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  1. Science Rest In Peace Stephen Hawking

    I remember when this was in the news. I teared up. For just a moment, he was freed from his body.
  2. Science Rest In Peace Stephen Hawking

    I loved this scene. I read somewhere that Stephen Hawking took great delight in playing a holographic representation of himself on "Star trek: The Next Generation"
  3. Happy Pi Day! 3.14

    Wishing everyone the very best for this mathematical date!
  4. Science Rest In Peace Stephen Hawking

    That is such a shame. In the future, his name will be remembered alongside Galileo Galilei and Isaac Newton.
  5. Craft 1985 Ford Crown Victoria Papercraft Project

    That's really cool! Nice work!
  6. Should we have a First-person perspective episode or two?

    How about through Gummy's eyes? We need more of his philosophical outlook on life!
  7. Spoiler Season 8 school roles revealed

    Will Trixie be a guest lecturer?
  8. I'd say Rarity. After all, she helped Steven Magnet when he lost half of his mustache.
  9. Can someone tell me Rainbow Dash's top speed?

    I'm not sure how ponies measure speed. I don't think any mention has ever been made. They do have a measurement for "Wing Power" but who knows how that equates to speed.
  10. What is your favorite YouTube subculture?

    Currently I'm in a comic mood. I'm hooked on "Planet Dolan" videos. Very funny. Be careful though, some are NSFW
  11. Questions about Forgotten Friendship.

    That's where I got it!
  12. Boop a snoot, any snoot

    Oh my! Twilight the Pokemon trainer is adorable! Boop! @Rarity the Supreme
  13. Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    "Double Indemnity" Classic film noir.
  14. First, a movie like "Sausage Party" (Which was stupid. Yes, I downloaded it!) will draw in the older teen/frat boy crowd. Secondly, it wasn't that theaters refused to show MLP the Movie. The distributors only placed MLP The Movie in a limited amount of theaters. They didn't think it would make much money. The real returns will be in the DVD/Blu Ray/Streaming sales world wide.