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  1. I've gotta go with Steven Universe, since it's up there with my fave shows of old time and definitely second fave (maybe joint first?) cartoon I like We Bare Bears a lot too, and lately my friend's been getting me into Regular Show which is fun, but not one of my faves just yet. Oldschool, I LOVED the Powerpuff Girls when I was younger, and also Dexter's Lab, Ed, Edd n Eddy, Cow & Chicken...I feel like the only person here who DIDN'T like Courage the Cowardly Dog though it was just too creepy for me, I was/am a wimp lol.
  2. Kindness, I guess? I mean, people tell me I'm kind (too kind sometimes XD), and I certainly try to be kind and understanding to everypony, it's something that's really important to me. So hopefully I succeed
  3. Coco before Pommel

    Sonata Dusk Fan Club

    Happy Taco Tuesday everypony I finished my Sonata cosplay recently! Still need to get some decent pics but have some random selfies, I tried to capture her spirit or something XD Also OMC at the Sonata CCG card, and with Sunset too!!! I reeeeeally want it, but it's like a super-ultra-rare or something so I'm probably out of luck
  4. TBH I wouldn't class any of those as Rainbow Dash being treated "badly" - they're all things that happened in the service of the plot. Bad things happened to her in the alternate timelines, as they did to everypony, because of the war etc. But we got to see Winter Soldier Dash (all I can think with the metal wing XD) being a badass fighting Sombra's army, it's not like she was written OOC or cowardly or anything less than what you'd expect from her character in those circumstances. That's one thing I really liked about the finale, how the alternate versions of the M6 made sense for their chara
  5. Well...I know for sure it's not Spike (unless there's a community of super passionate Spike fans somewhere that I've never come across!) In general though, it's hard to say...when I first got into MLP it felt like there were way more passionate/obsessive Rainbow Dash fans than any other M6, but now it seems to have evened out a bit. For now I'm tempted to say Rarity fans because some seem to have a bit of a persecution complex because they assume Rarity's "hated" so they need to preemptively defend her (and she does get her share of unfair criticism, as do all the M6, but there are also s
  6. Coco before Pommel

    Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

    Hi there~! I'm Coco before Pommel (obviously XD) but you can call me Coco awesome to meet you, I love your sig btw! And thank you so much, that sounds awesome!! Yay for more Sunny cosplayers for my jacket and boots, I already had a leather jacket so I just took some orange craft foam, cut out the shapes and sewed it on c: I probably wouldn't recommend sewing for the boots though, as it was really tough to sew through - I only did it because I wanted to be able to take it out after, but if you don't mind having the orange stripe, some kind of glue (or possibly paint?) would probably be
  7. Coco before Pommel

    Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

    Aww thank you so much guys, I'm glad you like it! and yeah, I bought the clothes but I did all the alterations myself
  8. Coco before Pommel

    Movies/TV Steven Universe Fanclub

    I haven't seen the latest ep yet, but I agree with everyone's thoughts on Back to the Barn! Amazing episode, so much backstory/worldbuilding/feels and damn I just love it when Pearl just straight up punches Peridot in the face (even though I love Peri waaay more than I ever thought I would now! But yeah, Bird Mom is forever fave <33 ) Pearl and Peridot together are hilarious, right from the exposition-y beginning: "so we need to build some kind of machine..." / "I WASN'T FINISHED TALKING!!! ...What we need is to build a machine..." and the look on Amethyst's face at that moment too X3
  9. I will answer...for science! Age: 24 Gender: Female Best Pony: Fluttershy
  10. Coco before Pommel

    Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

    Hi Sunnies! I thought you might like to see my cosplay of best human~ That's an interesting point...It may be unpopular but I do think that she should generally stay in the human world - unless there's some magic reason she can't - because I honestly think that's the first time she's been really happy and content with her life: pony Sunny was obviously unhappy/dissatisfied with her life in Equestria, or she wouldn't have done what she did. It's in EQG world that she found friendship, understanding and learned to be happy with who she is - that's why I think she wouldn't
  11. Hm, I guess I'd be probably be really angry all the time, and really nasty and bitchy to everyone. Also really loud and confident, I wouldn't care about anyone's feelings and I'd go around telling everyone how my opinions are objectively fact, and be really narrow-minded and intolerant and not care what anyone thought of me. And obviously I would HATE MLP, and cute things in general. I'd only be into dark colours and really shocking, offensive humour type shows. And I'd be like Pinkie: "chocolate? I HATE chocolate!!!"
  12. happy birthday, MLPF!! ^__^ <3 (It took me a sec to realise why we're all party ponies now XD)

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    2. Coco before Pommel

      Coco before Pommel

      Oh right okay XD damnit I'm always late to everything :P

    3. The Professor...8D

      The Professor...8D

      don't worry..........so was I.....Happy Birthday Chevy Chase.......8D

    4. darkwingmare


      We're aaaall happy party ponies! XD

  13. Coco before Pommel

    Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

    You guys all make good points about Sunset returning to Equestria! Hmmm...the whole imbalance-of-magic theory is interesting. So does that mean if Sunny went back, the magic would go with her, and so the HuMane 5 would stop ponying up? Or is the magic already there now she brought it, whether she's there or not. So many questions~ now that we're getting EQG4 though, maybe we'll finally get to see Human Sunny? Anywho, question time~! 1: Who in the pony world do you think Sunset Shimmer could be related to? Related like family...nopony in particular I can think of. Maybe Starlight Glim
  14. Coco before Pommel

