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  1. HOOK FOOT - Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure
  2. Thrift stores and Estate sales are your friends!
  3. Yup. I was FINALLY allowed to way WAY back when I was 15. I bugged my mom for ages before that, but she stuck firm. From the first time I asked, it was "Not until you are fifteen!"
  4. Putting smile faces doesn't make the comment less hurtful. I wasn't joking. Don't you think I wish I had good eyesight? I miss being able to pick up any book I want to read.
  5. I heard that it you blew on the Sega genesis cartridges, they would sometimes work if they weren't booting up. (Hey, I am a product of the 80's!)
  6. I rely on my Kindle. I don't use it to be trendy or "in". My eyesight is very poor. Even wearing my glasses, which I need every waking moment (I have no memory of not wearing glasses) I get terrible headaches if I read hard cover books for more than an hour. I can't read paperbacks any more. If I can't get it in large print volumes, I HAVE to read it on my Kindle. I have the font set as large as it can go. I can read for as long as I like, with no headaches or eyestrain. It's a blessing for me. Oh, and my prescription is up to date. Sadly, I fully expect sometime in the coming years, to be classed as legally blind. You should see how large I have my computer display web pages!
  7. Let me think a moment. If you ad them all up, it's zero. LOL!
  8. Which Rainbow brings you the most happiness, BFFFF?




    1. cuteycindyhoney


      The first one! Rainbow looks so cute with her mane pulled back with a headband! Followed by the bottom middle. She just looks so happy!

    2. Sparklefan1234


      My favorite is the GGG Rainbow in the middle ofΒ the bottom row.