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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. @Rainbow Glitterswirl Sorry I responded late...But I can't upload a picture at the moment of the pony...but I will later
  3. I need help with this. I been trying to fix my build a bear Twilight's hair. I conditioned it and stuff, but that just helped with the hair texture being good as new. The issue I am having trouble fixing is the matted ends. I don't understand why this part is so hard to fix. I even tried using detangler on the ends but that didn't work. Do I have no choice but to cut the ends? I am mainly trying to get the ends to be good as new, also the hair to stay laid (something else I am having trouble with). It isn't as easy as taking care of the small pony figures hair. :/
  4. Back once again XDDD

  5. In my opinion I actually think spike is getting noticed a little bit more than before, or maybe I am just crazy and he really was getting notice in the show more than now.
  6. Well welcome to the group lol XDDDD
  7. I am just concerned, what was your favorite Movie from last year? Since it is 2017 now (Obviously). My favorite was Ghostbusters. But I honestly have a hard time choosing between that Movie and Moana....So I am just going to say those where my two favorite Movies from last year. If you don't have a favorite Movie, you can also feel free to say the Movie you hated the most from last year.
  8. Oh nothing just chilling ~Adagio
  9. BACK!!! After being gone for like a year

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    2. RainbowDashie2000


      lol I had like 500 notifications when I came back

    3. Kyoshi


      I am surprised you didn't have more. XD Notifications can stack up pretty quick and after a year, they could potentially explode. XP This site can be notification heavy. :3


      Oh and no problem buddy! ^_^

    4. RainbowDashie2000
  10. Then it might be your one device. Try refreshing your computer mlpforums wasn't loading for me earlier.
  11. Yes of course I have. Someone blocked me just cause I said I hate sonic!!!! They commented under my post then block me, That seriously annoys me If your gonna block me just block me WITHOUT TRYING TO START A FIGHT OVER BULLSHIT!! 2 people did that already they comment nonsense then block me so if I respond they cant see it!!!
  12. YES THEY HAVE THEY CAME ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND SAID STUPID BRONIES :okiedokielokie: so I checked out there channel and they post the most ridiculous video. I don't know if they are trolling or being serious.