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  1. I would say lack of party chat is one and not every game supporting cloud saves. This is not from firsthand experience, but I hear when games lag online, it can get pretty bad.
  2. I think everyone has a different opinion of what they define an alpha male to be. I personally consider an alpha male to be someone who is a leader. Someone who is confident and assertive. Someone who does not have to put others down to make himself feel better. I don't think being aggressive or being buff have anything to do with being an alpha male. I think we should all strive to be better men and women.
  3. So, I kind of feel like I am crazy, but I recall going on there a long time ago. I forget what the topic in question was about...something about whether we should believe women who accuse men of rape. The weird thing is I have no history of my posts on said topic. I do remember the mod being a douche and calling me a feminist as an insult. It also involved someone on this forum I considered to be a troll. Anyway, I mostly avoid that part of the forum...
  4. Although I played the original Tomb Raider series on the PS1, I didn’t like them very much. However, I am a fan of the reboot and the sequels(Rise and Shadow).
  5. That’s not what I have heard. I hear they tend to be pretty durable, but they are old so yeah. A top loader console in general is usually going to be better then something with more moving parts. To be fair, I think the Saturn did better in Japan than North America. I think I would disagree in regards to the games as I hear the 2D fighting games are considered to be some of the best ports of those games available.
  6. So, this is a console I have always wanted to own, but I have never owned one. From my own personal experience, it seems like a hard system to collect for as the games and consoles are not as common as some of the other systems like the PS1 for example. I rarely see stuff for the Saturn in retro video games stores. Any one on here collect for the Saturn and if so, what are your thoughts on it?
  7. As someone who mostly listened to rock, I love the whole emo rap thing going on right now. It's cool to see the genre come up again in a different way.
  8. My question is do you think lower end budget gaming PCs are worth building? Or no? Just to give you an example of what I am talking about, I mean builds like this;
  9. I am subscribed to Top15s too. Have you checked out Nuke's Top 5 as well?
  10. I do think Nintendo will have to make a more powerful Switch if they want to continue getting ports of games for the next generation of consoles.
  11. Every now and then I enjoy listening to scary stories on YouTube. My favorite narrator to listen to is Corpse Husband(I love his voice), but he does not upload very often anymore. I also enjoy listening to be.busta and Lazy Masquerade. Any one else like listening to scary stories? Who is your favorite person to listen to?
  12. I recently started playing the Witcher 3 again.
  13. I am a Star Wars fan. I am not a hardcore fan or anything, but I do like it.
  14. Like the title reads, who is your favorite Jedi and/or Sith in Star Wars? The character could be from the films or expanded universe(novels, comics, video games, etc.,). Who is your favorite and why?