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  1. I'll go ahead and give my top 10 1. The nightmare before Christmas 2. The Dark Knight 3. Chasing Amy 4. Clerks 2 5. Return of the Jedi 6. Schindlers List 7. Pulp Fiction 8. Inglorious Basterds 9. LILO and stitch 10. Requiem for a dream
  2. Favorite pokemon- pikachu, pichu, raichu, charmander, evee, mew, mewtwo, zapdos, abra, kakuna Movie- the first one Ep- goodbye pikachu
  3. I would have to go with a l I would go with a bunch of video game characters- Ellie from the last of us, cortanna from halo, yuna from ffx, Jodie from beyond: two souls, chell from portal, faith from mirrors edge, Jill and Claire from resident evil, Joanna dark from perfect dark. All strong characters that are feminine but strong and none of whom are overly macho
  4. No you are correct that I am not very far in but I personally would think that the game would do something impressive in the first few missions to seperate itself from all of the games that are similar in the last generation. As far as graphics go that is not really a big concern but I did want to point out that there have been several games that have come out in the last year that look waaaaay better ( not just next gen either check out on ps3 the last of us and beyond: two souls). As previously stated I will continue playing and if I feel that I was wrong or I find more interesting things I will post again on my feelings. One final gripe with what I have played so far is the horrible driving I would think that after 10ish years of open world games publishers could at least make driving fun or functional
  5. So after a long day of work I drove my hour long drive from work to gamestop and then home pretty psyched that watchdogs was finally out! I get home and deal with some family stuff and pop in watch dogs. After having to download 4 updates/ day1 dlc I finally start playing. The first 10 minutes where pretty interesting and felt new and fun. I have now played about an hour and a half of it and am pretty unimpressed. Unfortunately I thought that this game was going to be the first nextgen game that would blow me off my feet an it is not that at all. Watchdogs is gta with a little assasins creed and hacking thrown together. It's soundtrack is dull and boring. The graphics are not impressive at all compared to some of the earlier next gen stuff ( ac4, dr3, infamous, titanfall) and the gameplay is basicly the some old that we have been playing for years ( ac, gta, sleeping dogs, stranglehold, infamous, saints row, etc.). I will continue playing as there is not much to play on my new systems right now but if you are thinking of picking it up and haven't preordered it already I would advise holding off or renting it.
  6. Definitely the Luke vs vader light saber battle at the end of rotj. After seeing that at about the age of 8 ( I'm now 26) I have yet to see another Star Wars scene that can live up to it. To be honest I don't think it's the best Star Wars scene of all time it's plain out the best sci fi scene of all time
  7. LunaShy

    I'm back

    So I used to post on this forum a whole ton but I backed off about a year ago due to some personal problems I'm glad to come back and I hope some of the old pals are still here
  8. I do believe I may be banned if I answered this question honestly. Yes I am a disgusting human being. Love the question though quite clever sir or ma'am
  9. yup agreed why would I give a damn if you get off to ponys? I am not trying to provoke anyone here though just wondering. Hmmmm so how then would you explain colt on colt clopfics? Bisexuals or homosexuals? If that's what's up then cool for them I guess I don't really care about any of it. If ur gay good for you. If your straight good for you. If you clop good for u
  10. So perhaps this had been pondered before and if so please forgive me. So a part of our largely male community clops. What I am wondering is if any of the female portion of our community does as well? If not why do you think that is?
  11. Ok we'll so I'm dull ill end up taking some heat for this but I was sort of disappointed in today's episode. After the better part of a season that I have found to be mediocre I was hoping that this episode would be its saving grace. Keep calm and flutter on? Bring back jdl? I was really thinking this would be the episode that was really meant for bronys. But it's not. It's an ok ep finally some fluttershy but still no nods to the fandom no derp. Hasbro has truly decided to give no shits about us and I say FUCK them. After 2 years of us supporting them both by watching the show and buying there shitty merch they truly don't care. No bluray for season one or two. No DVD for season 2. No show accurate toys. No derpy. And to top it off they cut season 3 in half. Also note the total lack of anything great in this season. The opener was a terrible two parter. There's been no good songs. There's no rarity ep. I am worried about the future if this show in a way I never have been before
  12. LunaShy

    Gaming THQ

    Have you guys heard that THQ is selling off all of there IPs? Truth be told as long as Saints row is given the freedom it had at THQ I'm good with it. What was you favorite THQ game ? Where would you like to see it go. -saints row I'd like to see go to either EA or Zenimax
  13. My top 5 1. The nightmare before christmas 2. The dark knight 3. Chasing Amy 4. Pulp fiction 5. Clerks 2 So yah I'm a huge nerd and a huge Tarantino fan and like Kevin Smiths biggest fan
  14. So last night I started playing bastion and got about thirty minutes in when there was some sort of bow challenge that I could not beat and it pissed me off do I figured I would try again today. Had anyone played this and us it worth my time no spoilers please
  15. I will check it out sometime this week I pinkie promise! I listen to far to many podcasts but I will check it out I was just wondering what platforms you guys play pc Xbox ps I'm just wondering thanks