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  1. RaphLuna

    episode discussion S08:E06 - Surf and/or Turf

    from reading what others are saying, it sounds like Twilight did all the work, and the CMC got the credit. end result the message, let someone else do all the work, while you do nothing but argue with each other, to busy in your rant with each other to really help. and get all the benefits and rewards for someone else doing all the work. sound like the Liberals and the NWO Adjenda Sneaking in their teachings to the young minds of children. Sad yet so true. It was obvious at the start of the problem, that he would chose to live in both places.
  2. RaphLuna

    episode discussion S08:E06 - Surf and/or Turf

    Were they divorced? were they just choosing to live in different places? the fact the charecter was not sure where to live, in the water or on land. he loved both parents and both places. what was even The point of the CMC. all they did was argue which was better while Apple Bloom watched the two fight. Twilight tagging along was just creepy, like she was a school warden, obsessed in her school running perfect and had the personally make sure it was flawless. the paper did not get soggy because it was magic i guess. However the charecter having the problem solved the problem without any help from the CMC. I find it pathetic that their cutie mark glowed, especially when the charceter chosen both places to go to without the CMC Doing anything helpful. Teaching don't do anything useful, let others figure it out on their own, and get all the credit for a resolution they had nothing to do with. the story was weak, confusing, distracted by twilight obsessed over perfection. They could had done a Way better job in the point they were trying to get across. Sadly Hasbro is Just Getting Lazy. this show is so dull. Just my 2 cents.
  3. Could you please be so kind to give me an Example on how this will Affect fans of MLP in Europe. Would they be Allowed to make their own OC, and I do not understand how they could get into trouble for writing fan fiction. would this mean if they drew Twilight Sparkle and posted it on the web they would get in trouble. if someone payed them money to commission a MLP from the show they would get in trouble. im just have a little trouble understanding how this will affect them directly. I thought they had a fair use policy where they can create and be protected under that policy. does this mean that policy will be scrapped... its horrible what is happening to Europe, just when I thought Hitler was defeated, many Hitler Want to be start to pop up. Looking to dictate and control the live of people again. Open boaders destroy countries, and alter dictator free countries, into control and dictatorship... would you leave your door unlocked all year round, Obviously Not, Than Why the Heck would you leave your borders open all year round. Locks were invented to keep you and your family safe, just like Borders Control were created to keep your Country safe. Anyone who Demands that the borders be open for everyone, and locks the doors to their home when they leave, and when they come home for the day or night is a Dam Hippocrate in my book. Its not Racist People, Its called Common Sense. would you leave your door unlocked all year round, Obviously Not, Than Why the Heck would you leave your borders open all year round. Locks were invented to keep you and your family safe, just like Borders Control were created to keep your Country safe. Anyone who Demands that the borders be open for everyone, and locks the doors to their home when they leave, and when they come home for the day or night is a Dam Hippocrate in my book. Its not Racist People, Its called Common Sense would you leave your door unlocked all year round, Obviously Not, Than Why the Heck would you leave your borders open all year round. Locks were invented to keep you and your family safe, just like Borders Control were created to keep your Country safe. Anyone who Demands that the borders be open for everyone, and locks the doors to their home when they leave, and when they come home for the day or night is a Dam Hippocrate in my book. Its not Racist People, Its called Common Sense. sorry about staying off topic, hope the Stupid law does not get passed.
  4. Movie Meh, Loved the first one Million times better than the Sequel. Jack Jack has 17 super powers Laser Eyes. Multiply move objects with his mind turn into flames like the human torch on Fantastic 4 Go through walls float flexable body Electricty Demon Monater mimic to look like others turn body into metal making him very heavy to hold. Turn into a Large Baby Super Strong Disappear and Re appera Skyrocket when he Sneezes. This also Causes his Super powers to Activate cant rember the rest off hand.
  5. Hope they do not Follow The Space theme thing, Viewing leaked images, The City part I fear will be to Space Weird like. Hope that image is a fake and not their real, wired plan for future MLP. Star Wars Model? Oh dear God No.... I hate Star Wars. Do not model them in any way. Hope their plan to Model off Star Wars is Fake. Oh please be fake... wait a minute, Why the heck am i worried. I got my own creation and Franchise to worry about writing, creating, illustrations. Hasbro do what ever, just stay far away from my creative stories, and illustration plans
  6. RaphLuna

    What is the best MLP Toy, merch?

    G1 and Custom made Plush of your own creations Hooves down. the rest No Dice...
  7. RaphLuna

    Why is the Brony Fandom dying?

