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  4. Harvey Beaks was a cartoon that aired on Nickelodeon 4 years ago in 2015. It was created by C.H. Greenblatt who also created Chowder and was also a writer for early SpongeBob(Band Geeks!) and Billy & Mandy. This show was unlike anything Nick ever put out. It has a lot more in common with MLP, Peanuts and Winnie the Pooh than it does to most Nick shows. It follows a bird named Harvey and his imp friends Fee & Foo and have adventures in the magical forest and many of the characters are forest animals. The show has a strong emphasis family and friendship, lovable quirky characters, stunning watercolor visuals, charming stories and a beautiful orchestrated soundtrack. Nick shows are very infamous for being over the top and having gross out but Harvey Beaks is the direct opposite. The humor is subtle but charming. This show like MLP requires some commitment but if you stay invested you’ll love it, and it’ll make you feel like a child again. Unfortunately the show was screwed over by Nick because it couldn’t get SpongeBob level ratings. Greenblatt was displeased with the Network for doing this, with the show being cancelled after 2 seasons. As a result few people know of it or watched it. It’s easily one of the greatest cartoons I’ve ever watched period. I even like it more than most of the classic Nick shows, it’s that good.
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  6. I'll admit I completely agree with you, there were several episodes of FiM I tried to like but I finally end up disliking them like Crystal Empire, I was analyzing that 2 part episode a lot and in the end I feel like those episodes were tasteless. And even Canterlot Wedding, I thought was underwhelming even though the songs were great. And I realize even an episode that features my favorite characters can be bad. My favorite character in the entire franchise is Cadance because I can relate to her the most. I'm 18 now, and when I was a kid I enjoyed a lot of post movie Spongebob episodes even the worse ones, I mean Best Day Ever was an episode I was so excited for only to be dissapointed after watching it. And I even liked Chicken Little when I was 8 but almost a decade I realize it's bad. Though I've seen G3 MLP and I found myself enjoying it, not sure why but I thought it was cheesy in a good way. But G3.5 is intolerable. I never seen Tales but Equestria Girls was meh. I've been subbed to Mr. Enter for over a year now and he does Animated Atrocities and while abrasive I tend to agree with everything he says. Even a lot of the stuff he reviewed I used to like as a kid, I look at them way differently now like certain Spongebob episodes, Fairly Odd Parents episodes, and Chicken Little. And yeah Breadwinners was bad but Nick has a new show now called Harvey Beaks that's actually pretty good, it's much more innocent, relatable, and less annoying than Breadwinners.
  7. Haven't been here in weeks. I decided to check the forums just to see what's going on.

  8. Since the much anticipated Slice of Life came out last see I want to give my thoughts on it. I thought it was a great episode because it was special and stood out from other episodes. It focused on background ponies which were mostly only known by the fandom and I think its cool to have a whole episode dedicated to them because Id much rather see the featured on official content than fan content. It may be considered fan pandering but still it was special and very different. I thought the wedding was pretty good too and I thought it was funny to see Shining crying. And the ending message by the mane 6 was pretty good too. I feel like tho was the best episode to end on since we get actual official back story on background ponies and I enjoyed the wedding part. This was my favorite Season 5 episode so far. I'm sure kids would like this to because they are interested in these characters and want official backstory. I feel like this was the best episode to end on before I started fresh with FiM, and I rewatched the first 2 episodes. So I'm going to hold off the rest of the upcoming episodes so I can go back to the earlier episodes and rewatch those. So yeah great episode and I may still go on these forums occasionally but not to discuss the show but for other things like blogs and certain character fan clubs.
  9. I still like MLP but I just don't care for most of the fandom anymore. I think it's okay to be a fan of the show but not apart of the fandom.
