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  1. Princess Ariona

    Welcome to the herd...again?

    I also hated the last season, first one will always be the best for me =] but I dont see why is that a reason to turn into an anti-brony xD anyways welcome to the site!
  2. Princess Ariona

    Where from?

    Im Russian =] I expected to see more Americans than Swedes here nowadays haha
  3. Princess Ariona

    How late can you stay up till?

    Till 4 am. I usually sleep till 13:00 pm
  4. Princess Ariona

    Any oldies left? :/

    Just curious if anyone I knew since 2012 on this forum is still here, or u guys are all gone? The forums changed so much I couldnt even recognize it when I was searching for it again I actually expected to see chat room back again but neh looks like its closed forever
  5. Princess Ariona

    Post your unpopular opinions

    You... had... no childhood! Cartoon Network sux Humburger is the worst thing in fastfood world One cant simply post an unpopular opinion bcuz of 80% that others do have the same opinion anyways
  6. Princess Ariona


  7. Princess Ariona

    Mega Thread General Chat Thread

    Is better
  8. Princess Ariona

    Post your unpopular opinions

    Uhh.. Edit: Yes Yes Yes!!
  9. Princess Ariona

    Why are so many people arachnophobic?

    Arachnophobia? Well I'm not one of those. I never killed not even a spider, any bug even if it's dangerous. I know how to deal with them, and just get them out of my house without causing any harm to them. My mother and grandmother do the same every time they see any spider in the house. Spiders are also living creatures, they do have a right to live too. I don't understand those who always kill a spider even a tiny one every time they see it. The life period of spiders doesn't reach any number higher than a year, the only exception goes to tarantulas and other kinds of giant spiders who can live maximum 30 years. But I still don't find that a big reason to decide that they must die whenever we want. The reason of such fear of spiders imo lies far in the past of a child who: saw many scary movies about spiders being merciless killers, or saw his parents/sisters/brothers or friends being afraid so much of spiders and advising him to stay away from them too, or he himself got bitten by a spider which probably resulted in him staying in a hospital for a long period of time or just hurt him a bit. All this affects the child's psychology and changes his opinion about spiders for the entire life. There is something I want to say though, a spider will never bite for no reason. It bites only to defend itself from what they might understand as an attack from a human, especially lil kids who have enough curiosity to catch a spider and see what will happen to it if they will cut his legs...etc. Hence, we are the merciless creatures, not spiders. Sadly not everyone understands this. If a spider is poisonous, trying to kill it is also stupid imo because it can still manage to bite you after all and because you're actually killing it instead of calling a group of specialists whose job is to get dangerous animals out of your house. ( If such groups exist in your country ofc) .
  10. Princess Ariona

    Books Saddest and most beautiful book you've read

    Elsa, The Lioness That Changed The World. About a lil orphan cub who grows up in your eyes and who changed the world's opinion about lions forever. It's the most beautiful and sad book I've ever read
  11. Princess Ariona

    Interchangable Member Titles

    Then makin the badges change every time your post count increases will make no sense. Also, how you imagine this example: you have a Phoenix title and your badge is still a cupcake? That won't make any sense either.
  12. Princess Ariona

    Marry, kiss or banish to the moon

  13. Princess Ariona

    Mega Thread Ship the member above you

    Ganaram x Xfizzle
  14. Princess Ariona

    Marry, kiss or banish to the moon

    Ok I won't banish you this time Kiss