    Maybe they are realize there is more to life than just ponies? perhaps they got into it to try and get a date, however the girls found them creepy, once they given up, they finally landed a girlfriend? some Actually are obsessed over to the point, it broke their bank account? perhaps it was just a fad and they wanted to be a part of the hype? Fit in with others that loved the show, however realized they do not need MLP in their life to make friends? Maybe it is Just Rumor? Who Knows.
  8. RaphLuna

    What will happen to the MLP Fandom in the future?

    As long as there are fans there will always be Fan sites that will stay, the unpopular fan sites will die off however the ones that are most popular will live on. they still have MLP TP and MLP Arena and those two are highly dedicated to anything MLP especially the origional and that was in the 80"s were there was no internet.
  9. I think the Charecters they have a solid Trademark on they might be garenteed to use not sure on the rest Though. http://s90690880.onlinehome.us/trademarks/hasbromlplive.html Will the Cutie marks stay? what changes do they have in mind. Will it all be ponies or Ponies and People. I would love Equestrian Tales to be made , their stories sound beautiful. however i think hasbro might be going to older base. not ponies and robot combo No. Doubt that will happen. However one thing is for sure. their shows are highly based on the merchandise they sell. So you can Guarente this show will have merchandise planned out. But Please Keep the Mega Megan out of it it is Stupid as hello Gravy. Mega Man Rainbow bright combo cheap knock off. who knows, for all we know they might shelve it a while, and re release it as to give the fans from the old show some time to get over the MLP FIM getting cancelled.
  10. RaphLuna

    Could MLP stand with the big boys?

    Doubtful, the ones above are more attractive to the masses because it it much more Mature and not Junior Base. Heck even Disney (Barf) Princess are bigger than MLP. Batman Is Epic. Star Wars is Garbage. I like MLP over Star Wars Any day. However I got my own Secret Plans to Come out with my Own Creative Franchise. Its in Work in Progress Mode. For a much more Mature Audience. I asked my 15 year old which one she likes better Pokemon or MLP, she laughed at me. "'Said Noting Beats Pokemon.'' When i asked her which designs she liked best ''MLP or the ones I created,'' She said she like my Designs Way better. My younger girls Rather watch Timmy Turner With his Fairly Odd Parents and Pokemon; MLP boring. My oldest loves Pinkie pie however she loves Hello Kitty too. than again she has a long term disability, mind of a very young child in an adult body. The only reason we play MLP in this house is because my 6 year old still likes it. However he likes the earlier shows and has no intrest in the new ones. However his Favourite show is Jake the Neverland Pirates. To be honest I rather watch Pinkie Dinky Doo, Circle Square, Mr Dressup, the Fairly Odd Parents, Everything Batman, cant Wait for Season 4 of Gotham that Series is Epic, I Love it. I even own the origional Batman cartoon series i use to watch when i was a kid. i Love it. EVEN TMNT is Huge Compared to MLP.. I own the original cartoon series the 2012 reboot was epic until the went off the rails, hope they will improve. MLP is more Junior base, however im in process of creating some thing far more to a broader range of audience. its a work in progress. New Franchise on the horison. More like novels in a series. coloring books, only to Protect my Illustration under My Trademark, yes i just finished my Logo design and trademark Name. Its Hush Hush, Copyright in the process, Trademark is my Next move. many of my charecters Got Redo on their Designs. once they take off and do well, make move to team up with entertainment industry to bring the stories to the big and small screens around the world . Do not get me wrong Hasbro's MLP franchise has great potentual, they can become big, however they need to get out of junior market, and put it into the mature market. to do this, when you look at the age groups there are far more adults than children in the world. If the can do this with Transformers they can Do it with MLP too. so far they have no competion for MLP franchise, however that will change when I start publishing my creation
  11. RaphLuna

    Is Generation 4 really going downhill?

    To me id is Yawn not the same anymore. I believe the reason the School was Slapped in was to sell another play set. The stories use to be AWESOME on a crazy cool Roller Coaster however i feel it went into snail Go Round mode. The Main Reason they brought the MLP show Back was Toys Tory Toy, Sell Sell Sell, in the hopes those who loved the show will buy buy buy. I got Suckered in buying the G3 Toys and i told myself never again. G4 toys forget it, G1 toys are Way better true they are old however a million time better than the modern stuff they barf up. in G1 you had a mix and variety to choose from. G2 were action figures crappy as hello Gravy. G3 were like the G1 however not as well thought out or creative as the origional. and The G4 had an army of the main 6 repeats. true they were the main focus. but lets face it you get bored buying repeats of the same charecter, just tweaked up to resell to you again. Hasbro Needs to Rethink MLP it has great promise, however their main reason to invent the show was to sell stuff to kids families and fans. The only was they will get serious on the franchise is with a competetor on the market Wink Wink, Hint Hint, Oh I got Plans, Big Plans Its a Work in Progress, For Now.
  12. RaphLuna

    General Are you Introverted or Extroverted?

