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  1. Kyreth

    Tulpa Discussion Thread V1.2

    Ok, thanks! I've managed to come up with a few different traits now so I think I'll be ready to start working on it soon.
  2. Kyreth

    Tulpa Discussion Thread V1.2

    Ok, I've read a few of the guides floating around and I think I'm going to give this a shot. One question though, I'm trying to think of some ideal personality characteristics and most of the things I'm coming up are very similar to myself. Is there any reason I should avoid making a tulpa too much like myself or would that me fine?
  3. Kyreth

    Pepsi Vs. Coke.

    After much consideration, Coke. Although to be honest I can barely tell the difference.
  4. Kyreth

    Mane 7?

    I can't it happening, what they've got works too well. And a new element would make no sense at all, especially since the whole point of the first two episodes was that the 5 elements combine to reveal the 6th.
  5. Kyreth

    Whats your TOP five ponies!

    1. Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle. 2. Sweetie Belle. 3. Scootaloo. 4. Applebloom. 5. Lyra. That probably wasn't what you wanted. Sorry, I'm very indecisive.
  6. Kyreth

    Who's a worse pony? Trixie or Diamond Tiara?

    I think Trixie is worse. They are both annoying but Diamond Tiara is still young. A lot kids act that way but soon grow out of it, at her age its kinda forgiveable.
  7. Kyreth

    Who Would You Go On Vacation With?

    I think I would go skiing/snowboarding with Rainbow Dash. That would be awesome. Although she'd probably make me look bad... That or a safari with Fluttershy. Who needs to peek at a lion from the back of a jeep when you can walk over and give it a hug?
  8. Kyreth

    Will the opening theme change in season 3?

    Well if they do it will just be something subtle like last time, they would never change the actual tune or anything. I'm pretty sure they will change the visual opening but again, it will be subtle. Yeah, maybe Cranky Doodle or some of the new pets.
  9. Kyreth

    What episode should i show my mom?

    Maybe one or both of the Discord episodes? Having a near-omnipotent spirit of chaos as an antagonist seems about as far from girly as you can get. Oh and skip the intro song, that probably goes without saying.
  10. Kyreth

    Gaming Realm of the Mad God

    I played it a bit before it was on steam with some friends. I really liked it but the combination of my unstable internet connection and perma-death made it practically impossible to play.
  11. Kyreth

    Gaming Classes on shooters.

    I don't play a lot of class based shooters but I'm quite varied when I do. I'm usually Soldier in TF2, Firebug in Killing Floor aaaand I can't think of any more. I guess I just like to be in the thick of it. Now ask me what I play in rpgs
  12. Kyreth

    Empty Your Pockets!

    Left pocket: Wallet, keys. Right pocket: Phone, iPod, awesome pocket watch. I always keep everything in that exact order. I love my pocket watch.
  13. Kyreth

    Personality traits you can't stand

    All of the above? The worst for me is hypocrites. Ever met anyone who knows they are being a hypocrite and still thinks they are right? Its infuriating. Judgemental people annoy me too. I seriously don't understand why people judge things that they know nothing about. Hating random stuff/people for no reason... just why? Another one is the backseat driver kind of people who assume they know the best way for you to do everything and that you need to be told. Just makes you feel like everyone thinks you're an idiot.
  14. Kyreth

    Gaming What is better... Xbox 360, or PS3?

    Well I prefer the 360 but that's probably because I've never owned a PS3. I pretty much chose 360 because I wanted to get the Halo games, although I do prefer the controller as well. The PS3 ones feel a bit too small but that's just nit picking. From what I've heard the servers for some games are a bit better on 360 too.
  15. Kyreth

    Best Dragon

    We can do this! Not that I'm any better at names but I'll get thinking. Hmm... Red...Treasure... Smoke... Gah! Naming Dragons is hard!