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  1. cuteycindyhoney

    Respond with a picture

  2. cuteycindyhoney

    Respond with a picture

  3. cuteycindyhoney

    Funniest episode(s) of the show?

    Lesson Zero is really funny to me. Twilight can work herself into a frenzy over nothing. I'm guilty of that! LOL!
  4. I read that article! Russia was going to do something similar a few years ago, but a collision in space wrecked their artificial moon before it could deploy..
  5. cuteycindyhoney

    Tv shows from A-Z

    LOST Nicely done, @TBD
  6. cuteycindyhoney

    What Do You Like About The Above User's Avatar?

    Yikes, I've been Ninja'd Good for Halloween?
  7. cuteycindyhoney

    Flyder Rank

    I was wondering about the Flyders. They're kind of scary!
  8. cuteycindyhoney

    Science Do You own a Telescope?

    I never did, but growing up, my BBBFF owned one. I have no idea what kind, except that it was a reflector with a mirror. I think he still has it. I'll have to ask. I just googled reflector telescopes. It looked like this, only his was red. I don't remember if it said anything on it though.
  9. cuteycindyhoney

    Make up a lie about yourself

    I was never in love with a woman (years) before I married my husband.
  10. cuteycindyhoney

    Since AU's are confirmed in FiM, let's talk about possibilities.

    Dream big. How about an AU where Nightmare Moon banished Celestia to the sun? Twilight Sparkle learns the magic of friendship, betrays her beloved dark Princess, and sets out to free Celestia! back on an edit. There's a fanfic in that!
  11. cuteycindyhoney

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Detectives. I love Spenser, created by the late Robert B. Parker. Spenser is a strong and moral man. He can be tough and ruthless when needed, but his undying love for Dr. Susan Silverman keeps him centered. She is very nearly his reason for living. Without her in his life, he may go the way of his blood brother, Hawk, and become almost emotionless. Susan also brings out the best in Hawk. She is the only person Spenser had ever seen make Hawk laugh. In one book, he even said to Spenser "I love that woman" This is a rarity for him. Oh, I forgot to mention Pearl, The Wonder Dog! She belongs to both Spenser and Susan. They take turns keeping her at their houses. Susan and Spenser, (first name NEVER reveled) tried to live together once, but are both too independent. They love each other dearly though. What type of books do you read?
  12. cuteycindyhoney

    Tv shows from A-Z

    Hetalia: Axis Powers That's a separate thread.
  13. cuteycindyhoney

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Scrabble! Do you wear glasses? If so, what age did you start? (I have no memory of NOT wearing glasses)
  14. cuteycindyhoney

    What Food/Drink do you have on your mind?

    I'm about to make some home made popcorn. Plain, with a little sea salt and garlic powder. YUM!
  15. cuteycindyhoney

    Would you nap with the avatar above you

    Yikes! Sorry, no! I'm checking the locks right now!