  10. So last week I made the decision to start fresh with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic by rewatching the series by starting with the first episode and just rewatch every episode in order. I actually just rewatched Friendship is Magic parts 1 and 2 and my enthusiasm has returned a little bit but not as much as when I first watched. I decided to restart since I miss some of the earlier episodes and I was becoming less attached to the characters, and overall setting. And I feel like a lot of these episodes have some solid morals that I unfortunately missed the first time seeing them. Now morals are one of my favorite parts of this show and I appreciate most of the storytelling is good enough to deliver the message besides a few dud episodes. As for general storytelling there are other shows I watch that have more interesting storytelling to me and not just anime but even western cartoons too. So I don't watch FiM just for the general storytelling because there's a bunch of other shows I've seen with more appealing storytelling at least to me. I really watch it mainly for the songs, and morals they are delivering though I still appreciate the storytelling making the morals appealing. So I regained some of my enthusiasm but I will probably never be as enthusiastic about this show as I was last Summer. I also decided to skip all the upcoming Season 5 episodes for now so I can rewatch the older episodes and watch other shows like Regular Show, Fullmetal Alchemist, Gravity Falls, Wander over Yonder, Star vs the Forces of Evil, Doraemon and older shows I miss like Pokémon, SpongeBob, Phineas and Ferb, Powerpuff Girls and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Even though I have regained some of my enthusiasm for FiM I still have very little interest in fan content. There are a few pieces of fanart I enjoy from my favorite characters like the Cadance art from DeviantArt user dm29 which is really the only DeviantArt user I follow who makes pony art, and some Rarity fanart. But beyond fanart from my few favorite characters pretty much none of the fan content interests me, no music, no art from other characters that aren't my favorites, no animations, no fanfiction, no headcanons, no analysis, no reviews, none of it besides some Cadance and Rarity fanart interests me at all. I just prefer offical content far more. I will continue to watch FiM and even pick up some merchandise, mostly DVDs since I collect my favorite shows and movies on DVD, I may pick up books that interest me such as Journal of the Two Sisters or Daring Do Collection which I already have but books similar to those, I don't know about plushies since I already have a Cadance plush from Build a Bear my favorite character though maybe I'll get a Rarity plushie, But there's plenty of other merchandise I won't collect such as figures, trading cards, etc. So yeah while I will continue to watch FiM and collect some merchandise such as DVDs, I really don't care for most of the fan content anymore. Also in other topics I'm not a huge gamer but I saw E3 and I saw stuff that I wanted. With Nintendo's conference I'm still planning on getting on Yokai Watch which I have been waiting to come out in America for since it's a similar game like Pokémon and it's been popular in Japan, and there was Yoshi's Wolly World, Mario & Luigi Paper Jam, Mario Maker, and Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon i'm interested in too. I may get Star Fox or Xenoblade but not sure yet. For Sony's conference the only 2 PS4 games that caught my interest which were Kingdom Hearts III and Shenmue III. For a while I wanted to get a PS4 just for Kingdom Hearts III but now I also have Shenmue III to look forward to. I'm going on a trip to Alaska for vacation tomorrow for a week though I'm not that excited and don't have many expectations. I'll keep making drawings for DeviantArt and make YTPs and I even have an idea for a comic I want to make for DeviantArt. So yeah just wanted to tell you about my plans for watching MLP: FiM in the future along with other shows I watch too. And by the way that new movie comes out in 2017 and I will definitely see it, maybe not right away but I'll see it eventually. Though I'm pretty much done with most fan content and the fandom since there are other things I enjoy doing more. So from now on I'm just simply a fan of the show but not really the fandom. You can comment if you have anything to say.
  11. Now I might have reached the point where I feel like I really need to take a break from MLP: FiM and the fandom in general. Remember how Tommy Oliver rage quit the brony fandom? Well I seem to be having a very similar situation he was in. I started watching FiM in April 2014 but didn't get into it until June of that year, and that summer I was obsessed with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, I was watching like 6 episodes every day and saw most of the series, I was very enthusiastic of the show and wanted more so I looked up fan content and even joined MLPForums because I wanted to discuss about the show while being safe from haters. However after that summer my enthusiasm died a little bit though I was still very enthusiastic, however in the past month or so my enthusiasm dropped a lot. Why did it drop a lot? Well it's not because I thought FiM was getting worse, it's because it excites me way less than last summer because the novelty wore off on me and I feel like it's only natural that happens. But the fandom wore off on me way more. For one, I got really tired of discussing the show and the world etc., Just like any forum, there are some members that annoy me. Forums tend to bore me really quickly but I've never been so active on a forum before and made over 1200 posts and several blog entries but it's finally wearing on me. Another thing is that most of the fan content doesn't interest me that much honestly and most of it bores me. The fan content doesn't convince me to be more enthusiastic. I prefer the official content of MLP over fan content by leaps and bounds, because official content is more of my comfort zone. Let me just say Nintendo fan content interests me so much more. So yeah the show and official content such as books is what keeps me intrigued in MLP not the fandom. I actually did make a couple of fan projects such as a drawing of Ganon riding Sombra, and an MLP YouTube Poop mainly because I thought they would be funny to make. I also am planning a YTP Movie with MLP characters crossing over with Keldeo from Pokémon (Which is what got me into MLP) because he looks like a My Little Pony but other than that I have no fan projects planned. And after I make that project and when the show ends I'm probably going to move on from the fandom entirely though I'll still watch FiM from time to time. Another thing I want to mention is that there are several other shows I like to