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  1. "'A day for love, sweetness of Romance. Hold to Your Heart as you both embrace. Looking into one anothers eyes, as you kiss the lips on each others face."' Happy Valentines Day Everyone Laurie Ann Garland
  2. That is why a ''long time ago'' I ask Questions here, getting everyone's advice. They were kind and helpful."'Its the wonderful people here, whom, really helped me out to make what I created truly stand out. "' I really want to give them something for helping me to get creative they motivated me to invent new words that are Nsync with the species I created.. Got to do something really special for all you here, I will work on this one. Besides my first two goals selling coloring books and Novel series.. In the process of inventing new words, I was warned using the Name Pony, Hasbro would legally be able to sue me. Why easy when you hear people talk about ponies you know its My Little Pony. Hasbro.. And yes they were right. Hasbro is Famous for the Ponies and the only creator of such toys. With the motivation from the Amazing people here.'' I invented new words that are distinctive to what I created... The Novel Series Title on My Copyright.'' The Story of Crystal Frost, And the Kingdom of Long Heart Stone, and Beyond.'' The cool part the Species above are not the Core of the 24 planed out novel Series... For is mane focuses on Crystal Frost ( Clydra ) her Love Knight Wing and their Family Time Line... 88 "'I have created many species. Hasbro can not make claim to colors no one can however combined colors that represent a particular character, '' that will depend. I'm not to crazy on the pale pastel look, I like dark colors that stand out. The cool part in my novel series, the Word Pony is Non Existent. And its built solid And very strong. So Novel Writing I'm 110% safe there. Species Wise, invented very unique and distinctive names, So when you hear people start to chat about Clyonies. Your question, will Be ''What is that?'' the word is so new you never herd it before. In order to cover my tracks I have to not only design characters that stand out from the rivals, designs characters. I also have to be distinctive, in Naming Species. by doing this it will help with dividing confusion. Its not what the customer say they are, it's what the creator say they are. https://www.amsadvocaten.com/blog/contract-law/court-infringement-copyright-of-my-little-pony/ Granted the above link is about copyright. However under copyright law, in order to win, you have to make your creations stand out from the rest. The novels stories im safe however...... Naming Kingdoms, Lands Towns cities and communities I have to be careful they do not come close to Hasbro. Even Naming Characters, that is why I gave them all human names, and 1 to 4 names. I'm starting to Experiment with new names "'Shluna, and Osheanna.'' just to name a few. People Names Richard, and Ross, just to name a few. The Pegasus Express. Pony Express, too Generic and common... Clyasus Express. Better and more more original don't you think "'The rivals goal is to be so Unique, Original, and Creative. That is Makes it Extremely Difficult to Prove Trademark and Copyright Infringement. From the other side. Novel series only have a front and back cover, with a side spine to it. Because Everything is Written inside. They have nothing to stop me here. Even coloring books, they will look over everything. In this part. However their side would still be far weaker to prove in court. Since the main focus is on the Clydra species and her Family time line. Not on the 5 Above sun Eclipse Swirl, is not in the novels until the 3rd in the series, and over time he fades away while others take the main role. I personally know this. Today I will call my lawyer, ask them good questions. About my Trademark. And if it passes the Trademark Stage. That would help even more. Will let you know the results of the outcome. They will let me know if any changes have to be made. Beside my creations side is Heaviest on the mixed created species, The 4 Species above are just part of that world on a Planet of Species around the globe. When I went for distinctive I really went all out.
