits the album art- just not my style D: Not bad though. D-do I hear metal album of the year? 🤔 Probably not- but exactly what death metal needed in 2018.
  4. Rate song, then post another!

    6/10 that intro riff is badass, then it lost me. The better Pins and Needles
  5. Rate song, then post another!

    Bass line thumps, but overall, boring. Sorry! 6/10 I'm a masochist, post whatever your beautiful heart desires
  6. Rate song, then post another!

    Yep, blackened deathcore! Not quite slam, Abominable Putridity is though. Shame, Deftones are a favorite of mine </3 And yeah idk what's up with it, but metal album covers don't surprise or shock me anymore after seeing some pornogrind or slam album art. 7/10 for the track, BB songs usually hover around the 6-8 range for me I like what Devin Townsend is up to now, but I do not like it as much as I liked him in Strapping Young Lad
  7. Rate song, then post another!

    Gonna swing that one a 6/10, nothing wrong with it at all- just a bit generic! You could throw that into any movie and it'd work BLACKENED DEATHCORE GET IT RIGHT. I DON'T CARE WHERE, JUST FAR
  8. Rate song, then post another!

    8/10 that was pretty sweet! Slash knows how to lay down some sweet riffs, for sure. Plus that album art is gold! Bog Wraith is quickly stealing all of my love and affection, and dragging it beneath the mire.
  9. Mega Thread Metal Thread

    Meloblack seems like a contradictory thing, but if unblack metal can exist then I guess anything is possible! That being said, I am loving the jams that Obsequiae is laying down on that track you posted- medieval indeed... I'm in a deathcore mood, so... in accordance with medieval, and the fact that I'm currently about halfway through the anime Made in Abyss, it seems fitting to post some Knights of the Abyss. And for some blackened deathcore, here's a little band I discovered just yesterday- somehow ended up in a Discord server with the guitarist, and I must say they blow alot of other deathcore bands out of the water... or should I say bog. New album is absolute heat, everything just seems so natural and tastefully accentuated by a small helping of atmospheric bits.
  10. Escape into the hellish, unexplored depths of the Everfree Forest and systematically hunt down and trap any ponies who came to apprehend me for food and for sport.
  11. Love me some Trav. Days Before Rodeo is one of the strongest mixtapes I’ve ever heard and both Rodeo and Birds in the Trap are awesome trap records for entirely different reasons. The man needs to drop Astroworld already though... Flatbush Zombies- Vacation in Hell is my favorite rap release so far this year. They manage to further the sound they put forth on 3001: A Laced Odyssey while still leaning on their older style, and even embracing a lighter, more alternative-styled sound on the latter half. Highly recommend! Plus, Meechy Darko straight bodies any track he graces.
  12. Kyubey did nothing wrong CHANGE MY MIND

    1. Sunset Rose

      Sunset Rose

      Make a contract with me... :3

    2. Twiliscael


      I N C U B A T O R :3c

  13. Animation The last Anime you watched?

    Puella Magi: Madoka Magica, and it’s sequel movie Rebellion. This was one of my favorite animes a few years back when I first watched it, and upon a rewatch, I am just as impressed as I was when I was younger and dumber. Things are not what they seem with this show, and don’t do yourself a disservice by having it spoiled for you. Well worth the watch, in total the series with the movie has a less than 8 hour runtime, which is easy-peasy to binge in a few days. It has a very unique art style and addresses some very interesting and heavy themes for its short runtime, as well as having a memorable cast of characters. Kyubey did nothing wrong. I’m currently working on completing 2 of its spinoff mangas, one that bridges the gap between the show and the movie (Wraith) and one that goes into the history of two of the main characters (The Different Story), and have previously read the spinoff Oriko Magica, which tells a different story with different characters in the same universe, and is just as good as the show’s story to be quite honest. Now I’m trying to crush Made in Abyss over the next few days Dead meme is dead for a reason
  14. I’ve watched a lot of shows in my days, so I will limit this list to stuff I am currently in the process of watching, waiting for a new season, or have recently completed Game of Thrones <3 Westworld Rick and Morty That 70’s Show Mr. Robot House of Cards Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G. Shameless The Office Bojack Horseman Daredevil The Punisher Trailer Park Boys Star Wars: The Clone Wars A bunch that I can’t even think off off the top of my head And a bunch of anime