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  1. i once lucked out and found an American store selling Jelly babies. Having watched classic Doctor Who, I just had to get some! They're great. Too bad the store went out of business!
  2. "Prince of Space" IS a Japanese movie.
  3. Exactly. That was the sticking point for me. It displayed that Zephyr doesn't care one flying feather about his parents or what they want. I actually felt myself grow angry when I watched that scene. More so than at anything Starlight did before her redemption. In her own way, Starlight thought she was doing good in her village. Zephyr just casually destroyed his father's cherished collection so he could say "Look, I can stay here in this suddenly empty cottage!" I find that to be truly evil.
  4. Have you ever watched the MST3K "Prince of Space"?
  5. I don't care if people know I watch MLP, but there is something I don't admit to. I've been watching "Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot" on Comet TV. OMG, it's stupid, but in a sort of cool way. I'd rather not tell people about it in real life.
  6. Mare-churian Candidate After Mayor Mare's shockingly unexpected landslide loss, Rarity examines the clues to determine just who rigged Ponyville's election, and why.
  7. Movies/TV

    Tina is great. My favorite lone from her is... "I'm no hero. I put my bra on one boob at a time just like everyone else." As a fellow writer, I can appreciate her "Erotic Friend Fiction" stories as well. My favorite line from Louise is "All I know is that sex sells, so we need to find some sex and sell it." Then we have Gene. Well, how can you top this? Last, we have something that makes me laugh every time I hear it! Linda is fantastic!
  8. I live in the state of confusion AKA New Jersey, The Garden State. Sorry, I will not be pinning it down by naming my community!
  9. My husband thinks I'm weird (But in a good way!) I'm an anime, MLP, Doctor Who, Kim Possible fan. I write questionable stories. I like to eat raw broccoli. A year ago I spent a week in the hospital (Two and 1/2 days unconscious, on ventilator). I have a real life BBBFF. How's that? It doesn't even scratch the surface of the oddity that is...ME! Math makes me want to cry. Math, why are so evil!
  10. Soylent Green!
  11. Apprehensive
  12. I have quite a few anime figures. I also have a lot of...
  13. I'm not much of a gamer, but I do remember how much I liked Krystal. She's great!
  14. I would be ecstatically overjoyed if Morgan Freeman voiced Starswirl the Bearded. That would, to coin a phrase, be AWESOME! I found this picture AFTER I wrote the above. I'm glad I'm not alone with this wish!
  15. We've actually never seen Daybreaker. We saw Starlight's nightmare of what she thought Daybreaker would be like.