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  1. Because old people do, and the most unconfident young people in the world desperately want to act like old people so people will take them seriously. They never stop to think why old people act so stupidly. Old people look down on young people because they don't understand that old people are the reason why this generation has it much harder than their parents ever did. "You're twenty, and you don't have a big house and wife yet?" "No dad, I'd have to work for twenty more years years at my minimum-wage job before I'd be able to afford a house." "Nonsense, those are just excuses! You're just lazy!"
  2. What would you change? Making the horse owners race with the horse and combining their times? Giving the horse a cut of the winnings to spend on hay?
  3. This one please.
  4. My MLP and Pokemon crossover comic "Pokemon Victory and Friendship" has a site and I've added some extra pages where you can play different GBA and DS games I like. This got me thinking... What is your favourite GBA Pokemon hack?
  5. How DARE THEY! This is an insult to gaming everywhere. THE ONE UPSIDE OF PC GAMING is NO BULLSHIT LIKE THIS. No console wars, no "PC VS PS4 and Steam VS Epic" BS. I hope this game gets more pirated than Spore!!!
  6. Can you draw Twilight Sparkle making the "Shocked Pikachu" face?
  7. They should make G5 like Dragon Ball Super. You take the ponies we know and love and put them in a Multiverse with a ton of new ponies! And non-pony characters. Come on, who doesn't want to see four-legged animal friends we'd never meet in Equestria? Who doesn't want to see our ponies see different worlds!
  8. No, no, no, of course not! The writers just forget tons of stuff all the time. Writers make mistakes all the time! I'm glad I'm a comic artist, not a writer.
  9. It hurts to see it end, but this is for the best. EXCEPT IT'S NOT!!! Why can't they make a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Legends series after this, like what Super is to DBZ?! I'll never see my favourite ponies again!
  10. Neverending nightmares because she can learn moral lessons in those nightmares and learn to be a better pony while asleep.
  11. D: Oh my god, WHY Who thought this would be a good idea?!