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  1. The UK here, its boring and always rains and I hate it
  2. Hey everyone, im not dead i promise. There isn't a particular reason I've been gone, I've just been a bit busy. Back for now anyway :3

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    2. FFF


      I'm doing well how about you?

    3. Luminn


      Good thanks ^^ Was wondering, wanna play Rainbow Six later? :0

    4. FFF


      That's good and yeah sure just message me when you want to play if not then I'll ask you if I see you on it :3

  3. Yeah a handful of times. I don't mind it as such as long as people know their limits. It can be either flattering or just downright creepy, a lot of factors at play, really.
  4. Rainbow Six Siege is probably one of the best games I've played since the release of Rocket League, needed a good break from Car Ball to be honest. Thanks to Ash for actually telling me to buy it x3

  5. I've always preferred remixing over original songs. Still don't understand why, everyone I know prefers it the other way around.

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    2. FFF
    3. Varrack


      Same, I like remixing more yet it seems like most people prefer originals. I think of remixing as the touching-up of songs that otherwise are mediocre.

    4. Luminn


      Glad to hear someone else feels the same and I couldn't have said it better myself. I love changing a song around to how I would have had it if it were my original too. Also gives of a more personal vibe when you listen to the original song again c:

  6. Single because I'm a introverted idiot who doesn't leave his room. Never dated anyone and I don't reckon I will for quite some time. Then again I'm going to college soon so...
  7. oh my, I haven't been here in quite a while. How is everyone? :0

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    2. GeyserLuna


      Welcome back :) I'm good

    3. EthRitt


      I'm a bit late but... HIII!!!

    4. Luminn


      @JHauxhurst I'm glad! And Thank you c:

      @ethritt Hey ^^

  8. Its too hot :|

    1. Shadow Dash DJ Rod

      Shadow Dash DJ Rod

      it quite cool where i am today

    2. FFF


      I know right!

  9. Pretty awful, have been for quite some time now and its starting to annoy me.
  10. For me, Rocket League. I have over 400 hours on that game its not getting old any time soon. But if it had to be a older game, Burnout Paradise
  11. Burnout Paradise Driveclub Forza 4 PGR 3 Midnight Club DUB Edition Some are kinda old, but those are my favourite.
  12. How is everyone doing today?