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    There isn't any problem in the universe fire and friendship can't solve!
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  1. Lucartini

    Movies/TV Which Infinity Stone would you most want to have?

    I take the time stone, and go to the future where Iron Man 2099's tech is as cheap as an old iphone. And I become the world's greatest hero in the present because for awesomeness. No more war or poverty allowed!
  2. Lucartini

    Applejack, the least popular?

    NO! Applejack is a wonderful mare who deserves everypony's love!
  3. Playing Pokemon C... No, I should never say.
  4. Lucartini

    Do things like raiders/bandits exist in Equestria?

    Hell no. Fallout Equestria was wrong, there are no pony raiders.
  5. Lucartini

    FIM to be removed from Netflix August 16

    Netflix is the worst ever, that's wmhy.
  6. Lucartini

    events The Golden Oaks Library

    That sounds wonderful!
  7. Rainbow Dash is the cutest, hottest, and most lovable Pegasus ever!
  8. Lucartini

    If each of them had a disability/mental illness...

    Twilight: Autism Rainbow Dash: secretly also Autism Pinkie Pie: Extreme Goodness Disorder Rarity: Normie Fluttershy: Avoidant Personality Disorder Applejack: America
  9. The Everfree Forest was born when one of Celestia's pets went missing and started its own culture where animals take care of themselves. Like in Planet of the Apes.
  10. Lucartini

    What old gen should I watch?

    I need more pony in my liiiiiife!
  11. I WOULD KILL for a real MLP game.
  12. Lucartini

    Animation Ben 10 Omniverse

    Have you seen Ben 10 Omniverse? What do you think?
  13. That is so cute! It reminds me of the tulpa people.