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  1. I always wanted to meet this user.

  2. Picture fitting the state of the user!

  3. Sassy Saddles have a similar body shape.
  4. This episode pretty much takes the counter personalities of Applejack and Rarity and smashes it together in an episode. Classic and perfect.
  5. The episode that made Fluttershy Fluttershy.
  6. Some people age faster than others as well, since the ponies were written by people this distinction is also made.
  7. Aside from smoking and alcohol which hasn't been mentioned but only hinted that some things like cider could been a substitute way of saying it, has there been coffee mentioned in the show? I remember this scene. But I think that was hot cocoa not coffee. Yes the marshmellow confirms this.
  8. Cutie Pox was likely about performance enhancing drugs.
  9. Rarity has a lot of romantic interests towards many stallions such as Prince Blueblood and Trenderhoof and she also knows how to work seduction around stallions to get her ways so she is no doubt straight. Twilight Sparkle has shown romantic interest with Flash Sentry so she is straight. Since much of MLP is written by a straight writing staff that have been living in a heteronormative culture and life on default much of the other ponies are straight until proven otherwise. The mane six seems pretty straight overall though since they all noticed and approved of Twilight Sparkle's
  10. She in many ways sort of sabotaged a moment when a previous existing character could of shined more and had their own two parter ending for Season 6. It could have been Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Cadance, Shining Armor, Spike, Celestia etc., a moment for someone that's been in the shadow of Twilight Sparkle so long could have had a grand opportunity to not only be a hero but showcase a different type of hero, Rainbow Dash could be more brash and obnoxious than Twilight making reckless mistakes but eventually finding patience as a virtue, Fluttershy may take baby s
  11. What "bugged" you about Season 6 is that there were "bug" ponies?
  12. Never really watched G1 but I have attempted to watch some and all I saw was the sea ponies were kind of assholes. Other than that the idea of "seahorse" resembling a lot more of a horse/pony is actually pretty clever.
  13. Hmmm you know that would be interesting. The ending of Season 6 could sort of set the stage by having Chrysalis "buzz off" (pun intended) and then return with a bang. Who knows to this point, but I get the feeling she won't be used.
  14. Equestria Girl's production values sort of downplayed everyone's expectations I suppose.
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