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  1. I would, if the test site was the pusher plate on an Orion type nuclear powered spacecraft.
  2. I just recently watched "Tangled" for the very first time. This led me to the series. I downloaded all the episodes and plowed through them. Next week is the last episode. I can't wait!
  3. Check your local library. I never watched a minute of it in my life before, but I have recently become a HUGE fan of "Buffy The Vampire Slayer"! Luckily my library has the whole series on DVD. I'm about a third of the way into season three, and LOVE it!. Willow is my favorite character. The same thing goes for "Firefly" How did stupid Fox end up cancelling such a great show after just fourteen episodes? I have the movie "Serenity " on order with the library. Another series I've discovered? "Supernatural". I lucked out and got the season one box set at a thrift store for...ONE DOLLAR! I have one more episode in season one. I already have season two from the library!
  4. CAPTAIN CARROT - Terry Pratchett's Discworld series of books.
  5. Sunlight kills viruses due to the ultraviolet. This might sound over cautions, but when I go grocery shopping, I always grab a cart that was sitting out in direct sunlight. Then wipe down the handlebar with the sanitary wipes Shoprite provides.
  6. I am a bit germophobic, so this is really frightening. I tell you what though. I had Chinese food yesterday, because stupid people are hurting restaurant business because they think anyone of Chinese origin automatically has it. That just dumb!
  7. RICHIE RICH - Shortly before being arrested for money laundering.
  8. Reduction in infant mortality, getting the vote, being able to get a job, and technology in general.
  9. Hope my husband is not around? Meant that for Lucky Bolt. Meson, you better run! My husband is coming home any second!
  10. There's no way to even guess. I actually think everything would be about the same. People who couldn't get whatever channel was broadcasting it, would download (Like me)