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  1. Here is some Charecter Concept art I been working on... Dragons.. Pony Creatures Crystal Frost with Night Wing.. Sun Swirl Parents of Sun Swirl.. Couple that finds Sun Swirl Abandoned and Raise the Newborn unicorn Foal as their own.
  2. What do you think of this piece as a cover for a book or a Movie Poster... Granted I love to give my art a personal touch to it.. The color part of crystal frost I done today, so I decided to make the cover of her story like it adding personal illustrations I done to help it stand out more.. Newbor Youth Adult What do like and or Dislike about it..
  3. Equestrian Tales currently in production

    OMG AWESOME... Granted im working on my own content ( Movie, TV series, books )... However I love all cartoons And I Totally can't Wait to watch this Show with my kids... Love everything you done so far.. EPIC.. You got to let us all know when you get the green light.. I will let you all know when I get my book going, and when a movie TV film industry, gets on board to bring the creations and stores from my wild imagination on both the big and little screens too.. Best of Luck I Wish you all Great Success on your Journey. Hugs.
  4. I got my own thing going With Crystal Frost story and the Kingdom of Long Heart Stone and Beyond.. However I really want to Watch Equestrian Tales with my Kids too.. I love all, Cartoons.. Hugs Friend.
  5. I done this one a while ago.. Granted i did not sketch or created illustration work... However i re vectored it and made a coloring page out of Ink Heart.. Harmonize Entertainment LLC Equestrian Tales feel free to email me for the raw content to have and keep. And use... Hugs... RaphLuna Laurie Doodles Laurie Ann Garland
  6. more charecter designs..

    Here are more Animal Ponies I been Working on.. More coming soon.
  7. So that is just the work in progress stuff I saw... Kind of cool to see.. Maybe it will be better when music is added... However I did like the school parts they were Awesome.... Will watch again when everything is complete... The first 3 were the best part that is because it had music.
  8. I seen 8 episodes so fa, even the one where spike goes through a change.. They are OK however nothing Wows me.. However everyone is different.. To each their own The ones I saw were weird.. You see pictures and hear the Charecters talk however some have no background music.. in the episodes,. Maybe they are leaked episodes..
  9. I only seen 8 episodes however they are not as interesting as I hoped they be, maybe it is still a bit early in the show. hope it pick up soon..
  10. season 8 is not as great as i hoped... Very disappointed. It is sadly so scattered and it is obvious they are running out of ideas. Thy are just trowing random stuff at us now., in a sad desperate attempt to keep their audience interested. The first 7 seasons are the best, however i feel that season 8 will be their last. They start out a friendship school. Then traveling solving problems through the map. and skip to a play with a princess involved.. I fear they will loose their audience... In their sloppy mix of mess.. If they decided to turn season 8 into a school to teach friendship why splash random stuff in the mix. hard to be interested, or follow, when some of the episodes has nothing to do with the school of friendship... i hope they do get Equestrian Tales on board. It would be beautiful to see the childhood of the 2 princesses when they were fillies.. Sad really .. The show is to easy to figure out how it ends before it even ends... I sadly feel. Season 8 is their last.. Am i the only one who feels this way.. .
  11. 4 days for this stuff and I advanced it Further... You thought this was good Crystal Frost Story which I'm working on, to make a move to have it created into a movie is Epic . It is broken down into Movie TV Series Movie TV Series Movie... Here is the Log Line of the 3 Main Movies... I done a day or so ago..... The Story of Crystal Frost When a Earth pony is rescued By a Dragon, they fall in love, when she later reveals she is pregnant, knowing the two can not go back to their homes, they set off to the Wild Land's to have and Raise their baby on their Own. Crystal Frost Returns When Star Shine and her friend stray off from camp, into the Wild land's. Night Wing races off to find Crystal Frost to help him find their Daughter and her friend, before it is too late. Star Shines Journey After finding out who her grandmother parents are. Star Shine, with her Strong desire to Connect with her family, Sets out on a Journey, to Find her Grandfathers Dragon Parents. It is all messy now however I plan to organize it.. I'm all alone on making this stuff up. Spouse thinks i'm stupid... And Crazy ... Wasting my Time.. I don't listen to him Trust me you Will love it.. When you see the Stories I See in my Mind out on the Big Screen and the Small ones too.. You thought MLP Was awesome.. Just you wait until you see the Story of Crystal Frost, the Kingdom of Long Heart Stone and Beyone... Friend you have not seen nothing yet... Just Pm'ed you with a sample of story and one of my Characters..
  12. Here are some new Characters I'm working on for the Kingdom I created Long Heart Stone Crystal Frost is the Main Character and I'm working really hard to get her story and the characters above on the big and small screens.. Here is a sneak peak of a lullaby song I just wrote today , this is the song Crystal Frost sings when she has to give up her Baby ( Star Shine ) to her Father Night Wing to take care on his own,.. A Mothers sad Good Bye Song... When you wish upon a star Weather you are near or far.. Shining hope up in the sky Makes you tear up want to cry. Want to stay with all my heart Sadly I have to go depart My little child listen to me Your mother loves you so fondly. Yet the time has come to past Your father you will go at last My dearest child one last verse I say I love you with my heart, you will always stay... Just finished Sun Swirl.... Oatley Academy is helping me out in the process
  13. Lunar Eclipe's Art

    You are very talented at both Illustrations and Storytelling.. sent you a PM...please only read at your time of convenience. Thank You for sharing you story and Creative Design.. May your journey take Flight, Soar, Reach for the Stars, and beyond.. Let that spark within you truly Shine. Hugs
  14. After Creating Crystal Frost and characters from her story. And in process of writing a novel of her story. I was planning to make a move to pitch to Hasbro. However with advice from others, to ditch Hasbro, they will limit you. Come up with your own Kindom/world and Put your Character and her story within it.. So I took their advice.., and within only 4 Days I created a Magical Kingdom of Long Heart Stone, and Lands that Span beyond this core kingdom.. I am making plans to create all concept art of my characters and Pony animals as well, The ones that span outside the core Kingdom of Long Heart Stone... Granted once done, I will add them with birthmarks, you can see a few already have their birthmarks.. once my concept art is fully complete, I will make my next move to the Movies of Crystal Frost and TV Series that go within the kingdom and beyond .... Snake Ponies and Pana ponies are just a Tiny Fraction There are a Massive Wave of Animals Ponies in this new World. I'm in the Process of getting help from the Oatley Academy, to bring this forward to the Film Movie TV industry. Send them everything i got so far, will be doing video chat tomorrow with one of their team members. You thought MLP was Good, Cookie Just wait until you see what I Illustrate from my World.... So far this is what I have... This Kindom and the Lands beyond is a massive Have a long Way to go...And I'm Just Getting Warmed Up
  15. Here She is in all her Grace, Beauty and lovely Elegance, The Queen of Long Heart Stone, put your hoofs together, and give her Highness a warm Welcome, Queen Light Ray...