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  1. RaphLuna

    Equestrian Tales currently in production

    Its nice to see more people join your team voice Actors, animation artist, and even popular fan made charecters. however, how many more months or years is it going to be. before you get an official Response from Hasbro? true the staff and higher ups love what you are all doing, however your production went through many stages. the sudden buy from disney, where you had depleyed staff and the future of ET was uncertan. To the last minute hasbro scrapped the sale of mlp to disney, you regroup the team to continue On. to a breach you had from within your own team, content got leaked, and production was on a stand still. This has been in the works for 7 years now going on 8 haw many More years would you have to endure, until an offical answer is given About the Future of the Project With Hasbro?
  2. RaphLuna

    Equestrian Tales currently in production

    Eeeeekkk My Niece Loves this Show and she will be over the Moon to hear Snowdrop Joined Equestrian Tales, She is a Beautiful Charecter indeed.
  3. RaphLuna

    Equestrian Tales currently in production

    Weather green light from hasbro. or they reject and you all move on Plan B i will be Supporting you all either way. So any Exciting news, on the up front. the Comic Con is Here now from what i herd, not sure if this is where you plan to make your next move. however we are all Rooting For you, Crosses hooves you all get the Green Light to move forward.,
  4. RaphLuna

    Equestrian Tales currently in production

    Its Great the Staff loves the Show, however Staff Come and Go.. Its the People (Hasbro CEO ) at the Top That Calls all the Shots. unless your creation can make a massive amount of money in Merch for them, I doubt you will get the green light. staff have no say, its the people who own Hasbro that call all the shots. I'm delighted about you Plan B and you got me at the edge of my seat to see your team on a new path to create something Truly Unique Origional, and Brand New., sadly MLP future has already been decided G5 Reboot.. only Equestrian Girls will be the only place for MLP. since the Friendship is magic series is connected to this universe.. To be honest and Truthful, I'M More Super Excited to hear about You and Your Team Move to a Brand New TV Series of your own Together.. You will have full Control and Say and no worries about lawsuit from hasbro.. Especially if you Dump MLP and Make a Brand New Series.. EPIC,,, A new TV series EPIC... You got to PM ASAP to let me know. I Love Cartoons and its always Exciting to see Brand new TV series come out to the Public.. So Excited.
  5. RaphLuna

    Looking for name suggestions

    Midnight Blue fro the First one Plurple Flame Flight.
  6. RaphLuna

    Equestrian Tales currently in production

    I Agree with Prospekt You said you have a plan B i just do not understand why you are too afraid ditch hasbro and use it, the sky will have no limits and you can go anywhere in the Entertainment industry with your pitch bible. Oatley Acedemy Knows What will work and What will not when it comes to bible pitch. Taking out MLP out of your Creation will increase your chance with Hasbro, the key is having something that Hasbro do not have or own. "'Brand New'' True They do not own Equestrian Tales, however they own everything MLP that you teathered into it. If you truly believe in ''Equestrian Tales'' like you Say,you do, why not unchain your creation from the been done, and be free to create and unleash your full putential. I know this sounds harsh and hurthful. however i too been in the same boat as you, from emails i sent you so far, you can see just how i went from Dump Hasbro, and Unleashed my mind to purity of creation.. And Im Just one Person creating the whole story. no doubt in my minds you and your entire team can go Over and beyond what i did.. However i feel you are afraid to take the chance, no i did not invest that much in my creation, like you did with ''Equestrian Tales'' however i get this nagging feeling you are holding back. "'Equestrian Tales'' can be one of the most Epic Shows Ever, Especially without the need of Hasbro teathered too it. Have Faith in your team, and believe in your self. do not make yourself want hasbro Make Hasbro want you and Your Entire Team. Break free from MLP and Make ''Equestrian Tales'' Truly Shine Thank You
  7. RaphLuna

