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  1. Happy Halloween to everyone who still celebrates the spooky festivities, and for Al those kids planning on trick or treating, have fun stay safe. Hugs Everyone and may you have a spooky good time.
  2. Love the Gen 1 toy pony style, so unique and different, Gen 2 UGLY but that is just me, everyone has different tastes, Gen 3 Me Ok I suppose Gen 4 Not my thing.... Like I said everyone is different and everyone has different taste
  3. G1 (n Friends)

    I have the tall pony Bride I also have a 3 Color swirl ponies they have the same pose as the tall bride their colors are very bright and swirly in color..
  4. Request

    Had to get permission form both of you first. Will move forward OMG can't wait for you both to see the results. Hugs...
  5. Request

    Don't mean to hijack, your sketch is very beautiful, with your permission and of course the original creator of the character I love to use my vector skills on your sketch, to bring her beauty to life.... That is if you are both cool with this
  6. Request Shop

    if you have a little time to spare you think you can sketch Crystal Frost um please. Here is an image of her... Thank You.
  7. Suffering doodle block. And my little guy being territorial over the IPad. Since summer is here and school is out. Chosen to colour a doodle I done a while back. My OC character Crystal Frost and My other Character Phoenix Fire a lovely walse, under a Beautiful blanket of snow. so far got 3 doodles done however the last 2 need to be finished. Plus this month is going to be really busy because of Preparing for the Social Benefit Tribunal Hearing... Lots of Documents to send. And typing to do and phone calls to make... However once I get pass the busy time I will be back on the swing of things, and getting back on the OC character art I promised to do...
  8. You are so Right Hmmm make her human look more like pony/dragon....Ooohhh Idea Oh that is right I got other doodles to do on my to do list... well the transformation will just have to wait I so miss her dragon wings horns tail, even her unique ears, and her cute muzzle too...
  9. my kids were watching Equestrian Girls, so I was curious what would my OC Character Crystal Frost look like if I made her a human... So I decide to give it a try... Hmmm will she get a cutie mark being half pony, Hmmm,,,, Not sure However I did like this design, should I ever consider a cutie mark well maybe, however you never know so far I got 3 doodles finished. One of the 5 OC Characters have a creature following them wonder what creature this time... So far 3 doodled done and I'm on my last two. Took a mini break to see how Crystal Frost would Look as a human.. I know the green thing is a bit much hover most of her body is green, Being half dragon and all. this way she has both her mother and fathers colours, nothing is left out, Well except for the wings horns and tail, well that is because she is human. sadly at Canterlot High she has trouble fitting in being so different and all. her outfit with matching Socks and shoes go lovely together her ribbon in her hair is her favourite colour blue, reminds her of a beautiful blue sky day. She loves animals and wandering off into the woods. however she can get into quite a bit of trouble at times.... Well have to trot off got two doodles to finish, if I can ever crow bar away the iPad from my little guy, he is using learning aps so I'm not complaining... Heck with it I will finish doodles in the morning.. What Will Laurie Doodle Next.... Crystal Frost.svg
  10. chaosprincess. Her cutie mark was the longest I ever worked on. Tried my best not to leave out detail., However she is now finally finished... I love her look. I tinkered with her eyes, however her.cutie mark is what really took the longest of time so much detail, did not want to leave anything out... Here is Laurel. In Grace, Style, and Beauty... with her lovely background... Sorry it took forever, hopefully it was totally worth the wait... Crisp SVG. Laurel.svg
  11. Name : Crystal Frost Gender Femae Type : half dragon have pony Parents Father name ( Skylar) type Dragon.... Mothers name ( Blossom Flower ) Type Earth Pony. Cutie Mark unknown,,, still debating if I should give her one or not. Magic Abilities, well she does have 2 horns, so I don't know maybe I ill give her magic abilities or not.. Here is her background story.. Crystal Frost is a one of a Kind character i created. Here is a little bit about her life....... Before Ember became the Dragon Lord, and after Luna was banished to the moon. . Crystals mother is a Earth pony, Her Father is a Dragon. And here is a little brief information about her parents, please be patient it’s a work in process. Give it time i will get more in detail about their stories. I first got inspired when in the MLP FIM TV Series Twilight Quoted that ‘Ponies know very little about dragons because, they were too afraid and scared of them’’ So I thought what about if one pony was saved by a dragon, their bond grew into a relationship. However considering the fear ponies have of dragons, and that dragons despise ponies, they chose to meet in secret. Throught this time she tells her dragon love she is with foal (Expecting) knowing they could no longer go back to their own home, they both decide to leave, and journey deeper into the out lands not knowing what dangers and perils await them. This is just a brief part of the story. I will get more into detail. i have other plans example, like when her mother goes into labour, the foal hybrid dragon is born, however due to the birthing complications the mother does not survive, leaving the father dragon on his own to care for their newborn hybrid daughter. This is Tragic considering he Just lost the love of his life, however his newborn daughter gives him a purpose to continue on. He faces new challenges into raising a young foal hybrid dragon. And so this continues on to spin a new epic story line Years past and Crystal Frost, grows into a beautiful elegant pony hybrid dragon . With her love to fly and especially under a moon lit sky, this creates a new challenge for her father who will do anything to keep her safe from harm. Ember is now the The New Dragon Lord, and with her truce with the ponies of esquestria, this sparked anger and outrage in the dragon kingdom, many dragons get together in secret and plot to over throw her from the kingdom, and plan an all out war with the ponies to teach them a lesson, to stay out of the dragon way of life. Twilight and her friends, got lost in the out lands and stumbled across Crystal Frost, only to be attacked by her dragon father, who only is trying to protect his daughter from outsiders, whom he feels just won’t understand . With the discovery of a new hybrid pony/dragon. Twilight is so overwhelmed with a mountain of questions, Example ‘’are there more out there?’’ This new discovery gives spike hope that maybe he will have a chance with Rarity, Whom he has a Major Crush on Here she is...
  12. Hope you like him. Took some time however done.., LOVE his mane and tail look... He looks so Professional in his Uniform.. Techno Universal in his Lab uniform... OMG his Flowing mane and Tail... Je looks Stunning... With his Background... crosses hoofs hoping you like what you see.. Tencho.svg To everyone who did not make it in time to get on the list. Not to pancake.. once I'm all done with the first five groups I will be back to open a few new groups...
  13. Shadow Beam here is Princess Gia. I love her Flowing Lava Mane... What I new challenge to overcome.. Rarity Loves her Lava Flowing Mane... Here she is in a lovely background hope you like... I love her flowing Lava Mane... Got to finis the other 2 will work on them..
  14. Here is Adam Green in his Fancy Uniform.. Crispier image...Adam Green.svg here is Camilla.... crisp Image of Camilla Camilla.svg hope you are both are happy with you're character... if you don't like her Jungle outfit choice of colours don't blame me, blame Indiana Jones, he gave me the idea... Adam Green I know you had you're heart set on a scarf, however Rarity wanted him to model some outfits for the grad galloping Gala for the Stallions... She is Quite convincing to persuade you're character to model for the new outfit line Working on the other 3 Camilla.svg
  15. Princess Gea for Shadow Beam. Love her beautiful flowing mane and tail. She has lovely furry hoofs.. just waiting to be coloured, and her cutie Mark. can't wait to get started... Crosses hoofs you like what you see so far...