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  1. So very true. I just love to Write, Character Design, and vectorize with both my own illustrations and My partner Alex Blue Bird. Pokemon is Awesome. They have a variety of creatures. Inotice a trend not only with hasbro but many others as well they stick to the pony looks. Granted hasbro added new species and such however the ponies always have the spotlight. Why do that when there are many other species to explore.... old yawn bunny boring.... better using design as a real bunny. now this look way better for a morphed bunny. Her ears are tied back and drooping behind her bottom. I love to go further and tinker with character designs even more. Enderria is a Huge planet.full of mystical wonder. And deep secrets.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_h7P46KH8M&list=PLfEz6nkJvI9IhG1vA3J3G__64kh8rKR2Z I respect you input. the above two have their own creative design plus their stories are different unique from the standard MLP stories. What your seeing in my works is early works of my designs. I’m planning to revamp some of my old works. And get more creative exploring new species there is a Massive ocean that needs its own sea creatures... New character. New species to explore. the Clyonies are not the only creatures, there huge wave if you look beyond the furry acquires and evolved forum’s. we have lizards, snakes, owls, Giraffes, Killer whales, crocodiles, frogs, flamingo, Lions Foxes Pandas Kangaroos, Rabbits, Koalas, Gorillas, Polar bears and way way way more. in regards your. Quote Based/Copied You do realize anything can be a reference Right. See... https://www.deviantart.com/landoftheclyony/art/Anything-can-be-a-refrence-734662365 I’m planing to go over some old works. Yawn Zebra Looks Boring here is reboot. going to do way more upgrades. Plus I love it when they walk upright. https://www.deviantart.com/landoftheclyony/art/How-do-you-like-the-improvement-817283111 True MLP was my Inspiration at the beginner bunny slope but I shelved the past and moved forward. Noting wrong with a fresh twist with a unique creative story to spring forward with. think of pizza there are a variety of restraints and even store bought pizzas to choose from..and when you look at the pizza menus of choice. It’s great to have options to choose from. Why is that because.. Everyone's taste change over time, I’m the mood for Hawaiian, vegetarian, all cheese, meaty pizza of a whole lot of peppers or even tuna. You have a lot of choices. same with branding. Logos are designed to clarify confusion, Already have my Trademark a Approved in USA The Clyonies Name. Name and logo waiting for approval in Canada. IP lawyer done the observation Over my designs The furry Clyonies, with hasbros ponies. TheIr observation was Done in year June 19 2019. And they found no infringement. so I’m not worried. I love that I went for a furry style of the Clyonies. Story wise I’m not worried. I’m I; the clear. the Clyanthrians are exclusive for the novel the furry Clyonies are reserved for kids and familes. Hugs Laurie
  3. Thank you Kindly. Hasbro never tapped into the mixing MLP and human together. They Have Equestrian girls however they all look human only with the acceptation of A tweak of ears and wings popping out true their hair grows longer. But they have no tail and no equestrian girls do not have any fur. Here is a Blossom Dang that furry filly. She always like to play with my Home Counties flag. She is a female and all females have the furry Hooves like the males too. Checked with my copyright infringement lawyer. And yup I’m good to go. My furry equines do not infringe on has bro’s.
  4. Yeah It needs to stand out an not be so dull looking.. So I tinkered with a few more creative effects. Ture been tinkering a bit more., do you think any of those are eye catching. Are you basing your observation Directly with Hasbro's copyright my little pony Designs of the generations of My little Pony? Or is your observation based on Fan art? just trying to clarify.
