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  1. Sunny: Pipp why don't we go out and enjoy nature? Pipp: [scrolling on phone] Huh? Oh not right now Sunny: ...Then how about going for a swim [takes the phone and chucks it into a lake] Pipp: NOOO [jumps in the lake]
  2. If she's a villain then the story she told Applejack about the Kirins agreeing to give up their voices would be a lie. She could've been jealous of their beautiful voices and singing so she'd trick them into touching the Stream of Silence somehow. There would then be two reasons why she might've lived separately from the Kirin village: one is that the Kirins might've found out about her doing and, despite being unable to speak, they manage to banish her from the village; the second concept is that she claims that she'll find a cure but instead she just ditches them, leaving them miserable
  3. The worst relationship execution? Twilight and Flash Sentry. Yes, people do get crushes, but their attraction to each other felt forced and pointless IMHO Big Mac and Cheerilee's relationship is the second poorest because it happened only because of the potion My most favorite ship if not the best is Pinkie and Cheese Sandwich. They're almost perfect for each other! Cheese needs laughter to be like himself, and luckily for him Pinkie is the Element of Laughter. I also find it very cute how young Cheese was inspired to become a super duper party pony because of Pinkie too. The only
  4. I have no words... this is just absolutely shocking.
  5. Oh oops I didn't notice it was a game
  6. Don't know if I said this before but I apologize to everyone who was expecting a drawing from me that I never even came around to starting on :please:

    1. Pandora


      patience is key~  (least when it comes to commissioning an artist)

  7. Whenever I hear a song about being mad at love and all that junk, I immediately think of Ashfur from Warrior Cats xD Here's a good one
  8. Wish my Cintiq would SHOW ITS SCREEN :Cozy:

    1. Gaines


      Also wish it wouldn't crash my whole computer whenever I turn it off :yeahno:

  9. Gaines

    events Art Contest - March 2021

    This is beautiful
  10. Gaines


    I definitely remember this series I didn't really find them that funny but I'd occasionally rewatch it for old times' sake
  11. Now that most people say that Sunny and Hitch look like siblings I'm starting to see it too. While some romance may happen in the G5 series, I don't believe we'll be seeing too much of that in the movie (as in there might be a couple in the background, but background ponies don't necessarily contribute to the story).
  12. Oops! More MLP Movie leaks :BornAgainBrony:

    1. Splashee


      *Turns your status upside down* Where? :fluttershy:

  13. Gaines

    Request {LF} Requests!

    I can try! Looks fun
  14. I find the art style super cute! I just wonder how this will be animated (hopefully it's fluid )
  15. Yes, he was still the evil King Sombra in this AU. However, he gets reformed by Flurry (somehow xD) that's why they have similar titles like the Winter Prince/Princess, Prince of Death and Princess of Life.
  16. Well this is only my AU Flurry and maybe Sombra may be the only rulers who "ascend into a realm of gods" because they're born immortal (excluding Discord he's undying)
  17. "Now he said some bullcrap he was spittin some bars I think!"
  18. They merely retired. When an alicorn "retires," they lose whatever body part they received during their transformation such as a horn and/or wings and they start to age normally. For example, Celestia would originally be a unicorn. When she retired, she turns back into a unicorn and gets "older" (gets more wrinkles and gets slower, yknow how mortal aging works. She's still over 1,000 years old, but she could've been young in alicorn years).
  19. "We're gonna make some scrambled egg- some s- waha hoo HOO!"
  20. These aren't in any order 1) Coloratura/Countess Almost everything about this pony matches (except her cutiemark) and balances well. I love Coloratura's light coat and dark mane with saturated blueish highlights that match her eyes. As for Countess, I simply like her purple mane (wig)! 2) Greenhoof Hooffield I like all the designs of the Hooffields and McColts, but Greenhoof is my favorite. That dark red color really goes well with her long and puffy mane and tail. I don't know what else to say. I simply like this Hooffield's design! 3) Pacific Glow It's Pinkie Pie w
  21. There are 7 immortal rulers of Equestria... The Princesses of Harmony, Twilight Sparkle, monitors harmony in Equestria and raises the Sun, and Starlight Glimmer, monitors the disharmony in Equestria and raises the moon; The Crystal Princesses, the Princess of Love, Mi Amore Cadenza aka Cadence, and her daughter Flurry Heart, also known as the Winter Princess or the Princess of Life; The Crystal Duke, Prince Sombra, also known as the Winter Prince or the Prince/Duke of Death; Discord, the Lord of Chaos; and Fluttershy, also known as Mother Nature (Discord transformed Fluttershy into a
  22. Oh crap I just saw the ddos announcement xD :adorkable: RIP

    1. Kyoshi


      The person who did it is a wafflewobbler. :yeahno:

    2. Sparklefan1234


      @KyoshiA Gobblewonker!? :blink:

  23. There are a lot of artists (usually with unicorn OCs) and/or introverts (usually with earth pony OCs) in most fandoms. While being a pegasus seems super cool, not everyone might be as confident or athletic as the ponies seem to be Or.. that's just what I think.
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