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  1. Hi there! I've noticed that some MLP fanfictions make the ponies sound like parodies of themselves and I want to avoid that, but I'd like some advice. Does Rainbow Dash really say, "20% cooler" a lot? I know she talks about things being cool/awesome/radical (and maintains that those concepts are different, LOL ), but I only recall her saying that something was "20% cooler" once. People often write the Apples' dialogue with a phonetic accent (writing "Ah" instead of "I" for example). I find that tough to read, so I don't do it (and I can easily imagine their voices easily), but wha
  2. Intro: Just so you know, even though this fanfiction focuses a bit on interactions between Vinyl and Octavia, I'm not shipping them. I don't have anything against people who do ship them, I'm just not much of a shipper, so if you want romance, you might want to look someplace else. With that out of the way, here's the rest of the intro: I was inspired to write this because I love cats but I've seen lots of stereotypes about them and I want to write about someone realizing the stereotypes are not true. Here's the story: One morning, Vinyl Scratch and Octavia Melody were sitting on
  3. Hello. I decided to write this little fanfic because of the episode "Applebuck Season". In it, Applejack is staying up all night bucking apples so she is sleepy and mishears ingredients, which leads to some muffins being made that give some background ponies food poisoning. They're all fine now, but I imagined what if after getting better, Lyra becomes afraid to eat muffins again because she's worried she'll get food poisoning again? Then, I came up with this. It's mostly dialogue, and very short, but it's my first attempt at MLP fanfic. One morning, Lyra was prancing down the streets of
  4. Okay, so the fandom has speculated on the background ponies' personalities, but most of it is just fanon. In the "real" Equestria, the community's theories may not be true at all. This isn't to say they're definitely not true, it's just to get us thinking. Derpy: We know that's her name and that she's clumsy because of "The Last Roundup". We also know she's a mailmare because one of the comics involved her delivering the mail, and we know she likes muffins, but is she really obsessed with them? And we know she's clumsy but is she really dumb like some people think? Clumsy does not necess
  5. Twilight Sparkle has a brother named Shining Armor, a niece named Flurry Heart, a sister-in-law named Cadence, and I think her mother is called Velvet Sparkle and her father is Nightlight Sparkle or something like that. Celestia is also Cadence's aunt and also is Prince Blueblood's, which would make Celestia Twilight's...great-aunt-in-law? And what would that make Blueblood? Her brother-in-law? And that means Luna is also family because she's Celestia's younger sister but I don't quite know exactly how. Pinkie Pie has three sisters Limestone Pie, Marble Pie and Maud Pie. Maud is older th
  6. That's because you're destined to write music in the human world. Mum! My cutie mark is a spaceship!
  7. I had a dream where I was watching an episode of MLP and it was about Thorax moving in with Fluttershy. There was no romantic aspect at all, they were just roommates and Fluttershy was introducing Thorax to her animals and she said something like "and this is Mr. Sprinkles. He likes to suck on rocks." and Thorax was like, "I used to do that all the time when I was a larva." XD
  8. Just recently I had a dream where I was running late for something 'cause I'd gotten a huge rip in my clothes, and Discord insisted on sewing it up.
  9. If it's not too much trouble, could someone please PMV this?
  10. I would firstly be very surprised, then I’d go get someone else to make sure I wasn’t seeing things, then I’d take a photo or call the newspapers, or something like that.
  11. I just had a dream where I was trying to watch MLP but Apple Bloom had black spots going down her sides (like from her cutie mark to her cheek), Twilight had a big, deep, loud voice like a dude, and Fluttershy was a punk and I was like, “Well, this is different.”
  12. Hello. I just thought of an episode. I was thinking about the ponies’ special abilities and thought that maybe, a weird creature who sleeps all the time because it lives in its lucid dreams or whatever, only getting up to eat or drink go to the bathroom, puts everyone to sleep except Celestia and Luna, so they would be in the dream world with it for whatever reason. Luna tries going into the ponies’ dreams to wake them up but it doesn’t work, so she tries to talk to the creature, but it speaks a weird language, so she taps into Fluttershy’s dreams to try and get Fluttershy to convince it
  13. Hello. There is a Youtube user called Songdrops who writes amazing songs and I’d really like to see PMV’s of them but can’t find any. If anyone is in the mood, knows how, and has the time, could you please either make a PMV of a Songdrops song or link me to a PMV of a songdrops song. I’d make them myself but I don’t know how to make PMVs. I’m linking you to Songdrops now. https://www.youtube.com/user/songdrops/videos.
  14. Umm, sorry? How can I liven it up? mU
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