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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

    1. kanashimi purinsesu

      kanashimi purinsesu

      ah thank you so much ^^ i appreciate it


  2. Happy Thanksgiving everypony! Hope you all enjoy the good food and good vibes today!

  3. hey you shouldn't be so hard on yourself like that it's just a medium for entertainment and if you don't like it that's how you feel. you don't have to get so defensive about it. even if a lot of fans disagree it should still be regarded because it could be some nice feedback for the future. do you think you might have peaked with the series though and not like it anymore?
  4. i would say you have to watch it on your own to make up your own mind about it but i personally had a good time with it. no spoilers but i think its good to sum up if you really enjoy musical like films you'll enjoy it. i'm not really a super plot individual myself so i can't claim to be more informative about "good writing" and things I just wanted to see more ponies and it totally delivered on that front. i also really love the hand drawn style that reminded me of older disney films in fact the film does feel very disney. i think the best comparison i can come up with if you have seen it before is A Chipmunk Adventure. i think its best to take things as they are instead of going in with expectations of what you think it should be. not trying to be mean by saying that btw it's just something that i learned and i found myself enjoying things a lot more ever since i adopted that worldview. but even if you watch it and don't like it all that much that's still fine because you can't really please everyone and even the worst of things still have fans that enjoy parts of it. i'd say it's got some nice bits of fan service too like a certain dance in the credits if you like looking out for stuff like that.
  5. the one thing that i own that i cherish would have to be a picture of my father. it's my gateway to knowing what he looked like.
  6. bit of a grim topic but one that i really enjoy. for me personally i would pick dying young and staying around the age i am now. when i see older folks wandering about i feel really bad and think i really would not want to end up like that. we all have to perish sometime anyway i would rather have a young life full of things i loved instead of a drawn out one. i second the really good topic notion by the way.
  7. i have not been on these forums in a very long time, how's things, who's new and what's up all?

  8. there are so many differing opinions in the fandom that it's gonna happen for sure but on a fundamental level i hope that it's lauded more for what it gets right instead of being focused on what it doesn't. although sadly this IS the internet afterall so you know it's gonna stir up some arguing over some little details somewhere down the line. if it does though it will die down after a while and the pony folks that appreciate the movie for what it gets right will be around to discuss it assuming the movie isnt really bad.
  9. it's really easy to sit back and see things from an outside perspective and think "this individual is a terrible individual for doing this and that" and depending on the motivation behind the crime it can be a proper stance to take. i don't necessarily share the same viewpoint however, you'd be surprised just how bad and how terrible the lives of some of the folks that commit these crimes are. i wouldn't say it's entirely excusable but then this is why the justice system exists (although it could stand to be more thorough), it's there to look deeper into these issues and see why these things happen in the first place (in theory, the justice system is it's own monster to be honest, sometimes just purely for punishment) with all of that being said though i don't necessarily see them as cowards as mostly on crime that you read after investigations have been done and details released you see that it's a lot of mental illness and a lot of folks with bleak prospects for the future and hopelessness looking for some way out or some way to make it better for a little while, or those that were just raised in a world where that's all that they know (which seems to be the case often). though when you see a criminal bragging about what they have done or those that are intentionally doing repeat crimes i can share that viewpoint. nothing is black and white. lenghty post don't really know if i an tl;dr it at the moment but that's my take
  10. i dont use the forums much but browse often and i have to say that i am happy that this forum has reached its four year birthday, this is such a great community and a really nice forum that deserves it. Cheers, Everypony!
  11. not joking i get mistaken for a 13 year old SO much. im not even a teenager anymore but at the same time its flattering. i guess youthful looks are a blessing to some of us XD
  12. i pre-ordered it the day before it released and ended up getting a day 1 edition without even knowing XD but the game i was on it all day without spoiling anything the introduction to it really sets the tone that this is a game about war but it also hints at a bigger plot at play. after that the game becomes even more engaging thanks to how its like you are tackling missions in the way you see fit. stealth, guns blazing, shooting and making distractions while sneaking etc, its a very VERY engaging game. mother base is awesome as well and you can customize many parts of your gear and even the color of things and make a custom emblem. the story i cant say much on so far but its got that signature metal gear absurdness with it to make it that dramatic soap opera kind of series we all know and love. also ocelot in this game is so smexy, mmm. <3
  13. wow metal gear solid v has a really awesome and intense start. so far the game makes you feel like an actual pro by letting you come up with so many strategies and doing recon. its really awesome

  14. sonata is my favorite dazzling it'd be really nice to see more of her in friendship games. taco tuesday!

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      碇 シンジン