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  1. I'm trying to play some online games but my network sucks so bad that the moment I sign in I'm immediately logged out :stressed:

  2. Closed both shops! I won't be taking any requests for a little while
    Thanks y'all :mlp_icwudt:

  3. The shop is now temporarily [CLOSED] Come back later
  4. The shop is now temporarily [CLOSED] Come back later
  5. Done-so! Let me know if anything needs to be changed Redesign with colors close to the original:
  6. @Summer BreezeFinished her Let me know if anything needs to be changed Bonus redesign:
  7. Lavender Town from Fire Red is one of my favorite pieces of music I love it a lot :love:
    I just like weird-sounding instrumentals/orchestras :sassy:

    1. Beauregard


      Shout out to the OG Lavender Town music! >:3

  8. Spoiler

    Don't mind me, I'm just trotting by! ;)


  9. Sorry I haven't drawn anything in a while. Irl stuff n all :adorkable:
    After I finish the last couple of requests I'm temporarily closing both shops 

  10. I'm halfway into Camp Lakebottom and I'm a few episodes in Milo Murphy's law but both of these cartoons are pretty good :BrightMacContent:

  11. She's ready to face the day
  12. Please wait until I've finished the redesign of this character before asking me to draw them again. In the meantime, you may either wait or request a different character. Thank you
  13. If they don't let me play Love Me Cheerilee at my future wedding I'll be very upset :stressed: lel

    1. Kujamih


      Your future husbando must sing it though