    Equestrian Tales currently in production

    EPIC.. I LOVE CARTOONS Especially the ones that have Beautiful Stories. Cant wait... Congratulations on You and Your Entire Team for Getting this Far, I hope you hit it off at the Next panel and come out a Smash Success.. Hugs and Congratulations. Laurie Ann Garland
  8. Thank You Friend. However this is just a Tiny Crumb to the Massive Content to my creation.. There is a lot of work to my creations.. And to be honest I'm just getting Warmed up.. I planned out 16 Books so far however im thinking of a 17 book to the series as Well. And who knows The family Tree that Started from Ross Forest and Juliette Dew Drop, has grown so Elegant and beautiful, there are many challenges hardships, and sadly death... however the story has many twists and turns however it will put the reader, viewer at the edge of their seat.. my creation in not boring, and no its not MLP based either... For i have Broke those chains a long time ago, and set my creative mind free, to bring forward stories the world have never seen nore herd of.. In other words I must work in the shadows until im ready to cone into the light. You thought MLP was The Best. I admit they have beauty style grace and charm, and i too loved and cherished their stories. however i love a kinds of Cartoons, many unique gifted and so Rich in stories.. Hasbro Dare try to take me Down.. My Reply BRING IT ON. I have no fear of them because they got noting on my creation And yes I Stand to Fight for the world and the stories i created from within my very Heart Mind and Soul. Skyler, Blossom Flower Rose, and Crystal Frost. Are getting plush made By this Beautiful Gifted Artist.. Here is Skyler Work In Progress So Far.. She is Very Talented., When i am ready to have more of my creations made into plush. She gets The Exclusive in my Journey. More Sneak Peaks On the Way... Hugs. .
  9. Guardian of the Relics.. Yes each Species is Already Completed,. However i will not reveal who they are unto 2019... enjoy my Sneak Peak to my Creation 's "'The Story of Crystal Frost the Kingdom of Long Heart Stone and Beyond'' now 16 Novels Long... ''Diversity Divides Us, Unity Unites Us All, The Story of The Clyony'' this Project is in Both Rich in Beautiful Creative Stories combined with Illustrations to bring my creation to life.. along with poetry and Songs that will flow within my creation Here is the Breakdown list of 18 Novels of my Creation. List of Titles Names to Each Book in the Series... The Story of Crystal Frost. Challenges of Being a Father. Return of Crystal Frost The Kingdom of Long Heart Stone Family Unity Tragedy Shatters Beyond the Kingdom of Long Heart Stone Star Knight Shines Journey The Final Battle The Challenges of Sudden Change in Life The Truth will set you free Knight Wings Greatest Challenge. Ice Storm Blizzards Journey Visions of the Blind Varian Frost Swirl Romance and Tragedy Out of the Shadow and Into the Light Family Separated a Journey to Reunite depending on the content written in the series books can be Combined or Split.
  10. RaphLuna

    Spoiler S08:E25+26 - School Raze

    can this show get any Tackier... I mean Come on A Pushy young Filly Pegasus outsmarts them all.. and they are far to clueless to see it., Lame... the Show whent from Awesome, To Building Up Steam, to going of the track, and into a crash. you can tell by the laziness they are Shoving this show out the door.. by the ending looks like the students 6 got more studies crammed on them again.. even when Chrylisis got involved that episode was Tacky as Hell.. they make the evil villans look very weak And so easy to defeat them or foil their plans so easy. Hasbro can really make great shows way better than this slop, had they not fire the real creative writers, and replace them for tacky Lazy Writers. However they own MLP Franchise, and Know how to play loyal fans to their advantage, as long as we follow their brand like loyal Zobbies Buying the Merch from the shows.. they will sink so low to make G4 so tacky just so they can Justify a G5 Reboot,and you bet Hasbro is licking their chops seeing your wallet, as you as loyal Pony Fans Line up in the masses to Buy their Merch tagged to the G5 Reboot Brand.. sad.. they can make G4 an Amazing Show, however they care more about Merch sales than TV Shows.
  11. RaphLuna

