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  1. So I decided to try out a new style of art today, and I'm not sure what I think of it. It's kind of rough and sketchy, which I like better than my clean-cut style I used to use, but it's also a bit messy. The "Pinkie" in the picture is the Pinkie's Boutique line which always struck me as hilarious, so that's why her mane is colored differently. Also, I can't decide on a villain name for her. She's the antagonist in my Iron Dash tumblr, and I can't think up a name to save my life! But enough of that, here's the picture.
  2. Wow, haven't been on here in ages! Um, hi guys!

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      Hmm... Did you ever Role Play?

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      Kind of :3

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      I'll bet that's where I met you :) *sigh* I'm too busy for rping now. Actually, I'm just lazy. But also a little busy.

  3. Oof! I've got some catching up to do if I'm going to stay active here. Sorry I haven't been posting much, I've had a lot of work to do.
  4. Well, that just made my day. A kid showed up trick-or-treating as Vinyl Scratch!

  5. Wind Whistle felt a new respect for Ocean. He had listened to Night Blade's advice and sat this one one out. Instead, he watched from a distance, his mop resting on his shoulder. His eyes widened when he saw Ocean's skills up close. He wished he could have done that. He watched in awe as the Jersey Devil was subdued with mere words. He remembered his promise to Night Blade and decided to try his luck. He walked bashfully up to Ocean, his heart racing for some reason. "Hey," he said. "So, I was wondering... Don't suppose I could take you up on those knife lessons?"
  6. @, Wind Whistle was brought back from his fuming and ranting when he heard Night Blade telling him that he needed to talk. "I'll get back to you later," he promised Black Heart. He set the mop aside and walked to Night Blade. "What is it?" he asked rather testily.
  7. @, Wind Whistle did not notice the Captain's reluctance to deal with the creature. He was having a bad day. He had been thrown against a wall and left for dead not yet an hour ago, and now some sort of dragon freak was trying to bully him. He wasn't going to stand for this. "Oh really? How do we know that you're not one of them?"
  8. "Who invited you on, anyway?" Wind Whistle demanded as he began using his makeshift weapon for its intended purpose. "I don't remember seeing you in the bar. What even are you?" He normally wasn't this snarly, but everything about this... creature put him off, not the least of which being the way he treated his friend.
  9. Wind Whistle trotted on board just in time to see a villainous-looking creature spit vomit onto the deck from the crow's nest. The stuff absolutely stank and he crinkled his nose. "Oh, gross!" he complained. "It's people like you that make my job a lot harder." He didn't like the looks of this newcomer one bit. Or the smells. Or the sound of his voice. Okay, he'd admit it. He hated him on first sight. But he was quickly swept up in the action, grabbing a mop and wielding it like a sword.
  10. Well, I'm tired at last. Good night, guys!

  11. @, Wind Whistle smiled. He could never be sad for long. "Well thanks," he said. "I can't wait to work with you. And thank you, by the way, for bandaging my head. I guess the others forgot about me or something." He laughed a little. His head still hurt, but he wasn't about to let on. "I wonder when the ship sets sail." His eyes began to droop. The excitement was wearing off and the time of night was beginning to catch up with him. He forced himself not to yawn. He was a tough pirate, not some sleepy foal.
  12. @, Wind Whistle hissed in pain as the alcohol sterilized the wound. It felt kind of like when he had tried ale, but on his head instead of in his gut. Ocean wrapped a bandage around his head and talked to him while she helped. His ears perked up when she offered to teach him to fight. "Really? You'd do that?" he exclaimed. "I'd really appreciate that."
  13. @, "I tried to help," Wind Whistle said. "Only I was clumsy. I tripped over somepony and then one of the bounty hunters picked me up like I was nothing and threw me against the wall. I was knocked out in an instant." He sighed. "I guess I'm not much good in a fight if I can't stay awake long enough to land a punch. So, we're leaving early?"
  14. @, Wind Whistle woke up alone. The wind whistled through the trees, making him shiver both with chill and from the eeriness. Gradually, he became aware of his situation. He was crumpled against the wall, his head ached and throbbed, and he could barely feel his hooves. His wings were a crumbled mess. Preening was going to be a pain. When he touched his head, his curly mane was matted with something thick and rather sticky. He pulled it away in disgust. Slowly, he forced himself to his feet and groaned. Everything hurt and some bruises were beginning to show. Oh well, not much he could do about it. He decided to walk back to the pub for lack of anything better, until he remembered that he had no money to pay to spend the night. Maybe they wouldn't mind if he slept outside. Running away was a lot less fun than it had sounded. Still, he felt no particular feeling of homesickness. On the way he saw one of the crew members. She was a rather attractive mare, but Whistle was in no mood to flirt any more. He wanted to know what had happened while he had blacked out. "Hi," he walked up to her. "You probably don't remember me, but I'm going on the Dark Fortune." He winced as the wind blew his mane, disturbing the small scab on his scalp. "What happened back there?"
  15. I'm so confused guys. Are they carrying Wind Whistle to the medical centre, or some other pony?