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  1. Oh, I mostly meant colonizing other planets and moons here in our system. It would be amazing if someday we go to another system, but that would be in the far future. And I disagree, I think we will do it one day. and not as just a last resort either. You made me think of this
  2. Well yeah, I didn't want to imply abandoning earth or something. Of coarse we take care of Earth, but we can do both at the same time. Man, we can do that a lot sooner than a few hundred years if we really got down to it. There have been a lot of advances in rockets recently by Space X, reusable rockets, a huge money saver. Also, Solar sail technology looks like it can make space travel a lot faster than before. We can realistically have research stations about the solar system and asteroid mining within my lifetime. I don't know if full blown colony is on the table in my time, but it's possible.
  3. We don't want to forget that there is a future though. Just focusing on the now is short sighted.
  4. F.D. Project - Morning Light. I love these 'science' sounding stuff.
  5. I'm trying to be optimistic. Might as well hope for the bright future. I really like Issac Arthur's channel. I can't recommend his videos enough.
  6. Tell us your thoughts on how you guess the future is going to be like. I'm hoping we can start colonizing the solar system in my lifetime, wouldn't that be awesome? I don't know how many people like me are out there, but I just absolutely love the idea of colonizing other worlds. I would really like it if every planet in our solar system had humans living on them or in orbit around them. Do you think humanity will ever do that? How about teraforming planets like Mars, or colonizing other solar systems? I sure hope so. On earth there are potential technologies that can save our planet's environment and ecosystems and other amazing things. Fusion is the technology they are working on that you should keep your ears on, because if it ever becomes a reality it's going to be a huge change.
  7. Ah, you see, that's the main conflict. The Royals and Rebels are both depicted as good people (with exceptions) but who disagree with each other. The Rebels all have something about their destiny that causes them to be rebels, but individual Royals often have hangups on their individual destinies (ie, I have to do this but it sucks anyways), but at the same time the Royals have a good point about how the Rebels can ruin everything and potentially maybe get erased by not following their destinies. It's not just one side being wrong or right so much as its both sides being composed of people who are very conflicted about their rather crappy rules of their universe. Both sides want freedom, but one side is more scared of the risks because they were told that they will die if they rebel. it's really interesting, because yeah, Apple is a bit selfish in wanting her special ever after and probably doesn't really get why Raven is so hung up on it. But raven from Apple's perspective is radically dangerous to both herself and Apple. so it's pretty understandable that why she feels like Raven is in the wrong because Raven might possibly kill her or at least destroy the future she was promised, along with Raven herself whom she cares about. Raven, on her part, if she follows her future, will end up defeated, evil, and locked away just like her Mother, no happily ever after for her. She has to be evil and poison Apple and then get defeated, and raven doesn't want that. I think Raven is supposed to be in the right, but Apple isn't supposed to be seen as a Jerk. In short, the world of Ever after High is kinda messed up and the characters are all trapped in it and have to deal with it.
  8. I particularly like the episode about the personality switching spell.
  9. Yeah, I agree. I like the concept of the setting, as there is some actual drama going on with the characters. It's a surprising show.
  10. Recently I have been watching this girls show called 'Ever After High', and it is surprisingly good. It's pretty girly (overly so, at some points), obviously, but it wasn't half bad, I suggest you check it out. It's got an actual story and the main characters are likable with good voice acting. On the negative side, a lot of the jokes are lame, but I think this show has enough charms to be worth a watch. Out of the characters I would rather the boys and especially the animal characters had less screen-time. If you can stand the overwhelmingly girly-ness, it's a decent show.
  11. -MLP and EQG. -Daria -Regular Show -Gargoyles -Invader Zim -(old) Spongbob and (old) Simpsons.
  12. I just started Summer break myself, so I'm in a summer kind of mood!
  13. Minor plot-line involving Glimmer with Celestia and Luna while the mane6 are away maybe?