  3. You have solid proof on this.? By the way you are getting on, you know nothing how the IP works.. this should make it easy for you to better understand. https://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/cipointernet-internetopic.nsf/eng/h_wr03685.html I will be talking to my lawyers as he processes My Trademark. And I already know what to say. Trademarks are only good in each country in Canada its good for 10 years. its a highly costly process. to trademark every single character in a franchise, I could see them trademark the main characters, yet for them to Trademark the background character that just fill space like Cranky Doodle Donkey in the series.. Doubtful. Its not like copyright which is for the life span of the creator plus 50 years after they pass away. And you only need to register once, as long as everything is connected with the copyright ex ''TV shows character designs, stories.'' its protected in every country that signed a Copyright agreement. "'I'm not worried about their stories, or their Army of Clones, my content is so original and unique it stands out and is a creative class on its own.'' There is also Patent you forgot to mention...I'm not worried about their generic clones. And I'm not interested in action figures and pimping out merch. Plush is the only thing I would go for in this part. However that is not until the future. So its obvious you know nothing about the ins and out on the above three. Besides my lawyer will know far much more than you do. My Logo Design of Choice which I done some modifications. Long ago. Will pass the Trademark Process with Flying Colors.. I know this for a fact.. Once the process is complete, I will update you all here to let you know it official. Sad you can not tell the difference between something distinctive and a clone. Hasbro MLP is Generic. Their army of Clones, Even the main species names is Generic. Nice Try, however I know the difference between Original and a Clone.
  4. Copyright ownership. Done... Hooray.. My Trademark Logo was Done Long ago.. Just paid the fee to get it processed. Got to call tomorrow to get it filled out, and wait until the process is complete. Then I will Officially have a Trademark in Canada. For my creation Crazy Eh, owner of both Copyright and Trademark. Once Approved it will be Official.
  5. No Problem Friend. I do not have to worry about Fans and what they do. Its Hasbro that will go over my creation, to make sure it does not infringe on their MLP franchise. They be stupid to sponge off what I created, I will have legal ground to sue them, be dumb to try and C&D me or my Two Partners. I will respond. Bring it On. "Im very intelligent to educate myself with copyright laws and the rules. Yes Common sense overrules everything. I plan to further Franchise my Creation. In advance I have Lion Cub Creations professional Plush Designer. And Alex Blue Bird Professional Illustrator. As my Partners in this brand new world of creativity and they will Join me when I make my move to Franchise. and down the Road, when our creativity becomes well known and grows in Success, we will partner with one of the entertainment industries to bring what we created to life on the Big Screen and small screens around the world. This is huge project. That reminds me I got another creative story to write, the video in my head keeps playing and I can not wait to write it out and add it to our creations. Thank You for understanding what I was trying to clarify to many in the first place. Hugs Laurie Ann Garland
  6. I have over 30 Species created and that is not including the six you see here. And not including the ones I have yet to add., You can see the species here.. https://www.deviantart.com/landoftheclyony/gallery/66013828/Charectes-in-Ny-Novel-Series Just because a fan makes fan art of mlp characters made by their own creative original style, Does not automatically merit Hasbro owns the rights to that particular unique style. True the character is still theirs, however the style is still owned by the fan. Hasbro can only argue if I clone their characters? Just because 50 fan style twilight in their unique creative styles does not make the style theirs. Hope I was able to clarify. When you think about two TV series. Simpsons King of the hill Family guy Three families the fathers from all three main families are chubby, wear pants, and t shirts and are people. Two with blue pants one with green, t shirt all white They are similar in some areas, yes still different in others. True they are still similar, focus on the man family cast, yet their stories are totally different and stand out. The more original the work, design wise story wise, the stronger the claim Common sense
  7. He is totally Different and unique and has rare Powers. In Story wise he is very fleshed out. And he has both a good and Evil side... In other words when her turns evil his body coat and birthmark changes color too the only thing that stays the same in the two tone eye color,. When a character is created it depends no only on their looks, but the story that they are connected to. The far more creative unique in story wise , the far more strong of a hold to their copyright.. Here is far more to this character than just looks and he is not one color in the story for his color changes, to a far more dark villian. His designs and story has already been submitted to my lawyer. If there was a problem there would have been a delay with copyright. However I did not endure delay and my creations passed. Looks is only part of the copyright process, the story has to be really creative and totally unique in other to pass the copyright process. Sunburst is a clone just tweaked, true he has a role in the MLP story however my character has a bigger role in what I created, and he is far more, fleshed out. Good and Evil, color coat changing to reflect one or the other. With the on,y thing that remains the same is the two tone eye color. Its very important to understand the copyright process.. And yes bulk of it is Common sense. .
