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  1. This made me laugh really hard: It explains so much.
  2. So I think I've had my most impressive psychotic break of all time this week: I was totally convinced I needed a sex change and had it all researched and planned out and had even told my parents. Then today the feeling totally passed. I totes cray-cray.

    1. ChikoritaCheezits


      So you're becoming a woman?

    2. Andaasonsan


      No, but I was planning on it. I've been under a lot of stress lately, but the thing that was causing me stress has passed and now I'm just like "WTF was that about?"

  3. I don't know why people would think she's all that powerful anyway. We've seen her get her ass kicked multiple times in this show. Raising and lowering the sun is impressive, but the show hasn't given us any reason to think that Equestria's sun is anything like ours, and likely nowhere near as massive.
  4. So I was listening to Lady Gaga and I thought that Metal covers of her songs would be awesome. YouTube confirmed that Lady Gaga is in fact Metal as fuck:

  5. I'm pretty sure no one's feelings were hurt. You were just derailing the thread into a debate, which has turned things in this thread to shit in the past.
  6. Yeah, the Daring Do books are awesome. GM Berrow is a great author of pony stories. It's pulp style adventure stories with ponies in it. Which I guess would be sort of obvious. They feel very different from Friendship is Magic. Expect all sorts of crazy stuff from the far corners of Equestria.
  7. I guess a lot of it depends on how far you're willing to deviate from the mythology of the show. The alicorns as it stands right now are a very small and exclusive club. They also hold a very important and significant place in their world. They're so damn special that the other ponies put Luna and Celestia in charge pretty much by virtue of being alicorns alone. Alicorns are characters that are going to be making serious waves in Equestria with everything they do. It is going to very hard to maintain verisimilitude if an alicorn just shows up out of the blue and without having a large effect on the world around them.
  8. I've never understood this. There's some pretty decent fan content out there, but nothing so awesome that it alone would be worth joining a fandom for. As far as I know this isn't a common thing for a fandom. Like are there Trekkies out there who don't like any of the movies or TV shows, and are just there for fan fiction or whatever?
  9. The consensus on the internet seems to be that feminists hate men, and blame all the world's problems on men, want women to have more rights than men, and want to have all depictions of sexy ladies be banned. Whoever is in charge of PR for the vast feminist conspiracy needs to be fired
  10. Just got done watching Anita Sarkeesian's videos about tropes in video games. After all the hooplah that the internet seems to make about her, I honestly felt let down when she turned out to be really reasonable and not at all the whacko extreme SJW that she gets painted as. Most shocking of all is it turned out her videos were actually very good and that she makes very good points.

  11. So after hearing for so long about the bane of gamers everywhere: Anita Sarkeesian, I've finally decided to sit down and watch her videos. I am so far incredibly underwhelmed. It's a pretty reasonable critique of some recurring tropes in video games. I'm expecting her to demand a boycott of all games that don't conform her to strict views, and all she's saying is that it's possible to enjoy these games while being of aware of these recurring tropes. This is supposed to be the woman who armed only with a Kickstarter and a YouTube channel has brought a multi billion dollar industry to it's knees and is forcing her man hating feminazi propaganda on all games everywhere. Wow, what are the odds that all this internet uproar is a bunch of mountain out of a molehill BS. *proceeds to roll eyes till it starts hurting a little* OMG, she's talked about several games that I'm a big fan of! Why is my blood not boiling? Where is my righteous indignation? Why do the thing she's saying about these games seem so completely reasonable? There must be something wrong with me. I need to practice my gamer rage about cooties on MAH GAMES!
  12. The Micro Series and Friends Forever contain self contained stories, so it doesn't matter too much when you read them. The main series should probably be read in order.
  13. So have you guys seen the preview for Friends Forever #13? It's the Rarity pairing we've all been waiting for... Oh and Agnes Garbowska art, so the adorableness will be off the charts