    I'm Both. Introvert When I'm home Me Spouce Kids. Visitors do not want any. Do not Mind Gods Creatures Visitors, however people no thank you. Love my Privacy. Extrovert when I'm in public i will talk to anyone weather they listen or not.
  13. RaphLuna

    Tell us a truth about yourself?

    I Hate Star Wars. Now that Disney Owns it they will pimp it the Hell out in the Masses. Disney and Star Wars are a perfect match they both are Evil. PS. Disney sold it soul to the Devil. My kids and family will never step foot in Disney's Devil Land the most Evil Place on earth with their Brain Washing Cult. I love nature and Wildlife.
  14. RaphLuna

    Daring Do and the Land of the Alicorns

    Hugs Your Poem was Beautiful. I love your creative prophecy it was very Touching indeed... Yes Feel Free to use my part of the story to help you in your journey should you consider a path on writing your own fan fiction stories that truly touch others to shine a spark within them to create new stories all on their own.. I"m not into Fan Fiction Writing. well at first i was, however, with the inspiration from the MLP Arena, Mlp TP, MLP Fourms members, and the Story Tellers Summit. I took their advice, decided to Leave Hasbro's path and make a new path for my creations alone. "'The Story of Crystal Frost The Kingdom of Long Heart Stone and Beyond'' have since then grew to 12 Beautiful Elegant Stories. The 12th book is so beautiful the ending will not make you cry once or twice but thrise. The final Tearful Part is Heartbreaking yet at the same time so beautiful.. I cried a lot, Fell to sleep eyes soaked in tears for the final book will make you cry throughout generations and years. Imagine content of all 12 books into one. That part is 10 pages long along. the only Hint i will Give Will Knight Wing Make his move, before Tiger Lilly Make her Move to Move on ? There are 2 side books ''Diversity Divides us Unity Unites us All, The Story of the Clyonies.'' yes the word Clyony is one i made up.. Its not the only new word I Exclusivly Made for my Creation, there are many new words i created. one s 23 letters long. Yes a Second book about twins born the brother can see his twin sister can not. This story is going to be epic. Been dreaming it in my head. I see it role play every day. Love this creative story a tribute to twins, however also a beautiful tribute to those who can see and those who can not. Crystal Frost and Knight Wing are the core charecters, however I will give you only one hint she dies in book 5. Of course they have Children however Just Two, the second one is only 5 months when his mother dies. Its a long Journey. Fan Fiction is nice however now that my content is Away from Hasbro's Im now free to write and publish. in time i plan to make my move to team up with the entertainment industry to bring my creation to life on the big screen in theaters and on the small screens around the world.. In other words When my Creation Is finally Published First Move Coloring Books Second Move Novel Books third Move Team up With Entertainment Industry Hasbro's MLP will have competition. Not a the Younger Crowd however the older crowd they will. Already made move to Copyright my creations. Making My second move just created my trademark design. back on topic your illustration Art is Unique Creative and Beautiful. you youself have the added beautiful gift of poetry and should you choose to go further and write fan fiction. You will be Epic in taking such a path. I fists started out reciting poetry in my childhood. I also loved art. started in story telling random tales. It grew in a really long beautiful story. then i found a new Hidden talent Song Rewriter. "'Getting Stronger'' Re written song ''Knight Wings Revenge.'' what im trying to say you have a gift. A beautiful Talent, creative in art, Uniqueness in Poetry, and i know you have a story to share with us all. Can't wait to see and read more from your Creative, Skillful, Beautiful, Genius. Hugs RaphLuna Laurie Doodle Laurie Ann Garland
  15. RaphLuna

    Daring Do and the Land of the Alicorns

    Omg looks like Daring came across an Ancient Civilization that once thrived with Alicorns however something must have happened to wipe them out from this time in history. As she ventures deep within the ruins comes across an old temple, going inside seeing such decay and rot, walking in further seeing an old door trying to push it open. Struggling to get the doors to move, with her strength, manages to push them loose, and the door swings wide open, landing with a thud. Daring scrambles up brushing the dirt from her, uniform looking inside the room, Notices an old book case with some scrolls still on the shelf. Picking one up in her hoof, unravels the scroll and continues to read.....