watch such as Regular Show, Fullmetal Alchemist, Doraemon, Gravity Falls, Spongebob, Powerpuff Girls, Wander over Yonder, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Pokémon films, and Phineas & Ferb. I just got back into Regular show which is my favorite Cartoons Network show and I also like to rewatch childhood shows as well. I feel like most of my other favorite shows have better storytelling than FiM, they are faster in pace, and have more interesting content in my opinion. And those shows entertain me way more than MLP fan content, and sometimes even FiM itself. While I feel like there are other shows with better more interesting storytelling I do appreciate how most of the stories in FiM have a moral or message which is one of my favorite parts of FiM along with the songs. Now from 2010-2012 I was obsessed with Adventure Time, not as obsessed as with FiM last summer but still very enthusiastic. I almost joined the fan community and forum but didn't. And I was excited for Season 3 to come out as well. However after 2012 my enthusiasm for Adventure Time dropped a lot, mainly because it excited me less and I enjoyed Regular Show more. And now I hardly watch Adventure Time anymore because the novelty wore off on me and there are other shows I like more. I could watch it again and get back into it but I just don't have the motivation to. So I lost a lot of my enthusiasm for the show and even more for the fandom and I also miss watching the earlier episodes. So I feel like I want to take a break from MLP: FiM and get back into it starting fresh by starting with the first episode and working my way down to the other episodes with a different view than I used to have. I want to do this to regain some of my enthusiasm but I probably will never be as enthusiastic of FiM as I was last summer and I'm probably not going to be very active in the fandom either because it mostly doesn't interest me and I'd much rather just simply watch the show with little to no activity in the fandom. That being said I'm probably not going to be very active on these forums anymore mostly because the fandom mostly doesn't interest me that much and forums in general bore me quickly. I may actually catch the new episode "Slice of Life" but after that I'm going to take an indefinite hiatus from FiM and I may even stop with the fandom, it was fun for a while but it's time for me to move on to what I love like simply watching cartoons, playing games and make drawings. I'm also on YouTube where I make YTPs on occasion (I'm still new) and DeviantArt though I'm more active on DeviantArt where I make fan drawings of my favorite shows or games. You can check out my YouTube and DeviantArt if you want: So basically I won't stop watching FiM but I may leave the fandom because it mostly doesn't interest me and when I'm not watching FiM I'd rather watch another show than look up fan content. And I will probably start fresh by going back to the first episodes with a different view on this show than I initially had. So yeah while I'm having a similar situation as Oliver though I'm not rage quitting. I'll continue to watch FiM and occasionally pick up some merchandise but I'm pretty much done with the fandom. Please comment on this if you have anything you wanted to say.
  12. I think it's pretty obvious. Anti Bronies hate My Little Pony and bronies because for one thing they think it's stupid for guys to watch a show that looks like a little girls show. MLP has been cemented to the public as being for little girls for decades especially with G3. It's a very feminine franchise but actual horses and ponies are actually very masculine in real life. But still ponies became a girl stereotype similar to fairies mainly because I think more girls think ponies and fairies are cute so companies make pony or fairy toys very feminine. Oh and also the show Fairly Odd Parents is about fairies but never get's flak for being girly because there are humans, there are masculine fairies, and in a nutshell a show that both boys and girls can enjoy. Why does FiM get flak for being girly but not Fairly Odd Parents? Well because Fairly Odd Parents was newer and was never cemented as pandering to girls while MLP has been around since the 80's and didn't catch a broad audience for decades. If the Barbie, Care Bears toylines underwent a huge overhaul and which attracts a male audience it would probably be the same effect. Another thing is that Anti-Bronies had ponies shoved down their throat especially on the internet. Because from what I know after the overnight success of FiM by bronies, pony pictures, memes, avatars, videos, and other content exploded on the internet as well as bronies forcing FiM on other people, which caused there to spawn many haters who are also from my experience some of the most negative people on the internet. Most of them haven't actually seen the show and are just hating MLP based on the fandom alone which is ridiculous because I feel like the show and fandom are on different levels. A lot of these haters are trolling because they don't want bronies or MLP to even exist but trolling is not going to help at all. From my experience in the first few years of Fim specifically 2010-2013 I haven't seen that much MLP content on the internet, I've maybe seen a few such as avatars and memes here and there. I don't know why I never saw much pony content on the internet but I think I just wasn't on the places on the internet with lots of bronies. Even when I did see some MLP content on the internet I simply just didn't care, I figured guys watch it because it's a cute show and girls who grew up with the franchise want to relive their childhood. Now around the time when FiM and bronies became popular I was actually really anti about another franchise. Angry Birds (I still hate it by the way), I mean I had that game and franchise shoved down me and the popularity annoyed me to death and I felt like it was a threat to handheld systems like the DS and I love that system line and the games so I saw Angry Birds as a real threat. Not only that but I legitimately hated the game itself, the gameplay frustrates me more than Superman 64, the character designs make me cringe, and it's just overall the most unpleasant experience I've ever had. But anyway that's why I think there are so many anti bronies because they think it's stupid for guys to like a "little girls show" or think the fandom is really weird. But that's one of the things that makes fandoms so fun, they can be as weird as they want. Because the world could be boring without fandoms and followings like this. The brony fandom never bothered me because I really love cute japanese characters such as Pokémon, Kirby and Totoro and MLP ponies are cute too. So I feel like FiM is on the level of shows like Arthur and Blue's Clues and is mostly innocent and cute with some morals and it reminds you of childhood.