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  1. Quick side note. I love Sassy's character design. i like occasionally having ponies break the mold sizewise. As for Twilight. There are three reasons. 01, She wasn't born an alicorn, I think that's a telling fact right there. 02, She's much younger than Luna and Celestia, and several years younger than Cadence. I think over time she'll get bigger. 03, Hasbro doesn't want to make new molds for future Twilight character toys. It's all down to the bottom line.
  2. I abandoned Internet Explorer Years ago. when I switched to Netscape navigator. Then I moved on to Firefox.
  3. Mint chocolate OMG yes, um, yum. Sardines in olive oil? (Tasty!)
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    Congratulations, and check those seals!
  5. I think this counts. It was so completely unexpected that I nearly died laughing!
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    For me, it's late at night.
  7. Twilight Sparkle - "Hey Starlight, I've been thinking. Wanna help me depose Celestia?" Starlight - "Only if you let me take her Cutie mark." Bon Bon - "For Celestria's sake Lyra, would you get the buck away from me?" Derpy - "I'm Queen of the bagels!" Mrs. Cake - "I don't give a flying feather what you think! Sign the divorce papers or I restrict all your visitation rights!" Mr. Cake - "What? Child support? Look at 'em! They aren't even mine!" Pinkie Pie - "oh, oh! Can I have them if nopony wants them?" Mr. and Mrs. Cake - "NOOO!"
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    Just a little quiet time. Stopping at a non-chain coffee shop for a while. Antiquing, flea marketing. Just taking a long walk together.
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  10. Upon hearing of this, Twilight Sparkle immediately goes out to commit a felony!
  11. The very first thing that popped up is the Kim Possible picture I use everywhere I need an avatar image. I scanned ahead and hit the jackpot! I totally forgot I made this, but there it was! The quality isn't the greatest. I threw it together in Photoshop. (Posted five years ago, at the Roosterteeth MLP image thread) I still think Goku and Rainbow Dash would become friends if they ever met!
  12. I had to Google that, but I'm looking forward to more of your work.
  13. All hail the queen of condiments!
  14. My husband still thinks he's working that day. I have time to change his mind. We're only getting about 73% totality, but it's going to be fantastic!
  15. Mega Thread

    Cause I'm blond...