  8. Your argument is weak, please let me explain. Definition of equine : of, relating to, or resembling a horse or the horse family That is like saying Dreamworks can not make a movie and TV series about equines . Because Hasbro made a TV series and Movies about Equines first. In copyright law you can not Copyright idea's..this to to prevent other from holding a monopoly preventing uniqness and Creativity from others. Common sense. That argument will never hold in court. Hope I was able to help you better understand law.. Here is a Link to the Copyright Process.. What are Grounds for Copyright Registration Denial? I paid the Legal Lawyer frees to get Copyright for Both Artistic, Written, and Poetic works since they are all intertwined within my creation. I sent them my creative designs and written works both the stories and the poetic parts. Took months I got the phone call from my lawyer my Copyright has be approved by the Copyright Government of Canada and so I received my Copyright Certificate. I have officially succeeded in having my creation Copyright Registered. "'The Story of Crystal Frost, and the Kingdom of Long Heart Stone And Beyond.'' I also get a Registration Number. So now I legally allowed to do anything I please with my creation. Since I now hold copyright to what I created. If I did not meet the requirement for copyright, I would have never got my Copyright certificate. However since everything passed, I own all. This is officially my property. To be honest I found Hasbro ponies generic and boring lacking originality and Creative story. Now don't get me wrong they were very creative at the start. I do cherish the MLP G1 Ponies... I own many of them, over 200. They are my Grail favorite toys. What made the G1 toy line Stand out above everything from MLP franchise, was how special unique and Creative they were. Granted the bodies in each line where the same clone mode, however Hasbro really went all out for Uniqueness and Creativity, this is where they shine the most. Even the G1 original series had some great storytelling, and our family loves the MLP Tales series, its beautifully done Reboot G2 the ponies design did not look like clone from the first I will give them that however they were skinny and hard bodies more like action figures, did not like them, their line was cut short. Guess many people felt the same way I did too. Gen 3 came along the pony clones Began, more like clones and lacked creativity. Just tweaked to be something new, granted they did create a Mega Size Frilly Frocks Mail Order. Many people struggled to get the plush receiving rejection letters, got mine in the mail, end up giving it away to Charity. sadly lacked in story and no I will never forgive Hasbro for Rainbow Dash ''Darling'' repetitive word...yes I was obsessed in this toy line, I will give them credit, it was designed close like the G1 so maybe that was why, however when I realized they were just clones for each other only tweaked, still lacking real creativity from the G1. I quit the buying binge. G 3.5 reboot chubby cute look. Still cloned and tweaked. and the stories were more Preschool Style... Yawn...hated this toy line, no real story telling. Then again it was made for preschoolers not adults. then G4 Reboot. MLP FIM series stories were epic, however as Time went by, they stat to loose their magical lure with the princess in distress repetion. And this one was the worst for cloning characters. Granted they did get creative yet bulk of the characters were clones.. Hated that toy line When I created my Characters, I wanted to create something that totally sands out from the Sea of Clones.. I love Clydesdale horses, they are my Grail Favorite Species on the Planet. I love their Furry hooves and the patch on their forehead. I wanted with all my heart to create something so Elegant and beautiful. And I said to myself they will all have the furry hooves look. So I styled them to look like Clydesdale pony like creatures. Getting more creative adding more to give it that personal touch. Cly from Clydesdale Ony from pony And so the word Clyony is born. A Special Tribute the the Clydesdale horses I hold so dear to my heart. A special way to honor such beautiful creatures that exist in our world. Im not going to Lie, Hasbro will not take to Kindly to any Rivals that come on the scene. And when I make my next move to publish, coloring books and novels. And when many people start to love what I built and created, and jump off the MLP fan Ship, in favor of what the rival has created. They will go over what I created with a fine tooth comb to find anything they can use against me and what I created to sue. Im not worried or afraid. And No I'm not bragging here, I love what I created, and the MLP G1 is Still Epic in both design and creative storytelling. People are intelligent, they know the difference, to original creativity and a clone. They know the difference to Epic Storytelling and random stories tossed in to fill empty space. That that take them from a roller coaster of excitement to a merry go round or repetition. People will go to the ones with the Best Storytelling and The most creative design work. And when MLP VS Lands of the Clyony Become rivals whoever has the best of the two storytelling and creativity will come out on top. Its common sense. As much as pizza lovers love Pizza, even they too will not stick to only one food, and who knows after trying many different foods, they might discover something better than pizza. And that will become their new Loved food.
