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  1. That R.B. Parker... I've checked on him, seems he did indeed write crime fiction series. Are they worth recommending? And how popular was he, you reckon I have a chance to find the books translated to foreign languages easily?

    Would be a good gift for my mom on xmas :)

  2. cuteycindyhoney

    Lines you'll never catch FIM characters saying.

    "Stop bugging us! You'll get your darn Cutey Mark when you're ready, Not a second sooner!" - The CMC (In unison) "Rarity, I can't thank you enough for framing Wind Rider for sending that fake letter from Spitfire's mom!" - Rainbow Dash "Darling, it was nothing. After one date with me, Wind Rider was willing to say anything I wanted hi to say. You keep paying the bits, and I'll keep my mouth shut about you also having a scarf with Chocolate Ganache stains on it!" - Rarity
  3. cuteycindyhoney

    General What style do you like your hair to be?

    I've never had the nerve to go this short, but I've always loved Audrey Hepburn's hair like this. She looks so lovely!
  4. cuteycindyhoney

    Chinese babies had gene editing done- ethics?

    The scientists involved should be banned from ever coming within a mile of any building, research facility, or school that has so much as one microscope. They should be banned for any kind of scientific work for the rest of their lives. I'm not trying to be cutesy or funny. I find the idea of custom altering human beings to be truly horrifying. Back on an edit. I had to remove the last sentence. I didn't like what I said. It was wrong. Sorry. Give them a twenty year prison sentence is they do it again!
  5. I do love my Princess Twilight Sparkle, but I would also like to mention someone from literature. Robert B. Parker's character, Spenser. His first name is never given. Spenser is a a strong and just man. He can be hard when needed, but will put his life on the line to help a friend. I love Spenser, but know that if I ever somehow entered a reality where he exists, I'd have no chance. His love for Dr. Susan Silverman is absolute. She is his anchor. Without her, he might become as cold and unfeeling as his blood brother, Hawk.
  6. I like number one. 35 years of Applejack!
  7. cuteycindyhoney

    General Have You Ever Fallen Asleep While Driving?

    A couple of years ago I was in a terrible car crash. It was a single car crash, involving my car and a very large tree. I came very close to dying. I have no actual memory of the crash, having awakened three days later in the hospital. I think the answer is probably yes. I haven't driven a car since then. Frankly, I'm too scared to.
  8. cuteycindyhoney

    How did you find your avatar ?

    Scanned it myself something like 15 years ago when I got my first scanner. It's off of a box of Kim Possible Valentine's Day cards. It's the only avatar I've used in all that time.
  9. cuteycindyhoney

    A monkey's uncle

    Saying a wise sentient sapient Zebra is related to monkeys sounds like it has the makings of a serious insult.
  10. cuteycindyhoney

    T.P.A.M. (The Pony After Me...)

    "I'm Groot!" No I'm not! TPAM is an inventor
  11. cuteycindyhoney

    Mega Thread Caption the avatar above you.

    Arkadios Unplugged! A Night of Acoustical Lute! Tickets on sale now in Sherwood Forrest!
  12. cuteycindyhoney

    Applying a multiverse theory to fanfiction

    Of course this is true. My stories are not canon to the series ,as are many fanfic authors. Those stories take place outside of the continuum set up by the actual series episodes.
  13. cuteycindyhoney

    Starlight's plan for Mane 6's cutie marks in the Cutie Map?

    It has to be sea salt, with just a touch of garlic added too!
  14. cuteycindyhoney

    Do the new writers watch older episodes?

    I think some may, but they also probably work from the show "bible".