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  1. Harvey Beaks was a cartoon that aired on Nickelodeon 4 years ago in 2015. It was created by C.H. Greenblatt who also created Chowder and was also a writer for early SpongeBob(Band Geeks!) and Billy & Mandy. This show was unlike anything Nick ever put out. It has a lot more in common with MLP, Peanuts and Winnie the Pooh than it does to most Nick shows. It follows a bird named Harvey and his imp friends Fee & Foo and have adventures in the magical forest and many of the characters are forest animals. The show has a strong emphasis family and friendship, lovable quirky characters, s
  2. Haven't been here in 2 years.

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      Welcome back. I do remember that avatar of yours.

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      Welcome back.

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  3. I'll admit I completely agree with you, there were several episodes of FiM I tried to like but I finally end up disliking them like Crystal Empire, I was analyzing that 2 part episode a lot and in the end I feel like those episodes were tasteless. And even Canterlot Wedding, I thought was underwhelming even though the songs were great. And I realize even an episode that features my favorite characters can be bad. My favorite character in the entire franchise is Cadance because I can relate to her the most. I'm 18 now, and when I was a kid I enjoyed a lot of post movie Spongebob episodes ev
  4. Haven't been here in weeks. I decided to check the forums just to see what's going on.

  5. Since the much anticipated Slice of Life came out last see I want to give my thoughts on it. I thought it was a great episode because it was special and stood out from other episodes. It focused on background ponies which were mostly only known by the fandom and I think its cool to have a whole episode dedicated to them because Id much rather see the featured on official content than fan content. It may be considered fan pandering but still it was special and very different. I thought the wedding was pretty good too and I thought it was funny to see Shining crying. And the ending message by th
  6. I still like MLP but I just don't care for most of the fandom anymore. I think it's okay to be a fan of the show but not apart of the fandom.
  7. So last week I made the decision to start fresh with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic by rewatching the series by starting with the first episode and just rewatch every episode in order. I actually just rewatched Friendship is Magic parts 1 and 2 and my enthusiasm has returned a little bit but not as much as when I first watched. I decided to restart since I miss some of the earlier episodes and I was becoming less attached to the characters, and overall setting. And I feel like a lot of these episodes have some solid morals that I unfortunately missed the first time seeing them. Now morals
  8. Now I might have reached the point where I feel like I really need to take a break from MLP: FiM and the fandom in general. Remember how Tommy Oliver rage quit the brony fandom? Well I seem to be having a very similar situation he was in. I started watching FiM in April 2014 but didn't get into it until June of that year, and that summer I was obsessed with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, I was watching like 6 episodes every day and saw most of the series, I was very enthusiastic of the show and wanted more so I looked up fan content and even joined MLPForums because I wanted to discuss a
  9. I think it's pretty obvious. Anti Bronies hate My Little Pony and bronies because for one thing they think it's stupid for guys to watch a show that looks like a little girls show. MLP has been cemented to the public as being for little girls for decades especially with G3. It's a very feminine franchise but actual horses and ponies are actually very masculine in real life. But still ponies became a girl stereotype similar to fairies mainly because I think more girls think ponies and fairies are cute so companies make pony or fairy toys very feminine. Oh and also the show Fairly Odd Parents is
  10. Since I go on YouTube I have to sit through a lot of them. But I do click on retro commercials.
  11. Now on the internet like on YouTube I feel like it's not that great to have lots of views on your videos. I feel like the most important part of sharing videos is having fun making them putting your expressions in them. The views and subscriber count don't matter at the end of the day since you can get a lot of views and comments but you could also get lots of downvotes and negative comments that the amount of them doesn't matter to you anymore. It's like getting replies to forum posts, it's exciting to get some at first but when you keep getting so many you realize it's not that exciting.
  12. Generation V is my favorite of Pokémon which might be the most controversial but it's got my favorite story, Unova was fun to traverse in, Black and White 2 are my favorite games of all time because of the amount of content, and my favorite Pokémon Keldeo came from that generation even though a lot of bad ones came out too. Now I actually can still play any Pokémon game except for Red and Blue because they are slow and FireRed and LeafGreen play so much better. I can still play Yellow because it seems to play a little faster and you start as Pikachu. I also really enjoy Gen 2, 3, their remakes
  13. Maybe the nest thing he will do is jump on another fandom just to be cool only to tear it up again later on.
  14. TheJLeeTeam

    General Media The Official Pokémon Thread

    I made a review for the 15th Pokémon movie, Kyurem vs. the Swords of Justice. https://mlpforums.com/blog/2076/entry-16955-movie-review-pokémon-kyurem-vs-the-swords-of-justice/
  15. Now the MLP: FiM movie which actually features ponies and not the human versions from Equestria Girls doesn't come out until 2017. So with MLP movies the only ones we have are the Equestria Girls ones from G4 and there's one from G1 from 1986 but I haven't seen it so I can't judge it. But Equestria Girls series while I thought was okay was too cliche and just not very good. But I would like to talk about a movie that's not from the MLP franchise but still technically pony related, and is IMO better than Equestria Girls. I'm not talking about Spirit. The movie I'm talking about is the 1
  16. I think there is a new one coming out by the end of this year and maybe another next year before the actual pony movie in 2017.
  17. I get it. A good story makes a moral more appealing, a bad story makes a moral less appealing while no storytelling makes a moral plain. And for the most part the stories are good enough to deliver a moral which I didn't realize yet. While the storytelling is good, It's not the best storytelling I've seen in a cartoon because I've seen better more interesting storytelling in several other cartoons such as anime, Gravity Falls, and Regular show. So storytelling is not one of my favorite parts of this show but the storytelling is mostly good enough to deliver the morals which are one of my f
  18. I actually tried doing Let's Plays at one point but stopped because I didn't have the proper equipment or the patience to do them.
  19. I don't know if its just me but I feel like the morals and messages usually get overlooked because most fans are more concerned about the Plot or character development. I feel like the messages and morals are one of the best parts about this show along with songs and characters. Most shows of this target audience have some kind of educational value. Maybe not on the same level as shows as Dora the Explorer but more similar to Arthur or Hey Arnold. I mean I feel like a lot of these messages are inspirational and the most memorable parts of this show for me. Does anyone else feel the messag
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