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  1. K_Cast

    Equestrian Tales currently in production

    We in fact had a few, but the animation was shown at 2D Vs 3D ponies panel 2:00 - 3:00 on Friday. Hosted by Mintyroot. We had a much bigger Eqt panel planned and approved but we lost it week before the con due to the surprise of the holiday special so we got bumped off, but still got to show some of the work.
  2. K_Cast

    Equestrian Tales currently in production

    Hi there, I wanted to address your comment, this is not Equestrian Tales, but a production among a few others we have worked on and designed to test out assets, and techniques that will be and are being used in the production of the Equestrian Tales pilot episodes. We are a bit off still in getting animations for Eqt out, but wanted to show what it might look like. We are using the same effects, lighting systems, pretty much everything but the rigs as they will be worked and designed to fit a more traditional animation environment. These are also just teasers, the final animation of these will be out asap, not even made to many editing passes yet. We wanted to show everyone the quality that we intend to bring, and what we can really do. On a second note, the story of Eqt does in fact take place over 1000 years in the past of the FiM timeline, before the founding of Equestria. For example, Luna and Celestia are only kids when our pilot takes place. We wanted to test some of the techniques being put in as the characters and settings were being worked out, so decided to make some fan animations to get bugs worked out.
  3. K_Cast

    Equestrian Tales currently in production

    Yet another update! This time with some animation! These are the videos shown at Ciderfest this last weekend, and want to bring them to you for the first time. These will not appear on youtube proper, and for your eyes only, we are using these to showcase what the team can do, and the style we are hoping to bring to the MLP universe. Please note the character rigging will be different for Eqt to more blend with the 2D backgrounds and elements. This animation is about Sunset Shimmer, and should be finished around January or February, animation by Minty Root a long time and lead animator for Eqt. Got more to come Hope you enjoy and Stay pony!!! Look out for that Mirror as it plays a role in the pilot of Equestrian Tales aswell. And a more extended opening scene. The background style, lighting and other elements will be used in the animation of Equestrian Tales and this is the test bed for a lot of it.
  4. Hey its ok thats what clean up animation is for! lol Going to add him to the Story scene aswell if you'd be ok with that, need all unicorns, and kind of want to say thanks for the support all this time.
  5. Hi there, more meant his nature to help and defend kids, great quality to have and something that could make for a great story. As long as your ok with us using it, no issue at all, we might alter the mark a bit just incase, but shouldnt have an issue. Music ponys for sure have a place here, the idea for Eqt was basically a group of traveling bards setting out to record the history and stories of the ponies of this time, might have a really good place for her. On the glasses, we'd more then likely just chance them to the time equal, they did have glasses back then, just a little different, if thats ok of course.
  6. Thank you both so much, will make sure to get the first ponies more screen time for sure
  7. thank you so much, wonderful OC, and frankly all of us love these Disney stories, and build Eqt based on a lot of these older story telling methods, have a perfect scene for him, in a scene called story time in Tall Tales village, where Star Swirl tells the tale of the Maiden from Beyond the Mirror. Love the story and protective side to him, would you be ok with seeing him as a royal guard? Might be a protector for the royal sisters ^_^.
  8. K_Cast