  5. Been a long time since I post here and I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this. Need your advice and input fellow MLP fan lovers. I’m getting too much input telling my Novel cover characters are too my little pony looking and will attract kids to read the book.Got tired of it. People want clarification to what the book is about. And I respect that. one person Pointed out if they were to buy the book and read they were about furry human like equines they would be very disappointed. so I tried to make it as clear as possible. But then they say its too My little pony.if anyone knows their MLP it’s you wonderful people here in the fandom. so my question to you are they right or wrong?New creative species human furry equines calledClyanthrians reserved for novel.link to reboot designs. The Clyanthrian original species designsClyanthrian (only a few wield magical powers )Anthrasus winged clyanthrians ( only a few wield magical abilities )Unithrona horn clyanthrian ( They all wield magic except one )Clyanthrauniasus Winged horn clyanthrian. (Royal Twin sisters in the Kindom Sundancia they have very unique and rare powerful magic. Daughters to king Atlas anthrasus and Queen Dawn unithrona ) sadly the queen died giving birth to the twins. Heartbroken and in fear of the safety of their twin daughters. He keeps them confined to the royal grounds. I love when summer now eight pleads with her father to go beyond the castle walls. He refuses for its for her own good..here she tries to disguise herself her twin sister finds out . And curiously follows her sister. there is third of this breed born to a poor clyanthrian couple who conceals his features in fear he will be taken from them by the upper class and raise him as their own. The poor has no right to such a rare evolved form.Holivi is a Brilliant Artist and done the design of the Rose and the family Portrait. Here is a link to her original artwork...Forest Juliette they Daughter Blossomyes love to tinker into artwork too..My Tinkering with Holiva Art piece of the Clyanthrian FamilyNovel Cover Front Back Genera ( Fantasy Drama )Age (Adult ) since the lead characters are adults.PrefaceBeyond Earth’s starry skies, through a black hole, lies a whole new solar system with its own sun. Nine planets: Murka, Vella, Enderria, Molo, Jupata, Saturron, Unonna, Nepar, and Pomo span from the great giver of light and life to the darkness of the unknown. Of all planets, there is but one that has an abundance of life—the third planet from the blazing ball of fire—Enderria. Upon her rugged surface and vast waters lived the clyanthrians, a furry human-like equine species that has survived and thrived for generations.There are many stories that have been told about the clyanthrians; however, one stands out above the rest. It’s a tale of two unlikely family trees: one that struggled to sprout and flourish, and another with broken branches barely hanging on.I hold out my hand and ask you to follow me into their stories as one family tree begins to bloom while the other struggles to heal. We begin our journey in one very special place: nestled deep within a thick, dense forest, in the peaceful village of Oakwood Grove, the home of Blossom’s family tree.Chapter list breakdown.01. The note.02. Reflections of the Past03. The doctors warning04. Heirlooms05. A father's worst fear06. Holding onto hope07. The sting of the upper class08. The first date09. The Past and the Present10. Dr. Taylor's Confession11. Juliette12. Crowded13. Mare talk. Fatherly advice14. Complications15. Two different lives collide16. Friends17. Meet the parents18. Blizzaver19. The Bully20. Edward21. Dr Franklin22. Mother. (6 parts )23. A Buried Secret ( might be a part series )24. Cameron and Bella25. Crush26. The horn. (Could be a part series )27. The invitation.28. The ex fiancée29. Life without Forest.30. Father…21. Open wounds.30. Forgiveness31. The Letter.Novel is for Adults considering it’s not for the faint of heart. We deal with a lot of Intense serious topics.since the novels are for a much older audience I decided to pluck the furry equine clyonies out and keep it more on the cute family friendly side...reserved for kids stores and colouring books..here is link to The Clyonies yes i hold copyright to them all. I still Explore new Species... update Trademark registration of The Clyonies name got the Green light. Waiting for name and logo Trademark Registration to be approved..Alex Blue Bird is my Partner for the cute side of the furry equines she done the sketch i did vector line work and colouring on this piece... aYes I wrote the motivational piece too., Here is a link to The sketches she done so far... for the colouring book series we are working on, do you think we should get into kid storybooks too.The Clyonies Sketched my my Partner Alex Blue Bird Collection 1Collection 2Collection 3collection 4collection 5collection 6collection 7so do you feel they are write too my little pony. Or do you feel they are wrong.
  6. Ponies now breeding with cats. ( Me neigh. ) Sprinkle with Teen Titans Go. (Sugar Cube Corner their center home base. ( No wonder their expressions look like Sugar rush junkies ) if they add The Rise of the TMNT treatment with a Mangled personality mess. And sprinkle that ungodly Stupified Toilet Humor I'm walking. Judging by the brick background. new sign in neon pink lights. Is giving me the city vibes. (Feeling good a Hell ) music number. inappropriate song for children. . Confused me is this for a younger audience or an older one? What is with the nooble legs and bobbleheads and teeny bodies. And Pinkie Toy taking. seizure on-screen, overdose on sugar I guess. The cartoons are odd however that mini clip is giving me this I'm following the entertainment industry on this stupefied trend of dumb down Brand They must be testing the waters with a new experiment and if to becomes a huge hit bigger than Friendship is magic they might stick to the Crespo of crappy style toilet humor. Minimize Expenses to max at profit.. Sad sad day.
