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  1. I’m really tired of school. I just want to be a senior already.

    1. Usager


      No, you dont :lostit:

  2. BlackPony

    Food Ketchup on the Fries or Ketchup on the Side?

    I actually put ketchup on my fries. Makes it better imo.
  3. BlackPony

    2018 US Mid-Term Elections Chat Thread

    I’m not old enough to register, unfortunately, but I would’ve voted all Democrat.
  4. BlackPony

    Health When Was The Last Time You Vomited?

    About 5 years ago when I was in the 7th grade. I had a virus and I was repeatedly barfing all day, to the point where it eventually started to look like a yellow looking jell-o. I was also having digestion issues that day and my legs felt like shit. It was terrible.
  5. BlackPony

    when did 'special' become an insult?

    Are we seriously about to have this discussion once again about how your free speech is apparently being destroyed by the left, when that isn't actually happening in reality? Freedom of speech protects you from the government. The government can't hold you accountable for what you say. But people have every right to look at you funny is you say something stupid. If you get called out for calling a mentally disabled or an autistic person a retard, you are not being censored, your being reprimanded, and rightfully so.
  6. BlackPony

    Which main character has been "most improved"?

    I’d say Fluttershy. Most of the season 1-4 episodes completely over exaggerated her personality to the point where she looked like she needed therapy. Not to mention she constantly had to relearn the same lessons over and over again. The most recent seasons have improved with this, and have allowed her to expand on the lessons she learned, like in Flutter Brutter and Fluttershy Leans In.
  7. BlackPony

    General Are you Introverted or Extroverted?

    I'm definitely an introvert. I have a few good friends but I prefer down time on my own, and I'm not the "big group of friends" type.
  8. BlackPony

    How are you feeling

    I'm...exhausted. I'm tired of school....
  9. BlackPony

    I want to see Rainbow Dash the least in S9.

    Why does the quantity of episodes a character gets matter more to you than the actual quality? I've been seeing you rave about how Pinkie and Fluttershy apparently don't get enough episodes all the time. How much screen time/episodes one gets shouldn't matter(Unless it feels downright forced or spammed, like season 1 Twilight), the quality of their moments should. I get that's it's your opinion but it's bound to be challenged if people disagree with it...
  10. BlackPony

    Health Do you have any food allergies?

    I'm allergic to dairy, and severely allergic to peanuts.
  11. BlackPony

    Have you ever been bullied?

    I've never faced severe bullying, but I've been verbally pushed around at times, and I'm not taken seriously at school either due to me being autistic. I've heard people giggle and talk about me behind my back and it's annoying.
  12. I was born in 2002, so Bush Jr.
  13. I'm still in high school, but last year I definitely wouldn't have taken AP Government. That was a huge mistake on my part.
  14. BlackPony

    Gaming What Is Your Favorite Super Smash Bros. Game

    Sm4sh for me. I just enjoy playing it the most.
  15. BlackPony

    "Am I the only one who..." Game

    Nah, I still use it. Am I the only one who likes season 6 of mlp?