    Equestrian Tales currently in production

    The Equestrian Tales team would like to wish you all a happy and fun Nightmare Night, we'd also like to take this time to welcome two returning members, Skybolt, and Screwloose. Welcome back to the team, we have missed you so much! In other news we are a step closer to making this dream a reality, we have reached out to a toy manufacture for an upcoming project that will be announced as soon as we are ready, but here is a sneak peek! Big thanks to the crew who has been working on these plushies! They stand 12 inches tall, and will be available for an upcoming release, and give away. Stay tuned for more information on this. Also added their character sheets for referance, what do ya think? With this we'd to announce an Indiegogo Campaign currently being built, these toys are only one part of this and will not be nearly as pricey as people might think, we will also be giving some out at up coming conventions at panels our studio is part of, stay tuned for updates on that as well. These are the first of many items being built for an Indiegogo to complete the pilot episode, a full music album (cd/vinyl/download) is being created, an art book, patches, sheet music, studio artwork, animation cels, figures, and so much more. Tried to get a little something for everyone into this. We will be making an official announcement as soon as things are ready to go. Thank you every pony for all your support and wonderful comments, you have kept us going through dark times, and if not for you we wouldnt still be here. Cheers and pony on!
  9. greetings everypony! This is Cast, Executive Director and Producer of Equestrian tales. We have come to the point in production where we are starting to build assets and move towards main production of the pilot epissodes of Equestrian tales. At this time I would like to ask for help in filling the backgrounds of our scene with character! We are looking for anyone willing to help and join the backgrounds and settings. Our pilots have many scenes that will require ponies, but our main goal is to fill the city thats being presented in the pilot episode, and opening scenes. Some characters will get more screen time then others, and some might include speaking lines down the road. As we are building this pilot to represent and maintain the lore and integrity of the brand we are asking for only Earth, Unicorn, or Pegasi OC ponies at this time, as Alicorns or other races will not be featured in the show at this point in time. If you'd like like to help and get your OC into the show, please post an image of your OC pony to this forum, or if you want to keep it hidden please pm me. Any kind of image will do, but please make sure they are PG, we will not accept from anyone that breaks this rule, as we are a child friendly production. MLP forums will be the first to see the progress of the pilots as they are built, and will get to see your pony on screen in some form as soon as we get the rigging and scene built. As part of this, you will also be credited in the pilot for the use of your character. As production moves on we may have to adjust a color here or there to make sure a character doesn't disappear into backgrounds, and items such as headphones, and other modern gadgets will also be removed, as we are over 1000 years in the past of FiM. Also note that your OC pony will not belong to hasbro or anyone else, we simply have a lot of space to cover, and building ponies with a general design already made is alot faster then from the ground up, and are hoping to give a little something back to the forums that helped start this journey. If you'd like to learn more about Equestrian tales, please follow these links. https://www.youtube.com/user/LastStandofHarmony/featured Thank you every pony, and hope to get your help in building these scenes, Happy Nightmare Night, and pony on!
  10. K_Cast

    Boop a snoot, any snoot

    Happy Nightmare Night everypony! All bow before the Princess, as we are her children of the night!
  11. K_Cast

    Luna Fan Club

    Got another in the works now, should see it in about a week or so, showing it at Ciderfest coming up for the first time.
  12. K_Cast

    Luna Fan Club

    Just something my team put together a year ago, enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrngcNy_tnw
  13. K_Cast

    Equestrian Tales currently in production

    I will for sure be putting it here, I would be this weekend if not for a coding issue, this animation relates to Sunset Shimmer. But its being used to show what the team can do, what a lot of the elements of Eqt will look like on screen, and frankly be a lot of fun. It is similar in design to Luna's Determination another one of our productions.
  14. K_Cast

    Equestrian Tales currently in production

    This is the very last I will ever reply on this topic as I have covered it several times and we are committed to the end game here, no matter what it is. To try to answer, we have spent all this time not just working on this one production, yes we started this studio 7 almost 8 years ago now, but this production has only been in development for around 2 years, animation takes a lot of time and careful planning to make a product worth a companies attention. We have also spent all this time building a bridge between us and Hasbro so a pitch and idea like this might be easier to get through, and we are almost there. If you think FiM took a week to plan you might want to talk to Lauren about that. These things do not happen over night, and we are doing everything within reason to get this approved. Every production goes through these stages, they evolve and grow as the need and teams abilities grow. Once again go back and look at the pitch bible for FiM, yes a lot ended up in the show, but much of it has changed and evolved, even before the show aired, thats a very normal thing. Also this will change more once Hasbro does get involved as they will have changes for us as well. We have been given a road map to follow by not only hasbro but others on how to do this, and we have been following it to the letter, we have had some issues in the past, but frankly Hasbro is a very worth while company, and if we did think so we would be pushing forward with it. In the mean time we have productions on there way right now, one that will be shown in 2 weeks at Ciderfest.
  15. K_Cast

    Equestrian Tales currently in production

    Dont worry to much on that, there are back up plans in place incase that does happen, not much will be lost in the end really. Just wanted to try to do it here in MLP first show hasbro what they can do with their own brands, rather then continuing to rebrand and remake things. Thanks for the support