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  1. Metal Storm. I don't have a real interest in guns, but for some reason I want to fire this real bad!!!
  2. I don't get the channel. My episodes somehow fell into my hard drive. LOL! Got every single one!
  3. Are you sure you mean steampunk? This is what I think when I contemplate a steampunk MLP world.
  4. My dad, brother, and husband are cooking! Yay! Mom me, and my sister in law I will just annoy them all day long. Ahhh, family traditions! Dad's a great cook..Brother and hubby...Not so much! LOL!
  5. Helen O'Loy from the wonderful story by Lester Del Rey (written in 1938!)
  6. DEATH Terry Pratchett's Discworld series
  7. This is my very favorite. I find it haunting, and rather beautiful. A circle that turns round upon itself. Place it on it's side and it's a symbol meaning INFINITY. That has stuck with me my whole life.