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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

    1. Script Chime

      Script Chime

      Thank you so much!

  2. So I did some pieces First fan art of Silver Lunar on DeviantArt And I did Script Chime's room If you want more info on it click here
  3. Thank you so much I really do want to improve and I'm going to try and use your criticism to improve my art for the better
  4. I want to make art into a legitimate career for myself
  5. I'm nto exactly sure what you mean could you maybe clarify a bit
  6. So more art! I got commissioned to make an edgy phoenix and made this Also three filly colts decided to taunt an Ursa Minor into chasing them well the pegasus did the other two seem to have just been force into coming along. Let's hope they get out of this alive.
  7. I lost track of me previous thread so here is a new one of my new art So start the piece that I made once I got my computer back Yeah I designed Script Chime a bit Next is this comic I made based on how interactions with me and my friend usually go Another simple piece I did of my precious Elusive Shadows These three are all request I took a while back the second one is my favorite I did fan are of Parlay which turned out really great the entire thing could have been crap due to the clothing This actually happened to me...I'm not even joking I love the chick who did that by the way My friends can be so evil sometimes I joined a redesign contest and made this I did this simple piece. I mean Script is still edgy right? I did this collab with one of my friends and after doing the outline I let her have a blast with coloring the oc before I gave it to her I did this ponysona meme I wanted to do for a while This is where Script found her bracelets if you want the full story look here Did another piece with Ocean Mist and Dove Petal Please reference the Audition Room comic and finally in honor of Pride Month! I can now have Script Chime spreading gayness like a bisexual chem trail. Anyway I love how this turned out since this also means that this is the first planned and well done piece of Script's new design. I actually love this and this will probably be up there as one of my favorite pieces I've made. Happy Pride Month to everyone!
  8. obviously 1. Rarity (Long live best pony!) 2. Mist Mane 3. Sweetie Belle 4. Sugar Belle 5. Whoa Nelly (Yes she is wonderful!)
  9. I'm running a d and d style one off campaign and I'm really tempted to start one here

  10. This was a collab I did with a friend same with this one My friend wanted me to make a quadruped in something called a yukata so I did I did two versions of this because when I was taking care of a speedpaint you may notice that in the video but I like the second version but tell me what you think? For a Castle Cats art contest I lost
  11. So Dove Petal has has a pet pig that she got when he ended up on her doorstep. His name is Winston and one of these days I'll get an official design and personality defined for him but for now enjoy this scene of Dove Petal and Winston flying together. To help him fly Dove uses her magic to levitate him. She doesn't do it for long periods of time because Winston can get bored easily but its a fun little thing for them when Dove needs to give him fresh air but doesn't want to put up with Manehatten hoof traffic
  12. Wonderful job! Your work never fails to impress!
  13. I did some fan art of MythPony because she has probably had one of the biggest impacts on my current style like muzzle shapes. I also frequently use her art for a reference. She is by far one om my favorite artist. Anyway this may have been the easiest piece I've done in a while and considering this is one background away from becoming a full piece I fine that weird.
  14. I'm considering doing a redraw which one of my old pieces should I do?