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  1. hey coco before pommel. if u return to the forums asap. dont forget to watch W.i.t.c.h. heres the link:

  2. I've gotta go with Steven Universe, since it's up there with my fave shows of old time and definitely second fave (maybe joint first?) cartoon I like We Bare Bears a lot too, and lately my friend's been getting me into Regular Show which is fun, but not one of my faves just yet. Oldschool, I LOVED the Powerpuff Girls when I was younger, and also Dexter's Lab, Ed, Edd n Eddy, Cow & Chicken...I feel like the only person here who DIDN'T like Courage the Cowardly Dog though it was just too creepy for me, I was/am a wimp lol.
  3. Kindness, I guess? I mean, people tell me I'm kind (too kind sometimes XD), and I certainly try to be kind and understanding to everypony, it's something that's really important to me. So hopefully I succeed
  4. Hello there! ^^

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      I'm good thanks~! Though I should really be working right now XD and yourself? :3

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      Oh o-o well,is almost bed time for me here x3 cya then ^^;

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      Coco before Pommel

      Ah damnit time zones XD well goodnight then~! I hope Luna brings you good dreams c:

  5. Happy Taco Tuesday everypony I finished my Sonata cosplay recently! Still need to get some decent pics but have some random selfies, I tried to capture her spirit or something XD Also OMC at the Sonata CCG card, and with Sunset too!!! I reeeeeally want it, but it's like a super-ultra-rare or something so I'm probably out of luck
  6. TBH I wouldn't class any of those as Rainbow Dash being treated "badly" - they're all things that happened in the service of the plot. Bad things happened to her in the alternate timelines, as they did to everypony, because of the war etc. But we got to see Winter Soldier Dash (all I can think with the metal wing XD) being a badass fighting Sombra's army, it's not like she was written OOC or cowardly or anything less than what you'd expect from her character in those circumstances. That's one thing I really liked about the finale, how the alternate versions of the M6 made sense for their characters, or at least you could see how they'd gotten to that point. Serving Nightmare Moon might not be fun, but I don't think Dash would mind the buzzcut - it looks pretty cool and would probably be better for flying, etc. As for filly Dash, Starlight (and Twilight) might have frozen her a few times, but it didn't seem to physically hurt her? And she at least had fun watching them fight XD I get that it's tough watching bad things happen to characters we love, especially in a show that's normally so light and cheerful, but I don't see that as Dash being treated badly by the writers - that would be more if she was written really OOC as mean or cowardly, or if we were meant to think she "deserved" any of the bad stuff that happened to her, or even if she just didn't get a role at all. I thought what we got to see of her AU versions were pretty awesome, even if she didn't play a big role in stopping Starlight, but then none of the M5 did either, so...yeah
  7. Well...I know for sure it's not Spike (unless there's a community of super passionate Spike fans somewhere that I've never come across!) In general though, it's hard to say...when I first got into MLP it felt like there were way more passionate/obsessive Rainbow Dash fans than any other M6, but now it seems to have evened out a bit. For now I'm tempted to say Rarity fans because some seem to have a bit of a persecution complex because they assume Rarity's "hated" so they need to preemptively defend her (and she does get her share of unfair criticism, as do all the M6, but there are also some who are a bit OTT and act like she's the most hated character ever, when that's...really not the case). But passionate fans are awesome! As long as they're not bashing/pitting the M6 against each other, which I hate, it's nice that just about everypony has dedicated fans
  8. Hi there~! I'm Coco before Pommel (obviously XD) but you can call me Coco awesome to meet you, I love your sig btw! And thank you so much, that sounds awesome!! Yay for more Sunny cosplayers for my jacket and boots, I already had a leather jacket so I just took some orange craft foam, cut out the shapes and sewed it on c: I probably wouldn't recommend sewing for the boots though, as it was really tough to sew through - I only did it because I wanted to be able to take it out after, but if you don't mind having the orange stripe, some kind of glue (or possibly paint?) would probably be better for the shoes. Hope that helps and good luck with your cosplay! and yes, exactly! glad to see someone else feels the same way It'd be one thing if she seemed really homesick etc, but she does seem much happier in EQG world with her human body/friends/life. And like you said, she can still visit Equestria through the portal when she wants!
  9. Aww thank you so much guys, I'm glad you like it! and yeah, I bought the clothes but I did all the alterations myself
  10. I haven't seen the latest ep yet, but I agree with everyone's thoughts on Back to the Barn! Amazing episode, so much backstory/worldbuilding/feels and damn I just love it when Pearl just straight up punches Peridot in the face (even though I love Peri waaay more than I ever thought I would now! But yeah, Bird Mom is forever fave <33 ) Pearl and Peridot together are hilarious, right from the exposition-y beginning: "so we need to build some kind of machine..." / "I WASN'T FINISHED TALKING!!! ...What we need is to build a machine..." and the look on Amethyst's face at that moment too X3 I love childish competitive Pearl - Peridot really seems to bring that out in her (intentionally or no) and it's great XD BUT OMG PEARL BACKSTORY CONFIRMED there were already a lot of hints of course, but still - this is the first time it's actually been mentioned, and damn, just seeing how uncomfortable Pearl was when Peri was all "lol but you're a PEARL, you can't do this, you were made to stand around and look pretty!!" :c I'm pretty sure she didn't intend for Steven to find out that way...what's interesting though is that Peridot wasn't even saying it to be nasty or anything - she just genuinely doesn't understand how a gem can do/be something they weren't made for, because it's not what she's used to. Which implies that tech-y stuff was/is what Peridots are made for...? Also, when Peridot was like "who do you belong to?" and Pearl was like "no one!!" made me wonder whether she was actually made for/supposed to serve Rose, or maybe another gem entirely, and she defected?? I NEED TO KNOW EVERYTHINGGGG That must be a record time for robot building awesome designs for both though and the various challenges were fun enough - especially the drawing Amethyst one, the purple splodge reminds me very much of my own "art" but that final battle though! Definitely up there with the best SU moments ever, IMO - it was both awesome and emotional, and to see Pearl standing up for herself when we know she's insecure about being "just a Pearl" anyway was amazing: "I may be a Pearl, but I can still KICK YOUR BUTT" - and when Steven was like "she trained herself to fight and she tries so hard every day to be better than she is", just, ahhhh. There might have been some womanly tears at that point The commentary was also priceless: Steven: Giant robots aren't supposed to fight! Amethyst: FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! and of course Amethyst: KICK HER IN THE BUTT!! The bit when Peribot was smashing Pearlbot into the ground reminded me a lot of the Hulk/Loki scene in The Avengers...It was lovely how Steven, Garnet and Amethyst all rallied around Pearl in the end (and Amethyst inviting Pearl wrestling with her, omg XD) while Peridot was just like "but I won!! WORSHIP ME!!!" - and then Garnet just went "welcome to Earth" I feel like it may be time for somegem to start learning about the magic of friendship~
  11. Hi Sunnies! I thought you might like to see my cosplay of best human~ That's an interesting point...It may be unpopular but I do think that she should generally stay in the human world - unless there's some magic reason she can't - because I honestly think that's the first time she's been really happy and content with her life: pony Sunny was obviously unhappy/dissatisfied with her life in Equestria, or she wouldn't have done what she did. It's in EQG world that she found friendship, understanding and learned to be happy with who she is - that's why I think she wouldn't want to leave permanently, though she may feel homesick at times. Having read through ponies' opinions here though, I think she should make trips through the portal every now and then - most importantly to have closure with Celestia and whoever else she left back there (her family? I get the impression pony Sunny didn't have many friends...) and catch up with Twilight etc. I'd love to see that happen for an episode or two, but permanently...Well, I think after going through the portal again, Sunny would have to decide whether she wants to return for good, or stay in the human world but visit occasionally. I'm happy we're getting EQG4 for more Sunny, and I'd like to see a TV series too, but if they DID decide to end it, I'd want them to bring pony Sunny into FiM every now and then as a recurring character, while also doing her own thing in EQG world (kinda like Discord, I guess?). It would be too awful to lose her completely
  12. Hm, I guess I'd be probably be really angry all the time, and really nasty and bitchy to everyone. Also really loud and confident, I wouldn't care about anyone's feelings and I'd go around telling everyone how my opinions are objectively fact, and be really narrow-minded and intolerant and not care what anyone thought of me. And obviously I would HATE MLP, and cute things in general. I'd only be into dark colours and really shocking, offensive humour type shows. And I'd be like Pinkie: "chocolate? I HATE chocolate!!!"
  13. happy birthday, MLPF!! ^__^ <3 (It took me a sec to realise why we're all party ponies now XD)

