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  1. Here's my pick. Secret Agent Sweetie Drops AKA Bon-Bon.
  2. "Ow! Watch that hoof! It felt like you hit me with a baseball bat!" Gives nose a sharp finger plink "Now, how do you like it?"
  3. The motioning with her forelegs was wonderful! I read it as "Look you! You're older! You have to do something!" Plus, bopping Spike with a block was just cute! Dream episode...Tree Hugger, Spearhead, and Maud on a quest of some sort. That would be a blast!
  4. Does someone want a scratch behind the ears?
  5. I was lucky enough to start the series from the very first episode. (After I saw the Flutterguy clip, and grew curious enough to download season one) I found the originating two parter to be very good indeed. I loved watching Twilight being forced by circumstance to gain the friendships she thought she had no need of. Then she learned that she did need friends, and she started on the road that lead to my beloved Princess of Friendship! My only complaint was that it wasn't the start of a season long story arc. That's mainly (manely) because I'm an anime fan, and that's what I've grown used to in an animated show of this quality.
  6. Kim Possible, when you going to come back in a new series? You really need to seriously talk to Disney about this. Like, seriously.

  7. It all depends on if my husband left for work yet. Not home... I would not object. If my husband is home... "Come back later, honey!"
  8. Thank you very much. You should go back and edit your post to me. I loved how Shining Armor got "A Thousand Nights in a Hallway.". Shared experience would be important between artist and viewer.
  9. Flurry is adorable. I can't see why so many people don't like her.
  10. I loved Twilight's attempts to be the "Best Aunt Ever". The scenes with her just playing with Flurry were simply adorable. Flurry's attempts to make a toy bear dance like Twilight did made me smile with pure delight. Anyone who has watched a baby play would recognize that Flurry actually did a very good job in matching what Twilight had done. On a more analytical note, Twilight, Shining, and Cadence must be very glad that the precocious foal can generate an impenetrable force bubble when frightened. A curious magic user able to teleport instantly from her parent's or aunt's sight would need such a defense mechanism to survive. I think this was one of the best "slice of life" episodes in the entire series.
  11. I heard that Scruffy tried out for the lead in "Scarface: The Musical"
  12. "Get yer sausage inna bun! get 'em while they're hot! Made of the best pig by products! Only 3 bits, and that's cutting me own throat!" - Granny Smith "Turn the Celestia damned key Fluittershy!" - Rainbow Dash "Trixie, you know my mane is better than yours." - Starlight Glimmer "Twilight, your letters sure cut down on the castle's toilet paper expenditure." - Princess Celestia. "Twilight, for the last time! I'm not writing you letters! I live right down the hall from you in your castle!" - Starlight Glimmer "Rainbow darling, has anypony accuse you of any crimes lately? I have an all new Shadow Spade line set to launch!" - Rarity