  7. On the bright side we will always have the comics to look forward to read and past shows to enjoy re-watching.
  8. Prologue Prologue Earth, once a warm tropical planet teaming with a variety of creatures. Struck by a large mystic space rock, shattering to a blue powder dust. Spreading upon the lands and sea, ascending the planet into pure darkness. The temperature of the planet began to drop. Food became scarce. Devastating most of the creatures to Extinction. The Clydesdales, one of the lucky surviving species. First to experience the side effects of the mystic blue dust. Their mare's giving birth to furrier foal's. The newborns development stages spanning out taking much longer to grow from foal to adult. Their bodies sender, coats thicker. Manes and tails growing much longer. Severing from their ancestors, evolving into a new breed called the clyonies... The new species quickly advanced from their primitive state. Developing the ability to speak, and think. Forming tribes, setting rules. Yet the effects continued further down their gene pool. Some of the clyony mare’s giving birth to foals with strange deformities. A single horn sticking out of their head, ( Unidale ), or bird-like wings a little below the shoulder ( Clyasus ). Fearing the deformed foals to be an omen of bad luck. They were abandoned into the wild. Some chose to conceal their foals birth defects. Few years later, some discovered their offspring to wield magical powers. Fearing their foals tainted with evil witchcraft. Luring them into the woods, only to put an end to their lives. Some clyonies grew curious. Wondering, what became of the outcast. Eager for answers, leaving their tribes. Never to be heard of, or seen again. It was unknown if any other creatures began to evolve into a more advanced species. However, one thing is for sure. Life on the planet will always find a way to adapt and survive. Author and Artist : Laurie Ann Garland
  9. Cover Done... Chapters in Edit Mode, Yes it has a Prologue... I Promotion Scenes by Alex Blue Bird and I. Chapter 3. The Miracle Foal. I will be adding touch up's. ( Forest , Juliette, Their Foal, Blossom ) Coming Soon Chapter 9. Where did the Time Go Illustration. Chapter 11 The Wild Untamed Forest ( Blossom -Clyony, Skyler - Dragon ) Chapter 13 Ried Work in Progress ( Amos, Ried, Blossom ) Coming soon Chapter 17 Graduation Day Illustration. Coming soon Chapter 27 Diving Towards Freedom Illustration. Chapter 23. Battle over Blossom ( Amos - Unidale, Blossom - Clyony, Skyler - Dragon ) Coming Soon Chapter 31 The Last Dance illustration. Coming soon Chapter 33 The Last Breath New Life Illustration. Are there any request on which chapter you like to see an Illustration from? I'm open to suggestions. Personally if I had it my way I will have an illustration for all chapters including prologue. What do you think of the Progress so Far. Laurie Ann Garland
  10. Holly Cranberry Apple Sauce that's Cool. 0.0
  11. The Solution to the problem was at the very start and Obvious. Want the colors back. well communicate to each other in the community and stat bonding a level of understanding of each other. In other words Connect with each other and your rainbow will return. You don't need a Fancy Bling Gadget to connect and bond with each other. just talk and get to know each other better. This was a Cute episode with an obvious No Brainer of a life lesson. Get out of ypu'r safety blanket zone, get out a talk to each other. Even though the series was a total drag at least the lesson was a very wise one indeed.
  12. Happy Canada Day... To Celebrate my Countries Birthday. I Illustrated my Character Blossom, ( From my First Novel In the Series " Blossom and The Dragon '' ) Holding My Home countries Flag. I was Born in the Province Newfoundland. So was my Spouse and first Child. Moved to Alberta there we had of 5 children. Then we finally Moved to Ontario. mortgaged a home in the country to settle down. Sure we traveled and seen much of Canada. Ocean Ferry Boat Ride Made me sea Sick however Still Fun. However Canada is and Will Always be my home. Hugs Everyone. Laurie Ann Garland.
  13. Received My '' Copyright Non-Infringement Opinion'' Letter from my Lawyer today... This is Wonderful News Now i can Proceed further Writing my Novel Series,.. And illustrate more New Characters from My Copyrighted Designs.. Trademarked Registration in Canada. So Far Looks Good. Once Finalized, plan to Trademark in USA Next. Awesome..
  14. Time have Changed. And So have I … Welcome to the Furry world of the new Species called the Clyonies Trademarked Both Name and Logo in Canada. Plan to Trademark in USA too. https://www.ic.gc.ca/app/opic-cipo/trdmrks/srch/home Character Designs got a Makeover... Dumped the birthmark look. Besides they look way better without it. New characters from my novel series ( Blossom and the Dragon ) first novel in a planned of 22 Novels and Counting. chapter list for Blossom and the Dragon. Alex Blue Bird is Epic. My Partner and official Designer to all covers in my novel series. Of course I help in the process.. Alex Blue Birds raw sketch. Combine my vector skills. Alex Blue Birds Fine skill in Color Style… Sprinkle with my personal added touch,. cover design yes I wrote the Blurb. Alex Blue Bird is Very Talented Artist. The novel series is for Young Adult ages 16 and up. It's not for those who are far to sensitive to the harsh realities of life. ) Fantasy blended with harsh realities of life So far things are looking up. Laurie Ann Garland