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  1. I abandoned Internet Explorer Years ago. when I switched to Netscape navigator. Then I moved on to Firefox.
  2. Mint chocolate OMG yes, um, yum. Sardines in olive oil? (Tasty!)
  3. Staff

    Congratulations, and check those seals!
  4. I think this counts. It was so completely unexpected that I nearly died laughing!
  5. General

    For me, it's late at night.
  6. Twilight Sparkle - "Hey Starlight, I've been thinking. Wanna help me depose Celestia?" Starlight - "Only if you let me take her Cutie mark." Bon Bon - "For Celestria's sake Lyra, would you get the buck away from me?" Derpy - "I'm Queen of the bagels!" Mrs. Cake - "I don't give a flying feather what you think! Sign the divorce papers or I restrict all your visitation rights!" Mr. Cake - "What? Child support? Look at 'em! They aren't even mine!" Pinkie Pie - "oh, oh! Can I have them if nopony wants them?" Mr. and Mrs. Cake - "NOOO!"
  7. General

    Just a little quiet time. Stopping at a non-chain coffee shop for a while. Antiquing, flea marketing. Just taking a long walk together.
  8. Web

  9. Upon hearing of this, Twilight Sparkle immediately goes out to commit a felony!
  10. The very first thing that popped up is the Kim Possible picture I use everywhere I need an avatar image. I scanned ahead and hit the jackpot! I totally forgot I made this, but there it was! The quality isn't the greatest. I threw it together in Photoshop. (Posted five years ago, at the Roosterteeth MLP image thread) I still think Goku and Rainbow Dash would become friends if they ever met!
  11. I had to Google that, but I'm looking forward to more of your work.
  12. All hail the queen of condiments!
  13. My husband still thinks he's working that day. I have time to change his mind. We're only getting about 73% totality, but it's going to be fantastic!
  14. Mega Thread

    Cause I'm blond...
  15. Web

    Technically it was episode 19, i watched tonight, but here's the link for anyone that may want to start the show from the beginning. For anyone watching blind, please post when you had your "Light bulb". (You'll know what that means) Ouran high School Host Club is one of my all time favorite anime series. I have a bootleg DVD box set from china, but I've been watching it all week from YouTube for some reason. My light bulb? At the 3:40 mark.