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  1. disney

    Duck Tales Rules, The Lion King Best Movie on the Planet, Jake and the Nederland Pirates Episodes and Season so funny and Awesome. Kim Possible Epic and Cool...
  2. this is a new character I been working on lately, His name is Phoenix Fire. He is Pegasus who has been abandon at the steps of the Manehatten Orphanage. As he grew up around other orphaned ponies ( earth, Pegasus, and unicorns.) he became fascinated with unicorns and their magic. He wanted so badly to learn how to make and create magic. With his desire to be as magical as the unicorns he got teased to pieces at the orphanage, with his obsession in magic and no desire to learn how to fly, he was undesired to potential adopted couples. Whom consider him to be way too odd wired and strange. He spent his entire life growing up in the orphanage, till one day he, herd the conversation of the caretakers talking abut him, taking their discussion the wrong way, he felt he was no longer wanted, so late one night he left the orphanage, as he ventures out beyond Manehattan and into the unknown forests outside equestrian, He comes across some dragons, stealing eggs from a phoenix nest, he confronts them and demands they put the eggs back, the dragons laugh and tosses it high in the air, Phoenix tried to fly after it, however never learning how to fly impairs him form catching the eggs in the air. So he tries really hard to use magic that he learned, All of a sudden the eggs started to glow and float in the air, he himself noticed being lifted from the ground, and suddenly a glow of Golden light shone in the night sky, the dragons blinded by the glow decided to leave, and look for other places to stir trouble. Later Phoenix woke up to find the Eggs near the shore of the water unharmed, and as he reached out to get the eggs he saw his reflection in the moonlit water, he had a horn just like the unicorns, he was surprised and shocked. He still had his wings, and now has a horn. He became the first Colt Alcorn. I also plan to intertwine his storyline with Crystal Frost storyline This is when they are both older, of course. Phoenix will have his own stores about life in the orphanage. Crystal will have her own stories, as well. I plan to have both Crystal and Phoenix meet each other when they are older. And with Crystals father being so overprotective, it creates a challenge for the two to become friend and who knows... stories are so FUN. Spelling However is a Challenge
  3. request

    00Finished.... This is the colour Template I used and yes I made sure you can see his cutie mark well most of it, Today was a very windy day that is why you can see tiny traces of his hoof. Love his wings, my favourite part of the whole piece... the sketch was done on my iPad using Sketch Club, I use this for all my doodles, when it comes to vector. Affinity Design is EPIC.... Well here is the start, doodle on Ipad.... here is his finish look...... Crosses Hoofs you are ok with him, he was a ton of fun to design... raw sketches don't take long. Doing vector art in Adobe Illustrator CC its EVIL, however ever since I ditched them and made the move to Serif Affinity Design its a Dream come true to work With.... PS he is not my character, her is your character, however I really like to display him in my DivantArt folder, plan to create a To and From folder. Anytime I do others OC characters for others... Got to get around to create the To From folder first.... Hugs from Laurie Doodles
  4. request

    I LOVE to vector.. I use to use Adobe Illustrator CC, However that program is EVIL, It is so overwhelming and Confusing. So I gave up art all together. I was checking my emails and came Across Affinity Design by serif. So I tried again. Hugs, it's simple easy cheap, do not let the cheap price for their software deceive you. It's EPIC, I Been doodling up a storm, and vectorizing my art, I LOVE IT so much fun.. Good bye Evil Overpriced Adobe products, I Hate renting your EVIL Software., Hello Serif EPIC Software. You gave me a reason to come back to digitalize my doodles. tiny rant on EVIL Adobe, well the deserve it. Rent software, talk to the hoof. I just finished his doodle on the iPad, however a tiny bit of his hoofs are showing, however most are covered by his coat. Hope that is ok with you will get to vectorizing him for you tomorrow, He should be finished by end of the day. Sorry Crystal Frost you have to take a break for tomorrow. Sorry no sneak peaks, I really want it to be a surprise. I totally love his wings in this one. Hope you like him too. Trust me he is totally going to be worth the wait. Hugs RaphLuna LaurieDoodles.
  5. Her cutie mark totally took the most time to work on, however finally done... Here is Crystal Frost mother Blossom Flower..... I love to illustrate... More illustrations on the way... the story is a Work in Process, however once finished, I will be adding her story here, so anyone interested can read. Hugs.
  6. I HATE salt meat Eeeeewwww. Gross Gross Gross, Newfoundlanders love their salt meat however I'm one Newfoundlanders who HATES the stuff with a passion... Gross Eeeeewww. I also hate Liver and Salt, salt is EVIL.
  7. Don't mess with the bunnies friends. And if your crazy to do so, you will feel the wrath of Angle and her animals friends.
  8. Practicing my illustrations skills. Love Affinity Designs, the zoom is MEGA ULTRA AWSOME. Anything that looks off I can easily fix. Skylar is getting use to being a parent,, and he is learning very quickly. From the little knowledge we have about dragons in MLPFIM TV series. I had limitations how Skylar would parent. One dragons said in the Goblet of fire '' when I'm dragon lord, I would plunder all of equestrian for their pillows, why should they be comfy while we sleep on rocks.'' so it got me thinking, he uses a rock as a place to rest. Not too bright, should make a nest, Maybe the mother dragons make a nest to lay their egg, however. abandon the nest once the egg hatches, and quick teaches their new born dragon to get use to sleeping on rocks, the sooner they learn, the sooner the mother dragon leaves.
  9. I rather see people grow the plants to make clothes and other fabric material, I herd it is way durable and strong, last longer too. Hemp plane was more versatile, all natural, and was used for many materials in the past.. once industrial stuff with synthetic stuff, started to control the market. The Hemp plant was banned and gotten rid of. Never smoked a day in my life, my parents both smoked and I hated the smell odour Yuck... Eeeeeww, Gross. stop using the plan for smoking, and use it for something far more useful, like they used it in the past. .
  10. Awww cute. Love it. So Adorable.
  11. Love your art style...
  12. Luna is my favourite character, her and King Sombre. EPIC..
  13. Colors and shading is Awesome, Love it.
  14. I can not stay mad at such a sad face. Cutie. Hugs.