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  1. Too much redirecting. Got lost
  2. 4/5 posts lo Welcome to the forum mk Fidget spinner are banned
  3. I don't see the difference between react and review. Reviews sound more formal, and if thats the case you sound like you were reacting.
  4. I got a cheap 20$ mic. Wish I could be in it, even if im 14 and might ruin my school reputation. Like my mic is so bad like 4 real it sounds like im underwater or something
  5. There are already alot of react channels. The problem is, it's oversaturated and hard to get anywhere with. I haven't watched them because they are season 7, and I haven't gotten around to watching them yet. But if you truly like doing it, don't let this discourage you. You can always make ytps, assuming you have good programs to make them, and get a big channel to react to it. (React channels usually react to a another react video) Also, what mic do you use? I watched a bit of one, not bad as a voice actor, just needs a bit less of a push and more fit when there is punctuation. It sounded like a statement more than a question.
  6. The first MLP dream I had was explicit. 


  7. I was on the roof. Legitimately. I was "Target practicing"
  8. Mega Thread

    Banned for copyright infringement
  9. Ponies tails are made of hair, so logically I wouldn't feel it
  10. No, you'll loose it instead. Give me money (adds question mark)
  11. Okay. Will be the issues?
  12. You. Want to more like?