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  1. I am faster!! >:3 hahahahah but good job lol
  2. Wow, well I thought I was gonna die from laughing too hard... lol xD
  3. Mine is "PurpleKoala24" add me if you want, I also am in a brony clan that takes place on the Xbox, so if you are interested let me know.
  4. Leave, just leave right now and never come back!!!!!! Or at least go play halo 1 - 3 and maybe reach, and ODST, and probably even halo wars. Uhh... I would be Mario. That way I am always getting some from princess peach
  5. its scissor blades on a chain?? The only thing I can say is buy bandages... a lethal close - medium range crossbow... I shot my friend in the leg and it stuck like half in inch in...
  6. system of a down- cigaro "My cock is much bigger than yours! My cock can walk right throught the door!"
  7. not here your not lol jk. sure u do!! Just dont be afraid what people think of u... Lucky u then... yeah us guys must publicly humiliate ourselves!! xD gentle colts, if I may correct you. :3
  8. who cares about a quotation mark, srry but really lol??
  9. So I was at McDonald's and I said give me one of each pony... The guy looks at me like he was thinking I was a faggot, and I just siad "yeah, I am a brony and proud of it!! Well, the stupid teenagers next to me were laughing there ass off. It was kinda funny, but weird. To top it off, it was with my mom too!!
  10. I change my answer!!! Master chief is the best hero!! And the hulk is the best super hero... Even though he just kinda smashes everything, I still like him!! xD