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  1. Damn I haven't been on here in ages... How's it going guys?

    1. TheRockARooster


      Nothing much.

      Nice to meet you.

  2. Just noticing the not so much blending on it.. I think it might be the position of the image itself in the frame. I'll mess around with it and see if I can make it look better!
  3. Thank you! And yes you may! It is 1920x1200 so hopefully it will fit your monitor just fine! It's kinda hard to explain why I lost the inspiration.. It just kinda faded. After awhile I figured it was something I didn't want to do anymore but because of the people saying they liked my stuff and the times my work was featured on EQD I kept making it. I just stopped because it was blank inspiration and anything I did didn't look good with the way I was picturing it. So I just got rid of everything and I'm deciding to start off fresh with a new style that I've been into for a very long time! (:
  4. Thank you all so much!! It means a lot.. Really! Just starting out to branch into new things and this is one of them. Really glad I'm getting positive feed back. (:
  5. Hello! I'm starting a new journey in the "Art World". I'm done making MLP related items because I don't feel the inspiration anymore.. And many other person reasons I don't want to get into. Anyways! This is my latest piece! *image deleted*
  6. I want to make a wallpaper that is dynamic.. Someone want to shoot my ideas of a pony to do?

  7. Thanks for the suggestions! For sure going to play around with it for awhile and see what I can make of it! If not I'll try to use it for something else.
  8. I'll see how that looks! And I'm not to sure what I'll do with the middle. The background is colors from all the mane 6. Their coat colors to be exact. I'm not sure if I'll put something that includes them all, or do something different. /:
  9. Hey! I need some suggestions on this wallpaper I'm doing. I wanted to do something a little funky and different from what I usually do. I got a base, but I don't know what else to work on. Just need some suggestions on what I should add to it and what I should change! This is it so far:
  10. Hello! Got a little bit bored and decided to make a wallpaper. Why not. Not my most fancy! But I still like the colors! (: If you have anything constructive to add say it! I love hearing how I can improve on things and what can be touched up!
  11. i will luv u all 5ever <3

  12. LoZ: Ocarina of Time! Decided to play it for the... I don't know how many times. I absolutely love the game, series.. EVERYTHING. It's my addiction ):