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  2. The day I happen to waltz back into the forums, you're nowhere to be seen! D:

  3. Request Shop Wolfy's Canon Style Request Shop ~CLOSED~

    Awesome, thank you! You're the best
  4. Request Shop Wolfy's Canon Style Request Shop ~CLOSED~

    Just making sure you didn't miss mine
  5. Request Shop Wolfy's Canon Style Request Shop ~CLOSED~

    Awesome! Thank you Just out of curiosity, how long do you think it will take you? I don't mean to push or prod you, of course. I'm just wondering when i should expect it
  6. Request Shop Drawing Hat - Free Art!

    Quoted directly from WoE o3o 2x the chances, eh? Can I just say that it's awesome how you're doing this? I would have signed up sooner, but I've been tossing around a character of mine from forever ago... I just need to translate it into pony form. If you could help with that, that'd be awesome. Name: Twiliscael, OC's name is Astral Blade Pose: Here's where it gets a little weird. I'd love to ask for a full-on reference sheet (since I've never had him in pony form before), but I don't know if that's too much. I'd think it is but... I can hope, I guess If not... I'll get back to you on that, if that's okay? Also, it'd be cool if he had has bumper sword somewhere in the image, whether it be slung on his back, being held in his mouth ready for combat, or just somewhere else. Reference: Here's the thing: My current main OC is based on the same character that this guy actually *IS* so he's going to look strikingly similar. Here's an Imgur album of my current OC, Icarus. Astral Blade is going to look like Icarus, however... Blade's left eye is gray, his mane is more spiky and tossed up (as opposed to down, like Icarus' is), he is an earth pony, and his cutie mark is of a bumper sword across the moon.(like Cloud Strife's from Final Fantasy 7) Obviously you're getting alot of freedom to do as you wish with it. Anything that needs ironing out or to be more specific can be addressed via PM if that's okay I really don't want to seem too pushy or demanding right now, and I hope I don't.
  7. Request Shop Wolfy's Canon Style Request Shop ~CLOSED~

    I'd like to request an image of my new OC Astral Blade. I used to have an OC many years ago, but largely ditched him in favor of creating new characters once the pony thing came along. However, an RP has come along and it seems like it'd be perfectly suited for this kind of character. My current pony OC is loosely based on this guy. My current OC, though, looks strikingly similar to how the new one will look, since they're both based on the same. Here is a link to an album of him. My new (not really) OC, Astral Blade, looks nearly identical to Icarus aside from the following things His left eye is gray, not golden (right one is still golden) He has no wings (earth pony) His hair is more spiked up, as opposed to being down like Icarus' is His cutie mark is of a bumper sword crossing the moon. One last thing about my request... I don't know how possible it is, but it'd be awesome if you could have him equipped with his bumper sword either attached to his back or somewhere in the image that'd be awesome. It's his signature weapon and a large part of who he is. If not though, that's fine too of course It's all pretty creatively open for you to fill it in as you see fit. I hope that's not too much or anything and if it is, that you don't feel bad or awkward declining. Any more questions or comments or anything, just tell me.
  8. Mega Thread Metal Thread

    I don't know when or why it happened, but it should be considered god-damned travesty to change the title of this topic. This thread is the stuff of legends, and a legitimate testament to the history of the best times of this site. It's one of the few things that was actually still here from the beginning, going strong and completely unaltered. I logged in just to say that this is one of those things that should simply never be messed with, and it fills my little heart with all kinds of sadness to see Crispy's name removed from it. Metal on, girl-scouts.
  9. Thanks for the message :)

  10. Hang the past, take the helm.

  11. Mega Thread Metal Thread

    Phys. Ed is out of this world. I'm absolutely adoring how little Tosin tries to adhere to playing metal. I'm loving what he's doing with all this really jazzy and proggy stuff. On a more somber note, I think this might be the last time you'll see me around here. Not going to get all whiny, but when you've got to go, you've got to go, you know? Figured you guys out of all of them are the ones I should even bother telling. You guys have treated me well, and been some of the most rad guys I've talked to over the 'net. For that alone, I applaud you. Furthermore, I pretty much owe it all to Crispy for showing me metal beyond just modern prog, so for that... you've given me something I'll enjoy for a lifetime. Thanks man. To the rest of you, keep on rocking and keep it real. Don't get me wrong I'm still going to whore my modern prog.
  12. You need to look in the mirror if you want to see the reflection.

    1. Twilight Circuits

      Twilight Circuits

      but you still have to picture in your mind the idea first.

  13. Favorite spelling of "pony"?

    I hardly even call them ponies anymore. I usually go with something along the lines of "pone, cathorse, candy-horse, horsie, or poni" these days.