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  1. Huh... Weird seeing things here after so long...

  2. Any League players going for a game? Hoping to find someone to mess about in a normal game with :)

  3. Been trying to find someone to play a game of LoL with all day. No luck xD

    1. Brain Drain

      Brain Drain

      you must be looking in the wrong place because i'm always down to play

  4. Yeah I know how you feel about wanting to be higher. I duo queue with a friend of mine who is currently Plat 5 (Thanks to me, our combined mmr helped him avoid Gold 1 entirely ) and that has helped a bit, know that at least one other person is on the same page as me. As far as jungling goes, if I can get into the jungle I will. Naut, Mao and Voli are who I've taken to recently. Just champs that can choose a lane and say "I'm snow balling this lane now". I also like duelists a lot, champs that can go into a 1v1 and even a 1v2 and come out on top (for this I go Malzahar or Shen) and I have had some really positive results with that. And one last thing, good luck if you try to get outa bronze again. I believe in you and everyone else who is moving up the latter
  5. Alright so I haven't made any posts here for a while, but I thought I might as well share some cool stuff. First of all I AM FINALLY OUT OF SILVER! Sweet jesus Being stuck in silver because we had a GP that just HAD to counter Wukong top... I swear I'm not bitter. But through a massive nearly 12 game winning streak, I cleared Silver 1 and jumped up to gold 3 (I actually flat out got promoted from 5 to 3, never saw 4). But that's the good news! My actual point is that for everyone that are stuck in bronze or silver(Fight for Platinum, I believe in you!), be thankful. I'm in gold 3 but my mmr queues me with plat 5 and gold 1 people regularly. Gold 1 is a dark place.... I have seen some really bad players going up from the bottom of silver but gold 1 is unreal. 1 troll, 1 afk, and 1 toxic player every game bare minimum and I am not joking about that. So in short, one does not simply leave gold. Well now that my little rage induced rant is done. I've been trying to think of sure fire strategies to win at solo queue consistently, being polite and filling the roles we need have got me pretty far but lately it hasn't been working as well. Playing as a good split pusher has been a really good strat I find but isn't perfect. Does anyone else have any thoughts on the current state of solo queue, or cool ideas that you think could win a game all on its own?
  6. Man I love this thread, haven't made a post here for a while, but I have a winner for sure. So what do you get when you cross metal and jazz influenced saxophone? A crazy band called Shining.
  7. Anyone on League up for a game?

    1. Evilshy


      I might be in a bit. Give me half an hour or so.

    2. Lord Sprixx

      Lord Sprixx

      Sounds good to me :)


    3. Evilshy


      hopefully we'll both finish a game at a near enough time to play together :P

  8. I agree that silver is pretty hellish. There are so many people in there that raise the question "What are you doing in silver?!". and I mean that on both ends, I've had a pantheon on my team literally just tookthe game on his back and won it completely on his own. on the flip side, you have people who think GP is an amazing champ right now and think that feeding 10 kills before minions have spawned is a pro strat! In short, Silver is a really awkward place to be, I am constantly shifting between s1 and 2 and its driving me batty!
  9. Okay, here's my 2 cents. You need to have enough confidence to play strong till the end, but you need to be humble enough to not stroke your ego during a game. I have lost many a game because of someones massive ego. I'll say "I want to mid" and I'll see a ww jungle and a lack of wave clear and think "Malz is a great pick here! Lots of cc and push and synergies with Caitlyn!" and they go Teemo mid and feed, doesn't ward, and blames the jungler (kind of a theme right there) =/. Anyway, I might have a suggestion to help your ranked situation. At the start of every game say hello and politely say the positions you can't play. Figure if you have 3-4 champs (that cover different roles) and you focus on those champs only, that can you to the high end of gold. Counter play is pretty minimal down here. That and no one knows what actually counters what and why. So being really good with Xerath and getting mid a lot could help, or being support and winning bot lane with excellent Lulu support.
  10. Heh, don't feel so bad. I've been trying to fight my way into gold. and ended up losing my foothold in silver 1 and found myself middle of Silver 2. It happens, just can't give up. Maybe trying a different approach. Granted, if you look at my ranked stats, you can see how many games I get forced to support and sadly I can't just win a game like that. i wish the stats screen how a measure of how many wards purchased/destroyed. Regardless, don't give up. Also, I like your picks . I like seeing Lulu and Xeraths. My picks have been Malz, Taric, and Volibear. As a side note, my friends list is REALLY flooded right now, are you on my friends list? Maybe we could have a game
  11. I play LoL quite a bit, a little too much if you ask me . Anyway, as far as a good ranged champ is concerned, Draven, Caitlyn, Kayle (okay, kayle's melee... Sometimes, but she's amazing), or Nidalee are all really fun. If you wanna add me, feel free. I don't mind messing about in AI games or whatever. I think I've said it at least 50 times in this thread alone, but the summoner name is "Lord Sprixx". Much luck to you ON THE FIELDS OF JUSTICE!
  12. Would any of the LoL players care to join me for a game or 2?

  13. No one on League to play with? Haven't had that happen in a while

  14. So just a bit of random thoughts that are League related. Firstly, I am glad to see that Shen is still the best thing ever. Rolling over top lanes, and having everyone say "OMG SHEN OP!" Which I guess is true, but I still haven't faced a Shen I couldn't beat in top lane. Guess that's the advantage of playing Shen since he's been bad xD. Also, who else has been absolutely loving this new ARAM mode? My only problem with it so far is that some people are taking it a bit too seriously since it has the word "Normal" next to it.
  15. I have all this free time because of school being done. I thinking I am losing it! Me thinks I need a job soon, no way I can do this for 4 months!