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  1. yeah, deffinitly. Its a lot different from the other seasons. Just as good though
  2. Deffinitly, long time no see. Whats been going on?
  3. Here, I shall post 1/4th of the very first chapter of a book I WILL PUBLISH(possibly) Enjoy. Feedback would be much appreciated, as always. /) In search of greatnessIn Search of Geatness.docx
  4. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Pinkie Pie How did you find MLP Forums?: I was here before!!!! How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: ITS AWESOME. DUH So hey guys. I've been away for quite some time. HERES ANOTHER INDRODUCTION!!! hey there. sup
  5. Wow! its been a crazy year and a half.

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    2. Dormant Phyrosite

      Dormant Phyrosite

      Hmm, well i dont like eating raisins. So we can be friends ^^

    3. noplsno
    4. Dormant Phyrosite

      Dormant Phyrosite

      c: i will probably get around to putting you in a box sometime.

  6. im back! yay! I'll be more active when the next season starts c:

  7. im back! yay! I'll be more active when the next season starts c:

  8. I wish there were still mods on the MLP skype chat. Having it run by 10 year olds isn't the best.

  9. Thats a funny thing because I completely felt the same way when finishing the drawing. I was like "she sure seems drunk.. In a way". but come on, derpy is cute drunk or sober riite? My intentions were to draw her as she fell, cause I find derpy and cute clumsy pony right? How can you not love her clumsiness!
  10. This is my picture of derpy that i've been doing for awhile. Please give me some feedback cause I worked really hard on it. check out my deviantart as well for more pictures in the future!
  11. hmm, haven't gone on in a week.

  12. The picture isn't finished yet and thats part of the reason why i'm posting her here right now, so i can get some feedback on it and fix it up later. So yes, completely bash on the picture if you feel that it is necessary.. My deviantart is in my signiture if you are wondering
  13. How do you go to hot topic, without looking retarded.. buy pony merchandise. I swear, i stood there for a good 10 minutes thinking of how to go in and buy it.... I finally leave the store.. go back in, and leave once more.. I wanted a scoots necklace...
  14. Dont you love pinkie 3.14

  15. This is my derpy line art, please feel free to criticize it as much as much as you like because i really need to work on future drawings. check out my deviantart: Thanks for watching