    Equestrian Tales currently in production

    Excellent. Thank You K_Cast for clarifying this. Its takes Many Expilnations For me to Fully understand what people are trying to say. Its a part of my Disability. It is wonderful to know that a backup plan is in place with what you and your entire team has created. Should you have to Divide completly from hasbro. yes we both had similar paths , (Connecting our creations with hasbro You and Your Team with ''Equestrian Tales'', Me with ''The Story of Crystal Frost'' ) this was the plan at the start, as time went forward, much has changed within your path. And with mine, your choices to try your very best to continue on with Hasbro, however made very wise and clever move to make sure bulk of your content, is salvagable, should hasbro give you a C&D. I have The Ultimate Highest Respect to Both You and Your Entire Team . I wish the Finest and Greatest Of Success for you all. You All worked so hard Poured Your Heart and Soul into your Creations, like Dash said ''if you want them to notice you, you got to make them notice you.'' the truth to this Friend, there is a flaw in what dash says. Let me Kindly Explain. With this example ..... "'If you want to help someone, you got to make them accept your help."' no one can force another to pay attention to what your doing, just like you can not force people to be friends with each other, and no one can force another to accept their help . like the old fashion saying goes.'' You can lead a horse to water, but you can not make him drink it."' its the truth... i strongly believe in the amount of hard work, resources, and people weather paid from your own pocket or ever volunteers wanting to help. That your creativity will truly shine and speak well on it own. just keep doing what you are doing let your creative works Do the Talking for they shine with grace, humble, beauty, and such a Glow of Elegance the World would be Blessed to See. i have my own path and Fate in what direction i choose to take my creativity. I chosen to walk Away from hasbro, for it chains me to limits. breaking those chains, i have truly set my soul free to create beyond words can say. like i said in many of my posts prior, you have a friend on the sidelines, and should it ever come to the point where you need a friend to help you out in any way. never hesitate to ask, for i'm never to busy to help out a Good Friend. Weather you are stressed out, you need to just rant, Or want to get away from being overwhelmed, or just a good friend to talk too. I'm hear for Ya. True i got ,my own craziness in life, Cranky Doodle Donkey Spouce Kids who are noise Polluters, and dealing with a disability, , and books to write and stories flooding out of my head faster than i can write them down, plus that poetry moment. And Illustrations too;, and many other Sudden Craziness in life. However understand this Its important to not burn yourself out. So always make time to care for your health and well being. i have my path i plan to take and move forward, and yes. once my creation becomes a Success, And yes I know it will Be. Your Company is #1 on my list, that i will Entrust to Make Movies and TV Series from my Creation. However you have your own path with Equestrian Tales. Yes i'm fully aware that you rather focus on your own creation and not take on side creations. However my creation will not be ready for quite some time. JK Rowlings Books of Harry Potter took 10 years to write. and the series is 7 Novels long. My creation is 12 Novels long, plus 2 side books. So i would not be ready for a long time. However once my story work is complete, You Company Harmonize Entertainment is #1 on my list, DreamWorks got #2 list Spot. and i go down the line. disney and hasbro, they did not make it on my list. they are both banned to touch my creation. Harmonize Entertainment beat disney and hasbro you even are above DreamWorks. I sooner burn my creation to ashes than ever let Disney get their hands on it. To be honest i have a soft sport for Dreamworks. I love their work and their Stories a Funny, cool, so emotional and creative. However i also believe in helping others to stand tall and strong and become a beaken of light that shines bright around the world. however that is years from now since i got to finish writing my creations first. I will always stay in touch. Should it ever come to that worst case synario in your life. Never hesitate to give me a shout. true this might never happen to you all, however hold on to my offer, because as life is that crazy Roller coaster, Chess board of life can be very challenging at times, you never know please be so kind to forgive my Poor Spelling and painful writing. This too is a part of my Disability as well. however i learned there are many gifted and brilliant writers Whom too have a disability as well, yet they never let it stand in their way to write such gifted beauty in their Art.. I wish You Your Entire Team the Finest and Greatest of Success. May Your Creations Truly Shine Beyond what the World Has Ever Seen. Thank You, RaphLuna Laurie Doodles Laurie Ann Garland
  12. RaphLuna

