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  1. For those of you who don't know, I'm no longer active on here, and haven't been for awhile now, however if you'd like to keep in contact with me otherwise, I'm on another forum, and I also have a Discord (pm for details, not putting it on here). ^^

  2. Happy birthday, Kelsey! :)

  3. So, if I were to for some reason, oh let's say, be gone for several months, would any of you guys bother to talk to me? Would anyone give a crap?

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    2. Dsanders



      Alexander the Great did not conquer Rome overnight. All good things come to those who wait. Meditate on this.


      I wish you lots of love and good things.

    3. kelseymarie805


      This is so true, yet so hard because waiting is one of the most difficult things to have to experience. Waiting on something is like torture. It's like being trapped and not being able to get free or something.


      And thank you!! ^^ You too dear!! <3

    4. The Crimson Cross

      The Crimson Cross

      Well of course! but that said I was gone for a few months myself, on and off lately. Of course I notice you updating here less regularly, going back to check shows I care, in some way lol. but it's kind of hard when I'm absent for so long. I miss a lot of stuff, so I apologise!

      Needless to say, I'll still keep a watchful eye! You are pretty much my 1st friend on this forum anyway! xD

  4. I'm a girl so, it's pretty normal for me to like things that are girly I would think, lol. Anyways, as for things that I liked that were considered girly, there was quite a bit of stuff, lol. However (as another girl said, for the record though I was thinking of posting in here haha) I have liked (and still do) many things that are "childish" like for intense, I still love anything and everything Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake, Barney (don't judge me), most shows from when I was a kid, etc, etc.......
  5. I actually find smiling pretty sincere, like if it's a fake smile than obviously not because you know.....it's um.....fake......but as for smiling in general, if someone happens to naturally smile a lot. I don't see a problem with that. I mean for instance, if I smile at someone, real or fake, I want them to smile back at me! Or at least acknowledge it, whether it be with a nod or something like that (which mostly guys do) just something. But for me to look over at someone randomly, happen to smile at them b/c that's generally the thing that happens if I look over randomly at someone (for
  6. I was born in 93' so, I'm not a 80s kid (more of a 90s-00s kid tbh) but I do remember some shows that started in the 80s and went through the 90s like Full House, (I believe Fresh Prince of Bel Air did), Family Matters, etc. I really love Punky Brewster and Care Bears though, sooooo good....... xD
  7. Oh my gosh, Spongebob theme, anyone else used to scream this at the top of their lungs when this came on?? No? Just me? Ok cool thanks.
  8. Is it weird that I'm like one of the only people in here who smiles naturally quite a bit?? Like even if I'm depressed, it doesn't take much for me to smile. As for fake smiling, I do OK with it, it doesn't usually look natural. But normally if I don't feel like smiling, I don't.
  9. For me it would be - Air.......because I mean, who could...... Water. Food. Aside from that - Movies. Don't even ask what ones. There's far too many. xD Nutella. 'Nough said. My laptop. Even though I did for several months. Those months were miserable. My tablet and charger. Because thank goodness it would give me a way to contact people even if I didn't have my laptop. My phone. Just in case something ever happened to my tablet, I need something. At least one outfit with under clothes. And maybe a few personal care items. Some of those things I
  10. It's basically for me just if I either - Accidentally brohoof something (I swear, I sometimes go through pages of forums brohoofing things and not even read what I'm brohoofing xDD) Because I change my mind And yeah, that's pretty much all I can think of atm. So yeah.
  11. Looks like now's a good time to update my avi, status, skype avi and wallpaper!!!! PINK PONY DAY YUSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!
  12. It doesn't take much for me to brohoof a post, if I see a post and I think it's funny. I'll brohoof it, or if I just like a post in general lol. Also if I do see someone has put a lot of effort into their post then I'll usually brohoof it, and if I agree with them. So yeah, almost any reason for me. xDD
  13. That sad moment when you realized you totally missed your fandomversary......... D:

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    2. Pathfinder of Ash

      Pathfinder of Ash

      I missed mine too; don't you worry. :3



    3. kelseymarie805


      Thanks guys!! *hugs*


      Yeah, that does make me feel somewhat better Pathy. ^^

    4. GamingGryffindor


      Congrats on a fandomversary!

  14. Nice avatar. Also, accepted. /)

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