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  1. I got it and added you, but never got any responses from the whispers I sent. Just gotta press R to reply, or when you hit enter, type /whisper and then the persons name you want to send the message to. As for going to the weapon/shield combination, I used that until I switched to 2H weapon, then I went back to dual wielding. In each weapon type, there are certain things that make them worth using. With a shield, you will want something that has the 10% crit chance, all resist, huge vitality and big dexterity. 2 Handed, a slot, large crit hit damage, attack speed, and preferably life on hit a
  2. You can open up a world of hurt with the demon hunter under the right build. Initially, I started off as a Demon Hunter, got to about lvl 30, then decided to try the monk and went all the way until I hit paragon 7. I ended up hitting a road block in the way of not being geared well enough to do anything better than MP1 or 2, so I went back to my Demon Hunter. Having learned from a lot of my mistakes, and having made a lot more money, getting up to lvl 60 was a breeze. I was able to farm the auction better and just gear myself properly. Eventually I got up to paragon 17 and was soloing MP4 unti
  3. That's usually an issue at that stage, especially once you start getting better gear. When i've died a few times, i'm spending 45k to repair, and dieing just once is close to 10k. The thing is though, if I started with 0 gold, by the time i've gotten around to having to spend 45k to repair, i've made closer to 60k at least. When I was running my demon hunter on MP4, I had over 117k DPS before buffs. With sharpshooter, I was over 200k. The problem was that I was playing a glass cannon. Sure the numbers looked nice, but my repair bills were through the roof and it just got ridiculous. On my mo
  4. Just put new Ernie Ball acoustic strings on my guitar. New for the company, and they sound about 20% cooler than what I used before, haha. Looking forward to busting out some tunes!

  5. Yeah, MP is Monster Power. I do pretty good on MP7 atm, and if I can sell some of my more expensive items, I should be able to stroll through MP8 soon. I just went through my stash and broke down a page of items I would be willing to share, which ended up being about half of the entire page, lol. It's a good mix of legendaries and rares that have the right stats. I've got a decent amount of intelligence and dexterity items in particular. Lots of amulets, and I think some rings. A few pairs of gloves, some leggings, chest pieces, and weapons. Also was thinking about ways to help other peop
  6. 1 to 2 could get you a weapon good enough to continue for a while. You wouldn't get higher than MP3. I have some good monk weapons like the flying dragon I could give away. I've got too many items to sell and wait on to have them bought. Got some decent wizard items with high critical hit chance as well for his other alt. As far as wizards being broken, I agree. They just melt the faces off of the enemy in seconds with a good build. Pretty excited about getting a good group put together though.
  7. I could help you get to lvl 60 pretty easily and once you are, I've got a decent amount of gear for monks in particular and some decent wizard gear as well. Could probably get you surviving on MP4.
  8. This is officially the year of Rainbow Dash! Not only did she perform the first ever double rainboom! But clinched the 2013 MLP Forums March Madness as the NATIONAL CHAMPION! I think I shall call her Antoinette. Bwaahahahaha! http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=26BQ0HNtDmI
  9. I'm just curious if there are any other Diablo 3 players out there who still play on a regular basis. It's a lot better to have a group in general, and it's a lot easier to get better gear and such if people work to better each other. Personally, i've got plenty of gear that will take a while to sell and more just sitting in my stash that I want to move quickly for cheaper than what it's worth to friends at least. I normally do key runs from Act 2 into Act 3 on MP6 and I would be willing to help others get better in order to do the same, and eventually higher. If you are already there or hig
  10. Listening to the Lumineers album on repeat, so good.

  11. I've been sitting back for the latter part of the tournament, but now that it has come down to these two magnificent ponies in the finals, it's time to throw in my 2 cents. So far, and i'm not entirely surprised either, but nearly 100% of the brackets have gone the way i've imagined they would. Knowing both Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash pretty well, being a couple of my favourites, I could see Pinkie wanting to give the win to RD so she could be happy (since she hates to lose, and i'm sure all the RD fans hate losing equally so). In conclusion, vote for Rainbow Dash in the spirit of Pinkie Pie
  12. Rainbow Dash is one step away from greatness, and following through with my prediction of coming out on top of it all (50/50 with Applejack, because I thought they would meet in the semi finals instead of Twilight... But SO close! Makes life easier for me though when it came down to that last vote). Now, on to Pinkie Pie and Discord... Sweet jebidiah. This is a match of epic proportions. In one corner, you have a chimera of creatures who wields chaos vs. the reality bending, 4th wall breaking, party animal with a heart of gold. When it came down to it, I voted for Discord strictly because
  13. I could have sworn that everybody had gotten the memo about AJ being the new main character in season 3 by the time things wrapped up in the end. She's just the best gosh darn pony there is. All salute Admiral Applejack!
  14. Looks like I am locked in for skillz as opposed to magic. I see Celestia as a fair ruler, and using magic to cheat in any kind of competition unless otherwise specified, or lack-there-of, she wouldn't take advantage of other ponies and push them onwards to greater achievements, and that menas... final 4! GO RAINBOW DASH! And that means AJ is locked in for my vote against Twilight. If it comes down to RD vs. AJ, i just don't know what I will do! It's like a nightmare come true! How do the likes of me and you, pick between the best of the west two? (*assumptions* *assumptions*)
  15. Wow, I am so happy that absolutely everything has worked out the way i've wanted it to so far. Everything has made sense as per my voting criteria. The tough choices are going to be the Princess Celestia vs. RD and Twilight vs. AJ. Do I vote in favour of powerful magic winning the round, or awesome skills? As for when it gets to Discord and Luna. I'm going to have to give it to Discord. It takes a full team to beat him, and I just don't think Luna could do it solo. On to this round, Pinkie has just got too many tricks and impossible skills to lose to Sweetie Belle.
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