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  1. Cute OC...can't...breathe...halp!

  2. If you need some context from the cartoon! <3
  3. I'm going to have to shake my head, and worry about you
  4. Speaking of family! Do you feel like Cassandra is your sister, being Gothel's "daughter-daughter" and all, or have you scrubbed whatever you could from Gothel from your life?
  5. I used to keep a diary when I was younger. I don't physically keep a diary, but with social media how it is, I do keep public footprints of some of the details of my life.
  6. I think the spear and scroll is a bit elaborate for a cutie mark. It could work, but they'd have a lot of trouble going unnoticed. Why a spear and scroll specifically? What colors are they? Why? Just little things to ask yourself, especially as a writer to really flesh out White Belt~ <3 I think white coat/black mane is always a safe bet. If you are really feeling a color change what about adding shades of grey into his mane? I live for tri color manes, and I bet a monochromatic coat/mane would look pretty sick!
  7. That is amazing! I love how closely the bodytype matches and the details are stunning! I'm soooo happy for you!!
  8. Hi Rapunzel! I'm not sure if this question has been asked yet, but what is your connection to the royal sisters of Arendelle?
  9. Oh dear. I think we're looking at some poor temp getting fired. Honestly I'm kind of happy for Dr. Wolf because this is funny as heck.
  10. What exactly am I looking at? I'm going to believe that this is a weird joke, because I'm blown away if this is actually real
  11. Hello! I'm also totally in love with ponies and all the nonsense that comes with it! Welcome to the forums, this place can be kind of nutty so take that as you will. :p To fill the void in my heart I've started collecting vintage ponies! So much fun!
  12. I think you should give yourself the chance to watch all of them! If anything, you can always giggle about how laughably bad they are <3
  13. Both pairings feel uncomfortably forced and have an unnatural dichotomy to our protagonists. MLP writes such lovely ladies--I wish they could write a decent male character. ;;