    SunLight Fan Club

    Yesss, I adore this ship! They're so cute together, especially now with Friendship Games there's double the Twilights to go round
  15. Ooh this project sounds fun, if it's not too late I'd be interested in taking part! (I also love this song and have been listening to it on repeat for days XD) I could try and do Sunset Shimmer's part after SciTwi's, if you don't have one already? c: or just the general Wondercolts group, I'm fine with anything! Only thing is I'll be away for a this weekend so would like to know the deadline - if it's soon then I might not be able to send it in on time, but if I hope I'll be able to
  16. I always sleep with a plushie if I can - it's nice having something to cuddle I rotate them, usually when I get a new one - right now I'm sleeping with Freddy Fazbear, before that it was Maud Pie (now there's a sentence I didn't think I'd say ) . But one of my faves to sleep with is a custom filly Fluttershy - she's tiny so I can take her whenever I'm travelling somewhere
  17. Coco before Pommel

    Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

    Yaaay I can finally hang out here again without fear of spoilers! I just saw Friendship Games and how amazing was Sunset??
  18. Hmmm...I have to say the worst I've ever read is one that was basically Rainbow Dash screeching repeatedly that she wasn't a lesbian, and all of the M6 pestering her to come out because they thought she was with Applejack or something. It had the WORST SPAG, almost unreadable, a random-ass RD/Spike pairing, terrible characterization for everypony involved and was just all around horrible. I've read other bad fics but that's the one that comes to mind :scoots:
  19. So I finally saw this last night and I liked it! Not quite as good as Rainbow Rocks IMO but I enjoyed it a lot I thought it was a little slow to start, tbh, but once the games started it really picked up! Things I liked: ~ SciTwi! She was done really well - she had pony Twi's adorkable thing, but was different enough to make her an interesting character. Before I thought she was going to be straight up evil, like a dark mirrorverse thing, but I'm glad they didn't go that direction - she was definitely still Twilight, just pushed in a different direction by her circumstances. I think they
  20. I mostly cosplay at conventions, and I might use one for Halloween if I've got a party to go to. And sometimes at my friend's house, usually when we're making videos for youtube or sometimes just get into cosplay randomly because it's fun I've gone out into the woods and stuff for photoshoots in cosplay though~ Oh and when I went to the midnight release of Avengers Age of Ultron, we did kinda casual Avengers cosplays (wore a Thor T-shirt and tied a red top around me to look like a cape basically XD)! But sometimes they won't let you in if you're in full cosplay at the cinema, like when my
  21. I have to say I dislike Family Guy and South Park - they're both just not my type of humour at all, try way too hard to be ~shocking~ and offensive, etc. I did like some of the early episodes of Family Guy, when it was more like The Simpsons (which I love, although not the newest episodes), but then it just went...way, way downhill. I think American Dad might be in this category too. I've never seen the show on its own so I guess I can't say for sure I hate it, but the Uncle Grandpa crossover was the only Steven Universe episode so far I didn't enjoy. Just...what even was that? I don't te
  22. only an hour til I'm out of work and can watch Friendship Games FINALLYYYY~ *__*

    1. darkwingmare


      How neeeat! Did you like the movie? *3* I bet you must've watched it by now.

      I watched it earlier today and I must say that I absolutely adore some of the designs on their clothes aaand.. That this Equestria Girls film probably was my favorite one out of the three! <333

    2. Coco before Pommel

      Coco before Pommel

      I did and yes I really liked it!!! *__* Rainbow Rocks is probably my fave, but I loved how they did human Twilight and Sunset Shimmer was amazing, that final battle! <333 and yess, the clothes were really awesome! I love how Rarity had outfits for every occasion :D

    3. darkwingmare


      Yeah, I must agree that Rainbow Rocks definitely is a great movie too. I got fairly disappointed that we didn't get to see much at all of the new girls from Crystal Prep. T_T I had such high hopes seeing new characters getting introduced but nope, it was barely anything at all about them. So saddening!

      BUT YES, did you see Pinkie's amazing sailor/balloon dress?!?! I adooooored that one! And AJ's dress was also looking marvelous! <3

  23. thank you for the add, fellow Flutterfan! <3

  24. I have waaay too many ships. I have an armada, you could say OTPs Casual ships ...and probably more I'm forgetting X3
  25. I think for the most part, while MLP has its share of darker/disturbing moments (brainwashing in The Cutie Map, Pinkie's freakout in Party of One, Discord's corruption of the mane 6 in The Return of Harmony), they all seem like pretty typical cartoon stuff and there's not much I'd see as being particularly more "adult" than most cartoons. I mean, MLP is barely allowed to even hint at death, while, say, Steven Universe has an episode where the main character dies like 50 times, so yeah I think a lot of the references are clearly aimed at the older audience, however: some kids might get Do
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