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  1. Nah it's about a high school full of cloned dead famous people. It's an adult cartoon that's pretty funny (in my opinion )
  2. Ah that's bad.. I understand Thanks I see what you mean now
  3. I'm excited about it! I watched Clone High only a year ago and I've been waiting for a reboot since However, idk much about the show's history or what's behind the scenes, so idk what you mean by this..
  4. Yeah, I imagine only actual little girls would pick Pony Life over FIM. I didn't say little kids cuz I believe a little boy would prefer FIM (remember the Twilight vs Tirek fight? I bet they thought that scene was rad!)
  5. I mentioned it as an example of a show made for the next generation of little babies-- I mean kids
  6. Here's my thought. Shows like ThunderCats, Teen Titans and Total Drama got remade (or downgraded imho ) for the next generation of children, just like what MLP generations have always gone through. However, Pony Life is definitely an attempt at making FIM what it was meant to be, a kid's show (or "show for little girls") like the remade shows mentioned. All bronies or other fans of FIM can hope for is that the proper next gen of MLP, gen 5, is less goofy than Pony Life or is more comfortable to watch like gen 4.
  7. It's not Art Fight without its website going down once or twice :muffins:

  8. Hello! Thank you for the follow earlier! How are you? :fluttershy:

    1. Gaines


      You're welcome! and I'm good, thanks :D

  9. I'm hoping to stay here for a long while. The day I leave is probably the day I don't give a dung about MLP anymore
  10. Gosh I love it!! I don't mind the mane, and thanks I love her colors too
  11. If ur requests are still open, mind drawing my oc Love Sick? A fullbody or headshot is fine, but she usually has a flirty look on her face
  12. Hi there! Black lives matter
    Check this out please ^ :)

  13. No he definitely fell and shattered xD I was late to see it and watched the last couple of minutes