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  1. Twiliscael

    Rate song, then post another!

    5/10, never been the biggest Arctic Monkeys fan (The Strokes however...), and their new album was less of what I wanted out of them than their last one was.
  2. Late nights on the forums OWO

  3. Twiliscael

    Rate song, then post another!

    7.5-8/10, don't often listen to much heavy metal/speed metal like that, but that was definitely pretty enjoyable.
  4. Twiliscael

    Mega Thread Metal Thread

    Y'all do a bad job of keeping this place relevant when I'm not around Onto that 2019 music baby! Musmahhu is a fresh Swedish death metal band's debut album after a strong EP last year. Atmospheric at times, downright destructive at others, this album pulverizes through and through, treading a fine line between some old school Swedeath and something newer. I wasn't quite as crazy about the new Festerday album, having never heard their older stuff before, but it's solid death metal by any means. Excited to see if maybe their next project sounds a bit more to my tastes. And the new Quercus album, Verferum, which I unfortunately cannot find on YouTube, is by a band from the Czech Republic that puts out great, somewhat avant-garde/experimental funeral doom. Take a peek if you can *WE ARE CONNECTED* Listening through alot of Voivod lately, I love Piggy's distinct, weird riffing and how ahead of their time their breed of punky, technical, proggy thrash really was. One of their prog albums, Nothingface, is one of my favorite progressive metal albums- period. Recommended for any thrash fans, and anyone who likes something spacey. Two 2018 releases I seemed to have missed! Both fantastic stuff... First is Svartidauði, an Icelandic black metal band. This album surprised me with many interesting cool moments in their iteration of dissonant black metal. Recommend it to anyone not offput by black metal style vocals. Second up is Cerebral Rot, a U.S. death metal band that put out their first demo last year. Judging by the sound of it, you'd think this monster of an EP would have been released somewhere in Finnland in the 90's. And for something classic- my favorite Slayer album: Metal on pony peeps.
  5. Almost been 7 years since I signed up here...

  6. Twiliscael

    Mega Thread Metal Thread

    As it is NYE, I am going to post some of my favorite metal albums from this very year. Lots of good death and black came out, and alot of great sludge too. In no particular order: Obliteration- Cenotaph Obscure Obliteration puts out some of the best Autopsy worship to ever grace the earth, and their new album is no exception. Vile riffs and pummeling grooves aplenty, with a decidedly pyschedelic edge. Revocation- The Outer Ones Revocation is a band that I've liked for a while, but haven't ever really considered myself a huge fan (their guitarist's other band, Artificial Brain, however...). That being said, their 2018 output was a pleasant surprise in a year filled with great music. Sepulcher- Panoptic Horror Super cool death/thrash with a heavy hardcore influence, Sepulcher really stunned me this year. Never heard of this band before this album, but it got me to check out their other stuff as well. Music for beating skulls in to, plain and simple. Misrule- Forced to Suffer 8 minutes of blasting, relentless, sludgy grindcore from some pit of hell somewhere. Definitely looking forward to see where this band goes, and hopefully more comes out soon. Infernal Coil- Within A World Forgotten Infernal Coil might have released one of the most chaotic and dense pieces of metal music ever recorded for their debut album this year. This is absolutely violent, pulverizing war metal that borders right up into deathgrind while still staying true to the Blasphemy influence. It doesn't get much more infernal than this. Thou- Magus Will Thou ever stop getting better? I really don't know. Consistently putting out fantastic smatterings of sludge album after album. Must hear for anyone looking for new sludge. Imperial Triumphant- Vile Luxury A dizzifying trek into discord and dissonance, with a surprisingly prominent aesthetic of roaring 20's flair. It's kind of hard to describe the music without just hearing it. Definitely checking out their other music while waiting for the next. Sleep- The Sciences Sleep decided to start making music again after 15 years, and we were once again graced with their legendary breed of stoner metal- and it's really good too. møl: Jord Haven't been as impressed with alot of blackgaze since Deafheaven's Sunbather was the cool kid on the block (even their own music), but this is a fantastic blackgaze release that probably got overlooked by alot of people. Panopticon- The Scars of Man on the Once Nameless Wilderness Panopticon is an atmospheric black metal/folk music project that has been around for a while. Who would ever have thought that banjos and black metal would sound so damn good together? Anyhow, his new album is a 2 hour endeavor of 2 sides: 1 half of posty, atmospheric black metal to freeze over the coldest of tundras, and 1 half of beautiful, authentic folk music. Bog Wraith- Omen If more deathcore bands sounded like these guys, I'd be into alot more deathcore. Doesn't forget its death metal roots, has some killer riffing, but still isn't afraid to lay down a fat groove either. Became an instant fan of these guys upon hearing this, and excited to see where they go. Harakiri For The Sky- Arson Harakiri For The Sky's newest album is yet another foray into their particular breed of melodic black metal, post-metal, blackgaze, and more, and it's highly recommended. While not my favorite album of theirs, it is still a worthy entry. ...Here comes the part where I start spamming a bunch of old school death metal revivalist albums from 2018. There has been a huge influx of bands trying to return the genre more towards its roots, while also incorporating some of the better aspects of more modern death metal in order to make something that is pretty damn ideal. All of these albums rocked my socks off. Honestly, there's so many more that I didn't post because this is taking me longer than I anticipated... cheers to a great year of music and another one to come.
  7. Twiliscael

    Mega Thread Metal Thread

    Whitechapel starts losing me after their first two, though I do like their self-titled more than I think I should. AAAAAAS I HACK YOUR LIFELESS CORPSE WITH MY CHAINSAW From my black metal plays today: Maybe not the best Immortal album, but it's absolutely their most cold and aggressive. Like the Reign in Blood of black metal, this is a pummeling, vicious riff machine that's over as fast as it started. Hated more than they deserve, while I'd fail to call Dark Funeral particularly unique, they just keep blasting and tremming their way into second-wave Stockholm-sound goodness. Last but not least for now is Mizmor-Yodh. More modern black-doom where the doom parts and black parts are good enough to stand in an album on their own, let alone mixed in such a way here. @TwilySparky your devotion to keeping this thread alive is appreciated... this place never used to be dead for more than a few hours when I frequented this site, it's truly sad to see it in the state it's in now.
  8. Twiliscael

    Mega Thread Metal Thread

    Years ago this thread used to do Black Metal November... how far we have fallen... Today's jams- Some important US DSBM: Aaaand black metal from the moon! (actually from Finland).
  9. Twiliscael

    Rate song, then post another!

    Great song, have a weakness for Maroon 5’s first album tbqh. 7.5/10, there’s better on the album tho I
  10. Twiliscael

    Rate song, then post another!

    6/10 not bad, not my style though D:
  11. Twiliscael

    Rate song, then post another!

    Children of Bodom are solid melodeath 7.5/10 o: Just cuz season 2's coming Soon™
  12. Twiliscael

    Rate song, then post another!

    8/10 gotta love a good war chant! You are unworthy to ascend the throne, mortal.