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  1. I'd like it to be something like the map sends AJ on a solo mission. She looks at the map and she whips off her hat to wipe beads of sweat form on her brow. "Oh Crab-apples. That, that there is where HE lives!" Aj then has to confront somepony, possibly an ex-Somepony Special from her past, and set right what caused them to have a drastic falling out.
  2. spoiler

    This episode was a swing and a miss with me. Feather Bangs was a cute name, but they should have called him Justin Bridal or something. It's obvious he was a ponyfied Justin Bieber. Things got questionable really fast. Sugar Belle saw Big Mac stop the "alleged" purse snatcher robber and witnessed Feather Bangs snatch the saddlebag right out of Big Mac's hoof to take credit for the recovery. She knowingly heaped praise on the wrong pony. That made her vapidly shallow in my book. Now, the attempted kiss. NO! Just no. Why did they have the CMC urge Big Mac to molest, yes, molest a sleeping mare? Guys, this is just wrong any way you look at it. Non-consensual kissing a sleeping girl is just a short step from "He's going to jail!" I don't condone censorship. but if Hasbro ordered that to be altered a tiny bit, I would not complain. One other thing. It's a bit of a stretch I know, but the writers seem to be intentionally throwing in fan-fic fuel. Big Mac built a new display case. Sugar Belle gushed "You made it bigger!" Yikes! I guess size matters in Equestria. This isn't the first bit of double entendre they've thrown in this season. Remember this? Just what are they hinting about with Rarity and Sweetie Belle? In closing. I didn't care much for this episode. It doesn't reflect well on the rest of the series. If this was my first episode, there probably wouldn't have been a second for me. Yeah, I didn't like it that much!
  3. spoiler

    I just spent too long stitching these together. Sheesh, was it fiddly to get rid of the stupid acorn! In my screen grab, the acorn was centered right in the middle of the bottom right "letter". I had to zoom in real close and carefully recolor the acorn to match the background and the writing squiggles.
  4. Yum... Sun Dried tomatoes?
  5. spoiler

    I didn't watch the episode yet, but I have my reservations about it. I didn't like the Yaks in their original episode. I was actually wishing Twilight would sever diplomatic ties with them for being such big nasty jerks.
  6. I knew I'd find something appropriate!
  7. In my post last month, I forgot one of my longest held Waifus! My avatar should give everyone a clue! Kim Possible! This image is not fan art. It's from an actual episode. My Kimmie Cub looks so good in basic black. No, I don't mind Ron being a Waifu stealer. Yes, I ship her with Shego. Note, I picked a very respectable "ship" image. They look so cute holding hands!
  8. Bong
  9. Hey, watch the slobber...And gimme that popcorn! *Snatches popcorn and begins to eat*
  10. From the brief synopses I've read, none of the stories even comes close to touching on a return of Midnight Sparkle. I am really looking forward to the "Mirror Magic" installment. It sounds exactly like what I want to see happen!
  11. I'm not exactly rich, but as someone doing well, I LOVE thrift shops. I certainly don't look down my nose at people shopping there. I don't know if the ponies would have such shops though. They seem to like bartering for things, as shown in "Trade Ya".
  12. Pole
  13. A lot of Disney cartoons very lightly touched on certain issues. Darkwing Duck was a single father with an adopted daughter. Kim Possible's Ron Stoppable is Jewish, and from time to time would demand Kosher food from the lunch lady (but get the same glop as everyone else!) In Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers, Gadget Hachwrench is found as an orphan living alone since the death of her father Geegaw. It's part of the reason she's a bit odd. She spent too long by herself. In Goof Troop, Goofy is a single father. I always wondered what happened to max's mom.
  14. The winking unicorn is my favorite. She's just adorable! Great work!