  9. Been writing up Stories Like Crazy for my Novel series. Designing many new Creatures and Species.. So I'm looking for peoples input. Many are Familiar With Hasbro MLP Designs of their Franchise creations here. So I figure this would be the best place to ask... Look at these designs and compare them to Hasbro MLP Franchise Designs.. Do they look the same or stand out...? Please share and feel free to give your honest opinion as why you feel they are same or different. Thank You
  10. Here is my Random Character Design's. tethered to my written Novel series. For now I keeping the stories Low Key.... Since I plan to publish them with a publisher. Yes I plan to publish a coloring book as well. Easy since I have over 100 characters. Plan to trademark in future too.. My copyright has already been achieved. Each image display my registration number proof of copyright with the government of Canada. Yes I'm open to critiques. So criticize away to your hearts content. On to the characters done so far... The North King Of the Polarons Species. and South pole Prince of the Oracale Species Their Mystic Ice Crystal Relics Displayed in Fine Detail... The Guardian's of all four core Elements... Last of the Atlanticorn Species, Guardian of Water and Sea '' Atlantiqua '' The Windargo Species, Guardian of Air and Sky '' Stormageddon '' The Rameon Species, Guardian of the Earth and Life '' Tierra '' The Lavaron Species, Guardian of Lava and Fire, " Vocanio '' The Camaro Species. Keeper of the Sun. "' Prince Apollo Sand Stone .'' The Moonaloon Species, Keeper of the Moon '' Queen Sea Mist Swirl.'' Species Unidale. Born during The Lunar Eclipse, Yin / Yang .... '' Sun and Moon Eclipse Swirl '' Species Clyony.... Species Unidale... Species Clyasus... Species C'yuniasus The Mer-Tail Species... More Surprises on the Way... Laurie Ann Garland
  11. Fan made Novel "Hidden Secrets of the Potters'' Log Line ''The Greatest Threats are the ones you Can Not See and Know Nothing About.'' During the pregnancy of their second child, Harry Potter, his six year old sister Maple Rose Potter , mysteriously vanished without a trace. The Potters Consumed in grief, yet knowing the importance to make sure their second child was born healthy and well. Were forced to wait until the birth of their child, to continue their search. yet as the time grows close a new threat is made known to the Potter family. Not to long after the birth of their son, the potters fall victim to the the threat that took both their lives. Harry's mother quickly casting a magic spell protecting their child from the dangers that threaten to take his life. As Harry Grows Up, Making many friends, defeating many foe's. Successful in The final battle to help set the balance of good and evil. Harry Potter Married and had a family two sons and a Daughter... Yet this is merely the start of his life.., Late one night, Harry Potter in his study, hearing a faint knock at the door. "'Come in the door is open.'' Lilly Luna Potter quickly enters her fathers study, closing the door shut. Looking distress full of worry'' Father my friend needs your help...'' Harry looking down at his daughter, knowing the whimsical stories she would tell him, smile on his face.'' I'm not sure if I can be much help,'' seeing the sad expression on her face.wanting to give her some comfort.'' perhaps I can try.'' Lilly looking up at her father, hopeful expression on her face.'' She is trapped, lost and afraid.'' Harry getting a bit uneasy, usually his daughter would talk about fairies, mermaids, even flying unicorns, this was very unusual even for her.'' do you know where?'' Lilly, tears in her eyes worried about her friend.'' She did not say, she told me to find her brother, he would know what to do.'' Harry Potter, concerned.'' Did she tell you her name, perhaps I can look up her family history at the ministry tomorrow," Quickly Grabbing a Piece of Parchment on his desk, dabbing his quill and ink. Lilly, wiping the tears from her eyes.'' Maple Rose Potter.'' Harry finding it odd, puzzled his parents were the