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    Agree or Disagree

    Agree! This is the sites best emote.
  2. Wormsy

    Ponies from A-Z

    Hoity Toity!
  3. I find the EQG designs...a bit underwhelming. I mainly don't like their stick-thin proportions and their pony-colored skin. So I decided to take a shot at redesigning them! Starting with: Sunset Shimmer.
  4. I like them both a lot because they're the mane 6 whos conflicts I tend to find most interesting. Their conflicts often go against their elements or the very notions of friendship itself. Sometimes they have to learn the hard way that being a good friend and person can require some serious sacrifice, and oftentimes they struggle with sacrificing the things the plot wants them to. It makes them really easy to get invested in. That being said, I find Rarity more appealing. Rainbow Dash's egotism can occasionally get on my nerves, but Raritys overblown dramatic reactions to just about anything ma
  5. Sunset for sure. On aesthetics, I like Sunsets design a little more. Her color scheme really pops and while I like Starlights mane, her pale purple-pinkish coat doesn't do much for me, especially with her other colors. In terms of character, we all agree that Sunset had a terrible introduction, but I think she has the best redemption arc in the show. She really worked to earn her friends trust and be the best p...hum...pony-human she could be. She's proactive and really puts in the effort. Starlights characterization, even after her redemption, is a lot more inconsistent and sloppy. I struggle
  6. Wormsy

    I hate to bug you, but I'm unsure if you saw my art on your request for art of your pony since you posted it a while ago! I really wanna see what you think of it : )

    1. Tao


      Ok send me a link @Wormsy

  7. Female characters in tv shows getting tons of crap for being "evil" while their worse male counterparts get adoration from the audience. Not saying hating any female character in media is misogynistic! But arguing Skyler is worse than Walter White, for example...it's misguided.
  8. The show for sure. There'd be no fandom without the show, after all!
  9. - No School of Friendship - I get enjoyment out of every season except for season 8. The seasons overarching story was impossible to avoid and took up a major chunk of the season, which would be fine if the story was good. Everyone, even people who like season 8, have said that the School of Friendship is a pretty silly idea on paper, and in execution I don't think it does great either. My biggest problems with it are the characters it introduces. All of the Young 6 are really bland besides Yona, and Chancellor Neighsay and his racism...whew. I get that people exist in the real world like Neig
  10. Bojack Horseman might be my favorite show ever, so that's a lil self explanatory. In general? I prefer morally gray media if it's written well, but if it's written poorly it can end up boring and pretentious. With black and white morality you have way less room to screw up or accidentally make some bad implications because you have a clear and obvious bad guy and don't have to think twice about stopping them, and it can also be really entertaining. One of my favorite things in MLP is how comically evil some of the villains are. Having an old school Disney villain every once in a while is
  11. Wormsy


    Hey! I know I'm pretty late to the fandom, but I finally decided to dive in after sitting on the outskirts for...forever.
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