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  1. Indie rock: particularly Vampire Weekend and Two Door Cinema Club. Been listening also to The White Stripes and Weezer lately, who are good.
  2. Almost constantly in front of my friends. Never in front of family, apart from my cousins.
  3. It's kinda sad I don't post here anymore. If I recall correctly, just about everyone here was super nice. My time here was very pleasant.

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    2. Sepia-chan


      flitterflutter: I'm aware you don't bite; I've never been a part of a nicer community than this one.

    3. AnonBrony


      You could always.... you know... watch it. But like flitter said you could still hang around here and not have to watch it. Season 4 was really good btw.

    4. Sepia-chan


      I honestly really don't wanna watch it, but just hanging around again does sound appealing.

  4. holy shit, this forum's still a thing?

    1. FlitterFlutter


      Heck yeah it is!!

    2. Sepia-chan


      Hm.. I joined like when this website first opened and was on it for like two years. everyone was so nice. it's kinda sad that i don't like mlp anymore or i'd stick around

    3. FlitterFlutter


      Oh well, you know intrest change people movie on!

  5. Hey I'm Grump.

    1. Heretick-Tock
    2. Homura Akemi

      Homura Akemi

      And you're the Game Grumps? :o


      *Singing out of tune*

  6. people tell me i am like sheldon in the big bang theory. I hatttte Big Bang Theory.

  7. MichaelxXxTrixie, on 23 Sept 2013 - 7:57 PM, said:Well what am I going to do to stop people from cross-dressing? How far have anti-gay activists gotten? I accept that there are them and I encourage them to do what they do but I still think it's stupid. There's not much correlation between gays and crossdressing. I CD, yet am attracted to girls. I know over CDers that still like girls. Nightmare Lyre, on 23 Sept 2013 - 9:20 PM, said:So guys, remember when we had a fun thread where people who were actually into cross dressing shared stories, pictures and other fun stuff and we didn't get into d
  8. waiiit...people LIKE Duck Dynasty?

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    2. Sepia-chan


      duck dynasty (I have seen a lot of it) is about dumb rednecks being dumb

      also the show is very Christian, which isn't helping matters. (I don't want to have a religious debate, btw)

    3. Swick (ded)

      Swick (ded)

      That's kind of the point. That's why it's so entertaining to people.

      I'm an atheist, who cares about the religion in the show?

    4. The Leafeon Pinkeh

      The Leafeon Pinkeh

      Ive never seen it so i didnt know. Maybe thats one of the reasons almost all the people in my school warch it..

  9. Sepia-chan

    Tell Me Who You Are

    I am the monster hunter known as Sepia as some, Pichu by others.
  10. My interest in MLP is very low. I have no interest in watching any of season 3 or the eventual season 4. Off the top of my head I prefer Pokémon, Doctor Who, pretty much everything else.
  11. Peanut brittle/brittle peanut Separate Ways, Worlds Apart - Journey No Reason Boner - Ninja Sex Party Paperback Writer - The Beatles Somebody to Love - Queen Don't Stop Believin' - Journey
  12. Gen 2 is my absolute favorite. It's so good. They did so much right with it, the day and night cycle, Johto is by far the best region.. I really love GSC. Next would be Gen 5, which everybody seems to treat like trash behind their nostalgia goggles. I love the region and most of the Pokémon. If you hated Gen 5 I really want you to try Black or White 2. BW wasn't that great, but BW2 is much better, especially in the Pokémon choices. Gen 3 is next, which was my first. Gen 4 which I never really got into and only beat once. Gen 1 has aged quite terribly. The best part are the Pokémon, and th
  13. I honestly don't care, so long as Nintendo or some other third party buys the only Capcom IP's I care about, MegaMan, Ace Attorney and Monster Hunter. Capcom has made some really bad choices this generation and it would take them a miracle to become the well-respected company the were.
  14. Sherlock's a gud show

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