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  1. Writing off the excuse that society will do what it will is a disgusting idea. Fallowing your logic we should ignore bullies and abusers entirely. In fact, the social norm should completely run the government with no head to the cry of the minority. This is why I hate capitalism. We are drunk on happiness and power to the point of ignoring the costs!
  2. Every pony seams to want to overlook what was done to her that led up to this. You cannot deny the ruination at the hands of society.
  3. If Adolf Hitler was proved to have found a evil relic as a child that corrupted him in return for massive charisma I would forgive him. Such Item's do not, to our knowledge exist. We must also look at motive, and side effects of her actions. She was tormented and bullied by AN ENTIRE SOCIETY. The list of mass murderers suffering under the hoof of bullies goes on and on. Furthermore, the torment WILL continue and she WILL remain ostracized though she SHOULD NOT be. The degree to which she was treated after her fiasco in Ponyville shows that society acted in an ignorant manner. The only reason an Ursa was involved was due to the actions of Snips and Snails. Their misunderstanding of such blatant boasting used to maintain face in a performing career is not forgiven with out compensation. They were made to fix up the damage caused by said Ursa. The Alicorn Amulet should be locked away, if destruction is impossible. But Trixie should be forgiven. If anyone deserves reprimand it is the culture that would go so far to degrade an individual. People see the perpetrators of the columbine massacre as villains where I see them as the expected result. The oppressed are nearly fated to rise, and the more powerful the individual or group you oppress the greater the havoc incurred. Trixie learned what vengeance makes one, but the society at large should learn the cost of oppression. If I wasn't such a coward and so self interested I would have made it a point to systematically eliminate those who had led me near the ending of my own life. Curse you pretentious sods unto oblivion!
  4. This fanfic is fantastic. I would gladly see this incorporated into the story in some fashion. I think it gives Sombra an Identity longed denied him. A story is only as good as it's villain. This story, was fantastic.
  5. Fantastic. It was brief, but heart wrenching. To improve it, I would have had Scootaloo Improve in condition, only to die as Rainbow's hopes were restored.
  6. I've never been an expansive writer. I am unable to maintain an extended story without deviating unto another. I hope you catch my references to other works by the way.
  7. This tale is tragic. From the bullying of Trixie, to the her inevitable subjugation of Ponyville, it is all ponies who share the blame. I think she should be forgiven. This amulet is a disgusting revelation into Pony nature. It should be sealed away or, if possible, annihilated. I think that she will still be doomed to never find redemption. She has given up on revenge, and is a better person. This will not matter. She will be ostracized. The cycle of torment is violent, and can only end in aid or death. If she is not aided by one of noble character demise of one is imminent. This one could be her or another. Oh what cruel fate does Ponykind inflict upon itself. Let there please be salvation for her.
  8. I've never been one to write extended stories, so I hope this may inspire others. This note was found on the person of Babs Seed. She had apparently chosen to hang herself with her message around her neck. Suacide Note.docx
  9. This thread is fail and you should feel like a fail. Princess Luna was bitter because of the disrespect ponies showed for the night. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna were equal in political power until they split, and are equal again. Luna is not openly active in politics for obvious reasons. She has power, but not the hearts and respect of her people.
  10. I would request that Twilight Sparkle teach me how to levitate objects. This small favor has many practical applications. I could levitate my school supplies down the hall, saving my energy and increasing travel speed. This would also cause people to part from me because levitating book bags are "creepy". I could use it to summon forth documents from my book bag and sort them in midair. I can imagine how much faster finding homework would be in my mess. I could use it to play video games as to save my wrists strain, and improve precision. This would also make games hands free, allowing me to focus them on my soda and chips. I could use it for less honorable means as well. I could trip my foes, and agitate them to no end. I could use it to cheat at pc games with a vast number of key binds and exceed the micro capabilities of the normal human. All of this could be possible. If only Equestria where real that such a thing could occur. Such a power would make life's tasks a tad bit simpler.
  11. Trixie would have to be the character that grew on me. Her vices of arrogance agitated me at first. I decided later that her arrogance could be more than tolerated if she had the power to back it up. I hope after what she learned she seeks to make herself that powerful through study. She may even exceed past Twilight's skills with her prideful conviction.
  12. She fought the ursa to save face, she was likely concerned, but I bet she knew she would fail. She had hoped to luck out. This does not mean she acted unethically. If twilight had been incapable to defeat it she would have done her best to evacuate everypony. At the point Trixie ran, running was the best idea for anyone but twilight. She honestly should have ran sooner. She does have guts. Though a braggart, she still has some moral character. She does desire for modesty and morality. I do not hate her, and hope she grows as a pony. Her magic talent is decent too. She needs to refine her skills and gain some new ones by studying.
  13. Failed before I started. I just thought of the song and started smiling. It really may be impossible.
  14. Princess Celestia is a theocratic monarch. She is the higher power. She rules in a monarchical style. Her death is however, unlikely. We have seen a high level of free commerce, and only a possible hint at limited socialism.
  15. The assumption that a baby crying is a bad thing is incorrect, but we all naturally gravitate toward it. This comes from a need to parent said crying child. Human instincts get some mixed results.