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  1. "I-I am sorry." She stuttered glad that Emerald was alright. She glanced around in fright as she nervously rubbed her hooves together. "There w-was something f-following me in the forest last night wh-when I went to get firewood last night. I flew into the sky to try and get away b-but I broke my wing when I landed this morning. I f-found you..." She rambled on as she kept glancing over her shoulder into the forest. Suddenly she stopped talking when she heard that there was a pony lost in the forest out there. "We will find him, but you really need to rest and I dont think I can m-make it another foot before I pass out." She explained as she made an effort to comfort her friend. She took one last glance towards the forest before shakily sitting down next to Emerald. "It will be okay." She exhaled as she tried to shift her broken wing into a more comfortable position. Spectrum yawned as she took her good wing and cradled Emerald with it, her purple feathers ruffled from her horrible landing that morning.
  2. Spectrum Whisper pricked her ears as she heard somepony calling her. "ITS EMERALD!" She heard the pony almost clearly knowing she was probably somewhere nearby. "Come on Blue! We have to find her!" She called to him already breaking into a sprint, even though she was already exhausted. "EMERALD!" She desperately called as she got a sinking feeling in her stomach, since she had stopped calling. She kept running in the direction of the calls, her mane was a mess and her browken wing long forgotten and dragging on the ground. Every once a while she would wince if her wing got caught on a thorn or branch on the ground. Eventually she found her friend, Emerald, lying on the ground. "Emerald!" She gasped , horrible thoughts gathering in her mind as she ran to her sides. Then she let out a sigh of releaf as the gentle rise and fall of her chest showed that she was breathing. "Emerald!" She called to her as she shook her with her right hoof, trying to wake her and looking around every couple of minutes for any danger.
  3. Spectrum Whisper heard something unusual off in the distance but her main concern right now was figuring out how the sky got back to normal and what happened to everypony. She winced and continued to walk, trying to find her group of stranded ponies. She heard someone approach her from behind and ask if she was alright. She tried not to look at her mangled wing as she answered,"I think so, but I probably should not fly for a while." She tried to laugh a little and gave a forced shy smile, trying to down play the pain knowing that their top priority is finding the others. She held back a wince and clenched her teeth as she folded her injured wing into her side. "See, I am fine. Do you know where the others are?" She asked taking another quick glance around the forest. She began to walk towards the strange voice she heard before Blue Moon showed up from the forest. She looked back making sure he was following, not wanting to be alone any longer, as she searched for the owner of the voice from the other end of the forest.
  4. Surefire strapped her red saddlebag back on and started to head towards the door. She glanced around at the some what large group of ponies and prayed to Celestia that eveypony would come back to ponyville in one piece. Even though she was excited, her red eyes shimmered with worry.
  5. Surefire waited for the board to be passed to her and quickly signed her name on the piece of paper. She hoped that the wonderbolts wouldnt mind her being gone. She didnt have any upcoming stunts or derbys anyway so they wouldnt mind if she took her vacation leave.
  6. Surefire listened intently as some ponies asked questions and Azura said they would be heading out soon. She was some what scared but her eyes sparkled with excitement for what might be a great adventure. She just hoped that nopony would get hurt or lost in the vast land of the everfree forest.
  7. Spectrum Whisper had flown all night in an attempt to get away from whatever was chasing her that night. Her eyes were growing heavy and they often drifted shut as she continued to fly. She glanced over at the slowly rising sun,"Thank Celestia, the sun is coming up" She whispered to herself. She continued to fly and try to find the camp now that the sun was slowly starting to come into the dark blue sky. While she continued to look her eyes got heavy and she plummeted to the ground. "SPECTRUM WHISPER CAN YOU HEAR ME?!?!" She faintly heard somepony yell from a distance. She opened her red and blue eyes even though they protested from lack of sleep and fatigue from flying. She yawned and shakily got to her hooves. "Hello?" She asked into the forest knowing she knew that voice. She started to walk in the direction of the voice. She went to fold her wings to her sides since they were dragging. She winced noticing that her right wing was bent at an awkward angle, so she let that one drag and just folded up her good wing. "Hello?!" She called a bit louder.
