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  1. One other thing I noticed is that it doesn't seem to keep track of total brohoofs anymore -- this might seem to be a trivial matter, but I actually kept whether or not a post would get brohoofs in mind when I was deciding whether to post something or not, and what ratio people had of brohoofs to posts was a fairly useful signal to noise ratio metric.
  2. I liked being able to see the last 20 odd posts that were added to on the forums and the last 10 or so posts that I participated in that had replies. Is there any way to get some view like that back that I am missing? Going forum to forum looking for recent posts is not something I want to do in general.
  3. Sheesh, we are only around the end of the second year. That isn't nearly enough of a window into their lives for it to become stale.
  4. If she were asked to go, I don't think Rarity could be contained. Having a sister going to Celestia's school? Such an honor.
  5. Some of Twilight's magic seems to be quite physically taxing. As much magic as she uses might keep her in decent physical shape. Then there is this proclivity... She seems to be a pony in motion a lot. When she thinks or stresses she walks... fast even.
  6. Spoiler

    Twilight takes the season 6 finale as an excuse to "graduate" Starlight Glimmer thus getting her out of her mane and stop her from messing with her friends.
  7. Sure you can, so long as you have a true passion for being a race car driver. That doesn't mean the carriage on your flank won't be made out of an apple, but just because you were born an apple doesn't mean you need to be a farmer.
  8. Typically you must: 1) Agree that the cutie mark is correct -- you won't get "the wrong mark" in that you won't get a mark you don't feel you deserve. 2) Do something that is covered by the cutie mark and/or have an epiphany.
  9. That they are a bit jumpy is probably due to their heritage. Horses in general do tend to be a bit more jumpy than say apes. Social Herbivore vs opportunistic omnivore.
  10. I'd say lesser nobility. More family pride than riches though. Lower Upper Class in essence.
  11. I think this movie will be a little closer to the previous generations than the brony FiM crowd would like. There will be parts some of us will like and parts some of us will dislike. A lot of headcannon will be shattered, and the vision of the world will be forever changed.
  12. Cadance tends to think with the heart sometimes as opposed to the brain. As Shining Armor ages, and she starts to see the potential loss ahead of her, I could certainly see her making an attempt to ascend him.
  13. It was required so she could carry the alicorn magic during the Tirek debacle.
  14. I'd see her as having an older brother.
  15. We need more tibbles desperately. I mean we were talking about him on the discord.