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  1. Thanks everypony for the bday wishes :mlp_yeehaa:

    1. TomDaBombMLP


      Hope you had a great one today! :blue_baloon:

  2. Happy birthday! :pinkie: :blue_baloon:

    Hope you're alright and have a beautiful day! :coco:


  3. Merry Birthiversary! 

  4. Happy birthday! :eager::kirin::Thorax::derp:

  5. Happy Birthday :coco:
  6. Happy Birthday! :kirin:

    1. Gaines


      Thanks! My birthday is in around 4 hours for me xD

  7. I don't feel bad, I feel shocked! How dare they forget my birthdate!
  8. Awesome Is this stallion good? His name is Brown Sugar. He's a unicorn with a Zecora-like eye shape and a beauty mark on his left cheek (our right). He has side swept bangs and short eyebrows.
  9. Instead of two MLP characters possibly being a good couple, which two characters do you think would be good friends? Two characters whom rarely to never interacted that you think would get along well.
  10. A big spiral with little stars around it like the milky way galaxy
  11. Scary multiplayer games could be more scary if they cut off your interactions with the other player if something bad happens. One could be if the other player dies then either they're silent or you can barely hear them, but another could be if the other player was possessed then their movements are limited, and they can barely talk and/or start speaking nonsense. So your friend is still there with you, but you understand your fate if you (both) can't get a task done on time. But of course your friend would probably refuse the roleplaying, so their possessed movements and speech should be programmed into the game.