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  1. FedoraMemes

    Looking for Bronies to Interview

    Hmm, seems interesting. I agree with the points Bababa made, try to explain the fandom in detail, and how everyone isn't a neckbeard. Nonetheless, I shall get in contact with you soon, although I rarely use email. I would prefer something like Skype, but still, whatever is easiest for you.
  2. FedoraMemes

    What is your hair and eye colour?

    My hair is a mix between blond and brown. It's more of a blond though, hence why I selected blond. I guess it is dirty blond. My eyes are very similar, a mix between blue and green, but I chose blue, because blue is closer.
  3. FedoraMemes

    Happy 420 blaze it day bronies

    Happy 420 day guys. Hope you smoked sum good w33d and gained more swag points because #yolo Have a nice little video.
  4. I'm pretty sure this would be of use to me. I've wanted to design a banner for ages now. Thank you for posting this, this is great for me, and others who want to design a banner but lack the skills to do one from scratch.
  5. FedoraMemes

    Worst fanfic ever? AND IT WAS MADE BY ME?

    Well, I'm about to read it now. It can't be as bad as Pattycakes, Equestrian Pie, or Scootaloo's Love for Pain. ~reads~ Well, I read it all (of what was there) and I've come up with a list of things I like and dislike. I really like the whole My Little Human thing, that actually made me laugh. The human in Equestria thing was pretty good as well. However, the things I dislike outweigh the things I like. The pacing isn't very good (something I'm guilty of) but it does get better. Some parts don't make sense, such as why he is in Equestria. A lot of the idea's have already been done and are cliche, such as 7th element. I know it was done as an excuse to be with the Mane 6, but still, you could've gone about that in a more creative way (I'm not going to make any suggestions, it would help your writing if you thought it up yourself, therefore it is your idea). The characters seem rather out of character in a lot of places, especially Fluttershy and Twilight. Finally, general writing skills (I know, it sounds mean), but I think you need to work on your description. Even though it is in first person, similes, metaphors etc can really make your writing more enjoyable. A good place to use this would be when you meet Twilight. Compare her beauty to something else (not cliche). Try using more vocabulary, and don't use words such as 'said'. Describe how they are speaking, it will really help. This isn't the worst fan fic ever, but it still isn't the best. A lot of fanfictions aren't exactly masterpieces or standing ovations anyway, so that's something. *Pre-post note* After re-reading, I can kind of make sense as to why he is in Equestria, but still not completely.
  6. In my head-canon, ponies can't upgrade to Alicorns, but Twilight get's to do it, so that kinda voided the canon. Apart from that, there isn't really much else, apart from that there were civilisations in Equestria before the ponies, which were made up of pseudo-ponies and that wars tore the land apart, and that the species evolved into the ponies we know today.
  7. FedoraMemes

    A Wild Sneasel Appeared!

    *A wild Sneasel appeared* *Go Rainbow Dash!* Welcome to the forums! It's good to see a new fairly 'veteran' brony joining the forums, I kinda like that. My name is DylanKLJ. I also use the alias Sonic Death and UndeadTears. Anyway, hope you enjoy your stay!
  8. FedoraMemes

    MLP Forums is going to BronyCon!

    This is great news. The whole Poniverse thing is kinda exciting too, and I can't wait to see what projects we will undergo soon. I still remember the day I joined the forum, when we weren't as big as we are now, with only a few thousand members. I still can't believe we've grown so much in only a few years. I know I've been incredibly inactive, but still, I hope to be able to rebuild my name in the community as it continues to grow. Love you Felds, Kurtiss and everyone who has made my brony experience great. /)
  9. FedoraMemes

    Ways the brony fandom could improve.

    I think one way we could improve is kinda linked to the whole Twilicorn business. Respecting other people's opinions, and general respect. For example, when Season 3 ended, some people were in an uproar, others were completely fine about the ending. However, there were a group of people who I noticed that were constantly flaming and attacking the people who disliked the end of Season 3, or the Season in general. People saying things like 'hurr durr you're not a true brony because you didn't like the episode'. These are statements that I find ridiculous and are just plain stupid. Just by writing that statement, you're almost contradicting yourself entirely. Despite this however, we all need to remember that we should still love each other. Even though I am having periods of misanthropy, I think that we need to know what it's like being another person, and like I said, statements like that make the fandom bad, and make you look like a hypocrite. We should all continue to love and tolerate each other, even though that statement has essentially become a way to fight trolls.
  10. FedoraMemes

    Movies/TV The Anime Club

    I need an opinion of an anime: BECK I've heard it's quite good, it's about Japanese Urban culture and all that good stuff, so I was wondering if anyone had watched it? (Also, now there are two anime threads. Not sure what to say about it, but meh, I don't mind. I could ask to get it merged).
  11. FedoraMemes

    Mega Thread Anime Discussion Thread

    Yesterday, I decided to start watching School Days. It is a great anime so far, and I'm only on episode 2. I've been told that it get's violent towards the end (bloody love violence) so that's something to look forward to. I might write a mini review on it when I've finished it.
  12. FedoraMemes

    Religion !

    And as usual, the Agnostics, LaVeyans and anyone of any other obscure religion are trapped in the middle.
  13. FedoraMemes

    Bronies made the Stern Show best of the year list!

    Which is absolutely fine. Giving your opinion when asked for it is a good thing. I wasn't directing anything at you, and I would never try to destroy your opinion.
  14. FedoraMemes

    Bronies made the Stern Show best of the year list!

    I'm not sure if my information is correct, but apparently, the whole thing was a joke, which in my opinion, I actually found hilarious, especially the people who took it seriously, and got in a real mood about it. No offence, but people getting extremely butthurt (do people still use that?) about something really makes me laugh.
  15. FedoraMemes

    Mega Thread Anime Discussion Thread

    Yes, Death Note is quite a good anime. Not finished it yet however, but I've gotten further in the manga than I have in the anime.