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      We're aaaall happy party ponies! XD

  14. You guys all make good points about Sunset returning to Equestria! Hmmm...the whole imbalance-of-magic theory is interesting. So does that mean if Sunny went back, the magic would go with her, and so the HuMane 5 would stop ponying up? Or is the magic already there now she brought it, whether she's there or not. So many questions~ now that we're getting EQG4 though, maybe we'll finally get to see Human Sunny? Anywho, question time~! 1: Who in the pony world do you think Sunset Shimmer could be related to? Related like family...nopony in particular I can think of. Maybe Starlight Glimmer could be her evil distant cousin or something, cause similar names 2: Do you think Sunset is a coffee lover, or tea lover? Coffee. IDK, I just get that vibe from her... 3: What do you think Sunset's job is, in the human world? If she's like Human Twilight, I guess still a student, or maybe college student if she's older. 4: Do you think Sunset Shimmer is the kind of person/ pony who turns to pigging out when she's stressed? Based on her superskinny figure and since she's gone through a lot of stress, I'd say no 5: What flavor of ice cream might Sunny like best? I sorta headcanon (mainly cause of a fic I'm working on) that she's more a savoury than sweets person...But I could see her liking something like salted caramel. 6: Sunset in human world, or in Equestria? I...don't know now! I did want her to stay in the human world because that's where all her development has been, she has such strong friendships with the HuMane 5 and it seems a shame to lose them (I know she could keep in touch but it's not exactly the same)...On the other hand, it would be lovely to see her get closure with Celestia, and who knows, if Actual Human Sunny makes an appearance, she may have to! But for now, I'll still say human 7: What kind of music genre do you think Sunny listens to the most? For some reason, I get a rock-chick vibe from her...I think it's her original outfit, it's kinda like that Also because she plays guitar...But I think she'd be open to most kinds of music, a bit of everything. 8: What do you think of SunsetScratch (Sunset Shimmer/ Vinyl Scratch) friendshipping? Sounds awesome! 9: In the human world, do you think Sunset eats meat, or is a vegetarian, or vegan? I think she's a vegetarian, although she might have tried a burger or something once, but just found it too weird/wrong coming from Equestria where pigs etc are sentient. 10: unicorn or alicorn Sunny? Unicorn - the whole alicorn transformation's been done with Twilight, I'm not bothered about seeing it again. Though I'd be okay if she came back and was an alicorn already, it would be funny 11: do you think she has any goals to work toward, either long or short term, in the human world? That's a good point, cause it occurred to me we don't really know what her hobbies/passions and stuff are? After Rainbow Rocks, I headcanoned that she wanted to join the Rainbooms on vocals/guitar (taking Twilight's place), so maybe that? I guess she'd probably want to go to college and stuff, and maybe do some kind of charity work to help kids who are disadvantaged or whatever, stop them from turning to crime etc since she's been there herself