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  1. _Kurtis

    Who do you think is funnier Pinkie or Derpy ?

    Derpy's cute and all, but Pinkie Pie genuinely makes me laugh.
  2. _Kurtis

    Would this be a good idea for a G5 show?

    If your idea of a 'sequel' has anything to do with G4, then it wouldn't be a new generation (G5), it would be a spin-off (G4.5).
  3. _Kurtis

    Noises that you can't stand

    The first thing that comes to mind is when people sniffle uncontrollably -- get a tissue, please!
  4. My reaction would be a confused poker-face, most likely.
  5. _Kurtis

    Kill the User Above with the item to your left.

    I don't think my router would do much damage.
  6. _Kurtis

    When Is Breakfast To You?

    I have breakfast whenever I wake up, which is usually at 6 a.m.
  7. _Kurtis

    Forums, do you like egg salad?

    Never tried it; although, it looks delicious!!
  8. _Kurtis

    Cheerleaders from Rainbow Falls

    How cute and well drawn! I especially love the way their faces remind me of G1 ponies (which is a great thing, because I happen to love G1). Good job!
  9. _Kurtis

    Web What was the last Youtube video you watched?

    That song is just sooo catchy!
  10. _Kurtis

    What do you sleep to?

    I sleep to the sound of myself complaining about how I can't fall asleep! Seriously, it takes me at LEAST an hour to fall asleep; it's ridiculous. When I (try) to sleep, it needs to be dead silent. If there's even a hint of noise, it'll make it harder for me to sleep.
  11. _Kurtis

    What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

    I don't eat ice cream because it's unhealthy, but I have TRIED a lot. The one that stuck out the most is green tea ice cream. Man, is it DELICIOUS!
  12. What's your favorite... Chapstick/Lip Balm flavor? I, myself, am pretty fond of lip balm. Not only do they help my lips (they get chapped A LOT), they also have wonderful scents/flavors. This begs the question... What is YOUR favorite chapstick/lip balm flavor?
  13. _Kurtis

    Tons of Fun!

    Your style is just fantastic. I have no words.
  14. _Kurtis


    Wow, I really did not read this thread at all. Silly me, I'm so spaced out today (I just saw a pretty picture of Flutterbat and assumed it's art). Anyway, now that I've actually read the thread, I like the concept of Flutterbat. It wasn't too mindbogglingly original, but it was pretty enjoyable.
  15. _Kurtis


    Oh wow, that is very cute and beautiful! Wonderful job, Candy Star!