    Equestrian Tales currently in production

    Example... if i took what created Illustrations, stories, poetry that flows with my creation, and sold my creation to a company Sony. they will own the copyright to my creation. I would not be able to continue to carry on and create under my creation. why because i sold that right to do so with Sony, and cashed the cheque. The fan part i can do, under fair use and long as i do not make any profit from it, however if i decoded to publish and sell i would have to get permission from Sony to do so First. Since since i sold my creation to them A C&D would be a cost Effective Solution and the first step they will take, Lawsuits are after the fact, ( if the person does not comply to a C&D ) This would be the Obvious outcome. Should Hasbro decided they want Harmonize Entertainment to Scrap anything MLP related that they own. A C&D is what they will send them First.. however since the show almost sold to Disney, yet before the deal was final, hasbro scrapped the sale to disney. If the company nearly sold the MLP franchise once, what are the odds that this could happen again? Also should disney in the future end up buying MLP or even the Company Hasbro with all assets included. what will be the fate of Equestrian tales? Hasbro is lienient with fans, however disney is not as Lienient, and take Extreme Measures to Protect their property. "'Copyrights protect expression and patents protects inventions, and neither protect ideas. In both cases the idea is the first critical step, but without some identifiable embodiment of the idea there can be no intellectual property protection obtained and no exclusive rights will flow unto you.'' The Big Shaggy Dog Beethoven Bolt Marley and Me Cats and Dogs Hachi A Dogs Tale Eight Below 101 Dalnations All the above shows have something in common they are all about dogs. and there are many other dog shows and movies.. however each one is unique way different, and totally stand out. from the rest.. Another Example Anime Series Like Pokemon.... https://recommendmeanime.com/anime-series-like-pokemon/ the idea is somewhat similar however totally different... so in other words, I have nothing to worry about hasbro C&D me, from what i created. true The idea originated from the Show. I admit this. My story started ''Dragon saves a pony, they bond a friendship. However this friendship blooms into a relationship, yet it goes further into a Whole new Direction. however i made modifications, changes, and even created my own brand new World, how magic functions, birth marks, Redesigned my charecters, names totally Different, took extreme measures by giving each Species their own creative name.. Ponies are Common, and i even achieved erasing the word pony creating a unique word that gives my creation a more Distinctive effect. .. Example .. when some one talks to you about ponies , you know they are talking about Hasbro MLP. however when someone talks to you about Clyonies, and A Clydra Etc.. You will not confuse this with hasbros MLP because, its something you never herd of. common sense That is why i took Extreme Measures to make my creation totally stand out. From Hasbro. They do not own the Idea writing stories about ponies.. However the work they created about ponies they own, stories, charecters, pony designs, etc. there is nothing illegal about creating your own pony world as long as its is Distinctive, Unique and so original that it truly stands out from prior pony shows and pony content created by others. If i kept referencing ponies in my content, this would obviously cause confusion, however since giving Each of my Species their own unique creative. name Example Clyoines. This will help remove Confusion. Back on topic a C&D is the first step, lawsuits are after the fact ( Refuse to comply With a C&D)
  13. RaphLuna

