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  1. Luminn

    Where are you from?

    The UK here, its boring and always rains and I hate it
  2. Because Lyra is adorable.
  3. Yeah a handful of times. I don't mind it as such as long as people know their limits. It can be either flattering or just downright creepy, a lot of factors at play, really.
  4. Single because I'm a introverted idiot who doesn't leave his room. Never dated anyone and I don't reckon I will for quite some time. Then again I'm going to college soon so...
  5. Luminn

    Mega Thread How are you feeling

    Pretty awful, have been for quite some time now and its starting to annoy me.
  6. For me, Rocket League. I have over 400 hours on that game its not getting old any time soon. But if it had to be a older game, Burnout Paradise
  7. Luminn

    Gaming Car games!

    Burnout Paradise Driveclub Forza 4 PGR 3 Midnight Club DUB Edition Some are kinda old, but those are my favourite.
  8. Like everyone else, yes. Casual matchmaking is just awful and I won't be paying for the competitive pass either because of the experience I'm currently having in TF2. Community servers are a mess, so rip vanilla TF2. Also- i dunno what it is about the leveling system, but it just doesn't fit, makes the game feel more like CS:GO... Hmm, TF:GO? yes. It also broke my custom hud I worked ever so hard on, so that happened too
  9. Luminn

    What's your Zodiac sign?

    Scorpio, I don't believe that stuff to be honest. I don't really fit the descriptions either
  10. I have cheese on everything. No, really, everything
  11. Luminn

    First merch you purchased?

    It was a phone case. I've had it a while and I still use it.
  12. Luminn

    Music Music That Makes Everything Better

    I have a playlist for this type of mood, but my favourite out of them all would be Send The Pain Below by Chevelle. Great song!
  13. That voice gives me goosebumps!
  14. Luminn

    Gaming Pokémon Go Is Finally Out

    I dunno, my friend sideloaded it and it worked for him just fine, seems to have worked for most other people too
  15. Luminn

    Gaming Pokémon Go Is Finally Out

    Sitting here in the UK patiently waiting for it to come out here... Shame I have iOS, I would have just sideloaded the APK