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    Watching My Little Pony: Friendship is magic and playing lots of games. I also play Ace Attorney which contributed to my name 'Dirac WRIGHT'. I also love black coffee. Hotter than the sun itself. Bitterer than hell itself. Other than that I have no clue what to do with my life.

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  1. Banned cause he suspects that you suspects that he suspects that you're jelly!
  2. I did not know it was possible but I got 25k+ notfications since October... Wow! It feels good to be back!

  3. Came right in time for the birthday of MLPForums. Happeh birthday!

    1. Count Paradox

      Count Paradox

      a few days late but teh par-tay is still ragin!

  4. Mah whole team feeding like a sir in Dota 2!

    1. Devious Detonation

      Devious Detonation

      Call UNICEF for SOS children with hunger.

  5. Pie. Pie is cool.

    1. Bronium


      Don't you mean Pi?

    2. Dr_Waveband


      This status update just became ~3.141592653589793% cooler.

  6. Huzzah! I wish I could kill everyone!

    1. null123456


      But then who would make pony toys? :[

  7. See ya.

    1. Iudex



      Wait, where are you going?

    2. Phoenix Dirac Wright

      Phoenix Dirac Wright

      Depression, loneliness. All those feelings. I just need to clear my mind for a while. A long while.

  8. Banned cause now I feel so ejected. I shall leave now. Good day.
  9. Banned cause this thread is still going strong and awesome.
  10. What the hell guys. I went to read about the Space Elevator thing for about 1 min and there are 70 notifications on my bar leading to this thread. KEEP UP THE DAMN GOOD WORK AND MAKE MORE RANDOM CRAP!
  11. Oh my god. I remembered when there were so little people in this thread. Now it's like the entire hub for the MLPForums.
  12. All of time and space. Everything that has ever happened or will happen. Where do you want to start?