only known potters in the wizard world, mumbling to himself ( could there be a second potter family, perhaps our families are related in some way.) or maybe her parents were half muggles or wizzard's. Yet seeing the fear in her eyes. Knowing how important it was to her, needing more information. Questions her further.'' Did she say her parents or brothers name, when she spoke to you.'' Lilly, getting up on her fathers lap, looking down at the parchment, her friends name Written in her father's hand writing.'' She told me her parents where expecting her baby brother, at the time she was taken away from them. She cried wanting to go home with her family, yet the dark figure refused to let her leave.'' remembering the time she last saw her.'' She would secretly sneak away from him, appear in my dreams, at first we would just play dolls, skip in puddles or just skate on a frozen pond together. Yes the Last few dreams she spoke about her future baby brother.'' Harry Potter a flurry question swirl through his mind, yet not wanting to interrupt his daughter.'' can you tell me what you remember.'' Lilly drifting off into her memory of dreams. ''we are playing, taking turns on the swing, she told me her parents came to her, said she was going to be a big sister. She was so happy, during the early days they were deciding on a name.. For their child...Maple Told me she helped them with a name for her baby brother, she had a plush puppy her parents bought for her for her 5th birthday, seeing his long harry look. That is when she made the Suggestion. Harry. I asked her what if the baby was a girl, she said no. The baby was a boy. How could you tell, she said she knows. Her parents decided the full name would be Harry James Potter.'' Harry Potter, Overwhelmed, he was kept in the dark all his life about his parents, family members and their friends, having only the memories of the final moments he last saw his mother alive remembering the sound of shrieks of pain surging through his mother from Voldemort's final strike that sadly took her life. Only a photograph left behind to help remember their faces. Who was Maple Rose Potter, why did his parents kept her a secret for the outside of the home. His family had friends and knew his parents well, why would they not bring her up, and what about Serious Black why have he not mention his niece, not even once. Could she have been the first victim of Voldermort, or was there another foe hiding in the shadows yet far more sinister that the one he defeated. Lilly looking up at Him. Lost in a blizzard of Questions '' Father her brother does have the same name you do. Is it possible that she is your sister? could we be related?'' Harry Potter, snapping out of his mixed thoughts, looking at his daughter, concerned and worried look on her face. '' I don't know, but I'm going to find out.can you remember anything else.'' Lilly going back to the last dream she had.'' Maple told me she had to stay away for a while the dark shadow like figure was growing suspicious.'' Harry Potter looking up at the clock on the wall in his study, midnight. "' its getting late, your mother would be furious to see you up at this hour.'' getting off his chair picking up his daughter, bringing her to her bedroom, placing her in her bed, pulling the sheets over his daughter tucking her in snugly, kissing her on the forehead, ''get some rest, if she comes back in your dreams tell me at once.'' Lilly looking at her father standing in the door way.'' You will help Maple, Won't you.'' Harry Potter looking back at his daughter.'' I will do everything I Can.'' ...................................................... yes I just wrote this Right Now.. What do you Think about this? It open the world of Harry Potter all over again. Not going to go deeper into writing this fan fiction story, since I got my own novel series to write about. However I'm just curious to find out how many out there, like this sudden twist, on the Harry Potter series.. Written by Laurie Ann Garland
  12. RaphLuna

    What gen has the best pony designs?