  8. Spectrum Whisper moaned as she came to on the forest floor. She slowly and shakily got to her hooves, her head throbbing as she leaned against a tree. She opened her eyes and sighed noticing that it was still dark outside. Wile she shook her head trying to feel better, she began to wander deeper into the woods trying to find her newly found friends. "Hello?" She began in a whisper,"Hello?!" She screamed that time, knowing she was lost and scared. "Guys? Where are you?" She asked into the darkness started to run again in a desperate attempt to find them. 'I shouldnt have went into the forest to find fire wood alone!' She scolded herself wishing she had just fallen asleep by her friends and just have dealt with the cold. She shivered as it almost seemed to get colder the more she ran trying to find them and the dying camp fire. Suddenly the echoing footsteps started again and she started to fly and get away. As she flew towards the inky sky, branches tugged at her purple coat as she went higher and finally reaching it.
  9. Spectrum Whisper decided to keep a night watch, since she loved the night and was basically nochturnal. She watched everypony as the fire started to die away. She shivered as the fire grew smaller as she trotted away from it to find more firewood. She pressed her wings tightly to her sides as she looked for more wood. Grabbing some fallen branches she started to make her way back, but she couldn't find the light glow of the small fire. She sighed and turned 360 degrees looking for it. She sighed and began to walk in a guessed direction and tried to find them, the wood still floating just above her head. Suddenly she heard something moving in the forest. She looked around nervously and began to run. She heard it again and began to run faster, her wood left behind in the forest. She squinted trying to see in the vast darkness before she hit her head on something, possibly a branch, she tried to continue on with her vision in a daze. She made it a few feet in the wrong direction before falling to the ground.
  10. Spectrum Whisper thought back and she did remember a strange pony coming to canterlot and threatening Princess Celestia and Luna about saying how he had figured out how to cast a time spell. He warned that since they did not give him what he wanted so he was going to cast the spell. She scrunched up her face in thought but she did not even remember what his cutie mark looked like or what colors his mane was. She sighed and watched as Splash tried to break the spell the lunatic pony had probably put on them. She wished that she could help her break the spell but she only knew how to cast simple levitation spells on objects. She took a quick glance around and also could not find any useful materials to even attempt to make a machine to get them out of this time locked place. She sighed, hoping that they had found all the ponies that had been sent here, not wanting anypony to be lost out there in the dark forest that was probably the everfree forest or that any creatures had not gotten sent here too.
  11. (OOC: Okey dokey!) Surefire glanced around ponyville before sighing and heading in the directiong of the town hall. She grabbed a quick bite at the Cafe for breakfast as she continued to the town hall. She approached the town hall and took a look inside. "Is this the place of the meeting?" She asked as she walked into the town hall.
  12. Spectrum Whisper was enjoying the warmth of the small fire, when she thought she heard something come out of the forest and say a small hello. She glanced around before she got to her hooves and collapsed her wings tightly to her sides in an effort to stay warm as she trotted away from the fire to see who it was. "Hello" She greeted shyly to the blue pony who came out of the forest. "Are-Are you alright?" She asked the pony since she did not know how this pony had gotten here. She checked the pony over quickly and decided that her looked okay. "I am Spectrum Whisper," She introduced herself in her softspoken voice."You can just call me Spectrum!" She explained happily in her always shy whispering voice. (OOC: Welcome Blue Moon! Let us know if you have any plot ideas because I dont think the creator of the rp is going to come back! blah blah blah I have no idea what else to write! trying to get upto 800 letters and stuff yeah lalalala I need 50 more letters dont pay attention to this nonsense 800 is a lot of characters)
  13. Surefire took off into the sky to make a quick stop back home in cloudsdale, to gather some of her things. She flew for a while and then drifted up and into her little house made of clouds. She grabbed her custom saddle bag and put in some bandages, a small sword, a cantene, and some other various necessities. She glanced around her house one last time, to make sure she didnt forget anything, before she drifted back down into Ponyville.
  14. Surefire swooped down from the sky and gently landed on the ground, going to see what the hay was going on. She took a quick glance around town with her red eyes and noticed the many posters plastered on everything in sight. She grabbed one off the wall of a flower shop and quickly read through it. She nodded also curious to what was causing all the commotion in the everfree forest. She looked at the rising sun and decided she would go to the meeting about such matters.