    Comming in 2019 Land's of the Clyonies

    that boat has sailed, Hasbro is History.. I got a major project to do. Novels and Coloring books. you need to focus comparing my creation with Hasbro's Directly. Since they are the ones with IP of The MLP Franchise. so unless hasbros MLP every female has furry underbellies fur inside their ears and furry fluff on their hooves, and every male has the same with the difference small beard like under their chin. And white Patch on their nose. like in my creation, i got nothing to worry about. Remember Finding Nemo and Shark Tales. about fish however totally different. A Bugs Life and Antz About ants only different. Is Disney the only one to have the exclusive right to do movies about ants and fish only..?? No. the idea is one thing no one can own. i can even write my own wizard world. True JK Rowling Written Harry Potter however its not Illegal to write your own magical world and write a Story of you charecter. "'Drake Evans Stone'' he is the only wizard able to wield magic without a Wand. For he was Born with Magic in his Heart and Soul. in this world the human race, only a few possess magic ability, however they need a wand to unleash their magic power. Drake is the only charecter in this world who has the ability to unleash his power without a wand. the Gifted Magical few in the Human Race, journey far into the Forest of the Shining Glow Tree. There they come to a Beautiful Carefully Crafted Massive Cottage made from a Large 1000 year old Oak Tree. in the middle of the thick dense forest. In the Cottage they share their skills and talent with each other, they keep records in journals in how they advance their skills, so that future gifted magical humans can learn from the magical elders of the past.. however as much as there are Gifted magical humans there are Evil Magical Villians as well. whom desire to control all those who wield magic. A magical Spell is cast where only the humans who have the Rare ability to wield magic can see it. in my world magic is considered Evil, and if you dare use the powers in the Human world you are Placed in prison and your wand is destroyed forbidding you to ever use your magic again. In Harry Potter books you can replace your wand should it get broken, in my world. once your wand is taken and destroyed you will never be able to wield magic again. Huge difference.. there is far more to this story.., And yes this one was playing in my head while i was Creating Crystal Frost Stories.. so yes I have the Ability to write Stories beyond what has already been done True Harry Potter Inspired me to Create this new Story "'Drake Evans Stone.'' you just read however it has its own path, and its far away from Harry Potter. Only thing they have in common between the two is magic however totally Different.. PS this is my First written Story Idea, of magic in the Human World. Its really easy to make stories. true inspiration starts a Spark, however the fire comes from within going over and beyond what has already been done. Thank You
  14. RaphLuna

    Comming in 2019 Land's of the Clyonies

    Laugh at you. Perish the thought. Its just a Simple Honest mistake.. Let me help you and others Clarify the Confusion.. i admit at first i thought of fusing my story of Crystal Frost with MLP yes that was the plan at the start i seeked advice from many MLP forms, they told me the story they would not care for, however the only thing they would like out of it is the new charecter i created. their advice, erase everything hasbro within my creation, and create my own world and put my charecters story within it. so i done this.. Granted designs needed a redo, so i created brand new Words for my Species to go with my New designs .. Clyony, Batalution, and many many more. charecter names need to sound not pony like so i chosen to mix human names within my creation (Ross Forest) and (Lisa May Flower) and ( Harry Von Trotter ) Just a few examples.. "'The Story of The Clyonies'' is not connected with hasbro what so ever. i erased every reference of hasbro from it. example habros saddle bag... my refrences Back Pouch, or Side Pouches.. Hasbro IP is ''My Little Pony'' My Creation (Property of Laurie Ann Garland) IP is ''Land of the Clyonies'' yes i even got a Copyright Certificate for my creation too. to further protect my creation.. i also paid Lion Cub Creations to Plush My 3 Core Charecters Here is Skyler so far.. I comissened her to Plush Crystal Frost and Her Mother Blossom Flower Rose too.. This old design of Crystal Frost mother got Scrapped, you can see her old look here.. Pheonix Fire needs a New Name and a Mega Redo too, he is not a Alicorn anymore however he is a Clyasus ( Another new Species Name I created) .. 5 Of the designs you see here is my creation, however the 2 need to look like my designs and not hasbros, however the cutie marks got scrapped ... . This is a Sneak Peek of What she will look like from now on.. Just wait until you see her in Clyony Plush Design So just to clarify Hasbro MLP content is Erased 110%. The Clyonies is My Property and Hasbro is forbidden to use it. Hasbro ''My Little Pony'' Laurie Ann Garland ''Land's of the Clyony'' in other words Be Prepared Hasbro a Stomageddon is Comming.. And Im not talking about the Stormageddon i created in Illustration form You see here... PS your going to love the background story of my Stormageddon I created. However that will be for the future. Here is a Sneak Peek look of my creation.. Thank You