    When it come to TV series G4 Hooves Down When it come to Toy line G1 Why because it was mixed with a Flurry of Variety Perfume puff Brush n Grow Family ponies Big Brothers Twice as fancy Twinkle eyes Flutter ponies Drink n wet baby ponies Baby ponies Princess ponies with Bush woolies Baby brother ponies Mountain Boys Twin baby ponies Baby pearlize ponies Baby sea ponies Sea ponies Twisty tail ponies Pocket ponies Color swirl ponies Bride pony Groom pony Rapunzel And Way More G2 Horrid reminded me of my brothers action figurines G3 were bulkly same pose G4 Worst toy line ever for their Army of the same dam pony... just tweaked a bit ...
  13. RaphLuna

    Season 9 without the School of Friendiship

    I would love to see more about the Princess Sisters Past, their lives when they were small. What happened to their parents.. The only reason the School was tossed in was for Hasbro to Pimp Merchandise out of it. School play set, Classes play set, and more merch from the school theme. I watch the shows because they are good. I don't even buy the toys they sell from the series. However I will buy a Blanket, or a towel, the only reason why is because my oldest daughter loves Pinkie Pie. No Pinkie Pie No Buy. If they did team up with Lego will buy mlp Lego sets.. The rest not interested..
  14. The Novel Series has Now Grown to 24 Books and Counting... However this depends on weather books are combined or Separated. Anything can happen.. Been Quiet for a While.. Busy on An Illustration Storm and the Stories... Here is a Sneak Peak update on titles of each novel and a scatter story here and there new stories.. 1.) Our Little Miracle 2.) The Story of Crystal Frost......Sneak peek.... ( When you wish upon a star Weather you are near or far.. Shining hope up in the sky Makes you tear up want to cry. Want to stay with all my heart Sadly I have to go depart My little child listen to me Your mother loves you so fondly. Yet the time has come to past Your father you will go at last My dearest child one last verse I say I love you with my heart, you will always forever stay... ) 3.) Challenges of Being a Father. 4.) Return of Crystal Frost 5.) The Kingdom of Long Heart Stone 6.) Family Unity Tragedy Shatters..........Sneak Peek....... ( Seeing her father obsess over only work and her baby brother wanting to hold him all the time, starts to feel left out resentful for the baby... While her dad is at work, holding her sketch book, she hears her little brother now 2 years old, crying in the nursery, She goes inside,sketch book in her hoof, looks at him with tears in her eyes '' what are you crying For, mom held you in her arms for one full year, and she held on to me only once'' Tiger Lilly hearing the whole thing play out, tries to help Star Shine. However She Quickly turns on her'' what do you know,'' thinking back to that kiss at the festival'' you just wanted mom out of the way so you can have my dad all to your self.'' in tears she runs out of the room sketch book in her hoof..) 6.) Beyond the Kingdom of Long Heart Stone.. 7.) Star Knight Shines Journey 8.) A Dragon in The Kingdom of Long Heart Stone 9.) The Final Battle 10.) The Challenges of Sudden Change in Life 11.) The Truth will set you free 12.) Knight Wings Greatest Challenge. 13.) Frost Knight Storm Journey 14.) Visions of the Blind 15.) Varian Frost Swirl 16.) Romance and Tragedy........Sneak Peek.... ( The last day Varian, has to leave back to Military Base, seeing Hopes Mother Amanda, Confessing to her.’’ I love Hope more that anything,, I just don’t understand why her Father will not let us be.’’ Amanda respond.’’ He is Just afraid he will loose his baby girl.’’ Revealing to Varian, Adrian’s dream to have a big family. However the accident she been in, resulted in her unable to bear children ever again. The two still kept in the dark about the truth. ) 17.) Out of the Shadow and Into the Light 18.) A Struggle to Survive 19.) On a Journey for Home 20.) The Burden of Knowing the Truth 21.) Luke and Lucas..........Sneak Peek..... ( Hearing a rustle in the forest, heart racing, as Anita Appears in his view, walking to towards Lucas her mane and tail decorated in beautiful blue and pink Ribbons, holding in her mouth. A bouquet of fresh picked Golden orange Flowers kept in place with a beautiful blue ribbon. Walking to the place to sand by Lucas side... The Priest begins '' We gather here, in the presence of nature and her beauty , before God and his Son to join these two in holy matrimony,'' continue on, looking over at Anita.'' Lucas wishes share his vow he wrote just for you.'' Lucas feeling nervous, yet with the passion in his heart, gains the courage, reaches for his paper. Looking over at Anita..... ) 22.) Snowfall and the Prince......... Sneak Peek... ( Hearing a rustle in the bushes, seeing Richard hoof out motioning her to leave. Turns around for one last look. A tear falling from her eye, dropping on the newborns face, waking up the infant causing her to open her eyes, seeing a clear view of her mother, The Newborn making baby cooing sounds happy to see her mother. Quickly leaves her baby behind, running into the woods, crying, heartbroken as she hers her newborn cries. Richard seeing how emotional Snowfall was through the whole situation quickly chases after her. Prepared to fight to defend the creature he is forbidden to love. ) 23.) Glacier and the Princess.... 24.) Charity and the Guardian... I was Inspired By Charles Dickens ''A Christmas Carol.'' to Write no own version of the Well Known story. Raw Written Material in 5 days '' Once Upon a Christmas Tale.''18 Chapters long.. Here is sample to First Chapter. .......Once Upon a Christmas Tale........ .........Ch1........ "'Once upon a time, many years ago. During the time of Christmas, Frost, Ice, and, Snow. In the City of Forest Shine, A creature obsessed in business, That loved gold, With all his heart. Oh how he would quiver, At the thought to be apart. True his partner of long ago. Passed away within their successfully prime. Leaving the creature with everything, only wealth consume his mind. Yet let's continue further. For there is much to tell. How this creature went form obsession of greed. To being caring thoughtful and sharing with those in need.'' This one is Raw Written Material, Full of my Poetic works. However I want to go over it again and write in more Depth and Detail. Granted is Off from my 24 Novel series.. I Love the Story of the Twin Clyuniasus Sisters.. And yes there is Way more Rich Stories to Tell. Here is My You Tube With each Character officially tethered in the stories.. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5g-61S5CMwN3rWcPqVVDEQ?view_as=subscriber Clyony.. In summer their coat is very short, when fall comes and the weather gets cold the Clyonies coat would start to grow nice and long. When winter arrives their long coat will keep them warm and cozy. As the Season changes and Spring comes along their long coat sheds and becomes nice and thin. This cycle continues.. As the events in their history change them from wild to more civilized they not only build homes from wood, and cultivate the land for crops they cut their fur during fall and winter, keeping it nice and short, resulting them with the need to wear cloaks and other warm clothing. Painted Feathers is native to the lands. as her tribe sticks to the old ways of their ancestors. Novel Character Name : Painted Feathers Species : Clyony © Illustrator Designer : Laurie Ann Garland Novel Character Name : Ross Forest Species Clyony © Illustrator Designer : Laurie Ann Garland Ross Forest is what my species would look like with their fur trimmed or naturally shed... Granted all species Male and Female will have Furry legs, Furry underbellies and Fur in their ears. Only difference to look is build and the scruff under chin and painted look trailing from forehead and nose. yes I Plan to Trademark My Creation in Future.. And will announce it here. once I Achieve this Goal as well. What do you think of my New Design Look.. I'm aware that Hasbro is Changing their designs of MLP G5 .However now that I Published my Chosen Final Design Work they can not use my Exclusive Designs from what I created. More Sneak Peaks and Surprises on the Way...