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  1. Hi there! I've noticed that some MLP fanfictions make the ponies sound like parodies of themselves and I want to avoid that, but I'd like some advice. Does Rainbow Dash really say, "20% cooler" a lot? I know she talks about things being cool/awesome/radical (and maintains that those concepts are different, LOL ), but I only recall her saying that something was "20% cooler" once. People often write the Apples' dialogue with a phonetic accent (writing "Ah" instead of "I" for example). I find that tough to read, so I don't do it (and I can easily imagine their voices easily), but what are your thoughts? Also, what sort of exclamations does she use? People seem to write Luna's dialogue as though she speaks in the Royal Canterlot Voice all the time, but I'm pretty sure she doesn't. I haven't paid much attention, but does she ever speak in the Royal Canterlot Voice? Does she ever use Shakespearean even when speaking at a normal volume? I noticed that Rarity seems to be quite affectionate in her language (she says, "Fluttershy, sweetness, come down from there" in "Bats!" and "We're not going to judge you, darling" in "The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows" for example). How do I write that without making it seem like I'm making fun of her? Also, how do I write scenes where she's being dramatic without making it seem like a parody?
  2. Intro: Just so you know, even though this fanfiction focuses a bit on interactions between Vinyl and Octavia, I'm not shipping them. I don't have anything against people who do ship them, I'm just not much of a shipper, so if you want romance, you might want to look someplace else. With that out of the way, here's the rest of the intro: I was inspired to write this because I love cats but I've seen lots of stereotypes about them and I want to write about someone realizing the stereotypes are not true. Here's the story: One morning, Vinyl Scratch and Octavia Melody were sitting on their front steps, bored. Because they were bored, they were just saying whatever came into their minds in hopes of starting a conversation, when Octavia said, "I'd like a cat." "A cat?!" said Vinyl, "Cats think they're better than us. We don't want a pet that acts all superior!" "Cats don't think they're better than us," said Octavia. "What about Opalescence?" said Vinyl. "Opalescence doesn't think she's better than us, she's just a bit grumpy," said Octavia, "Just like how that griffon Gilda is grumpy, but she's not arrogant. And besides, Opal is Rarity's cat so she's probably all fancy-pants because her owner is." They forgot about cats, until one day, they were visiting Fluttershy. "Do you want to adopt a pet?" asked Fluttershy. "Well, I was thinking about getting a cat," said Octavia. "Really?" said Fluttershy. "That was just a thought Octy had when we didn't have anything better to do," said Vinyl. "Well, if you mares do want a cat, there's always this one. He's a tomcat. Here, kitty kitty!" Out walked a white cat with large eyes and a blue bow on his head. "Hi there, kitty," said Octavia in a baby voice. "Isn't he the one who tore up your curtains and hissed at Rainbow Dash during the cutie mark incident?" said Vinyl dubiously. "Oh, that was just because he was hungry," said Fluttershy, "If you feed him cat food at eight o'clock a.m and six o'clock p.m., he's as sweet as an angel!" "Why would I want a pet who only likes me because of food?!" said Vinyl. "He doesn't like us only because of food," said Octavia, "He just gets grumpy when he's hungry." By then, the cat had begun to rub up against Octavia and purr. "See?" said Octavia, "I didn't feed him and he still loves me. Don't you, schmookie-woo?!" "Don't tell me that's what you want to call him," said Vinyl. Octavia chuckled. "No, I'm going to call him Jeffrey." "So you're keeping him?" said Fluttershy. "Yes!" said Octavia before Vinyl could say anything else. When they got home, Jeffrey was asleep on Vinyl's sofa. "He'll get cat fur all over it!" said Vinyl. "But I can always dust it off," said Octavia. Vinyl hadn't interacted with Jeffrey until bedtime, but then, he jumped up onto her bed and purred. "You're not so bad after all," thought Vinyl.
  3. Hello. I decided to write this little fanfic because of the episode "Applebuck Season". In it, Applejack is staying up all night bucking apples so she is sleepy and mishears ingredients, which leads to some muffins being made that give some background ponies food poisoning. They're all fine now, but I imagined what if after getting better, Lyra becomes afraid to eat muffins again because she's worried she'll get food poisoning again? Then, I came up with this. It's mostly dialogue, and very short, but it's my first attempt at MLP fanfic. One morning, Lyra was prancing down the streets of Ponyville. She thought she'd stop for breakfast at Sugarcube Corner. When she got there, Bon Bon was sitting at a table, eating a muffin. "Hey, Lyra!" said Bon Bob, "want some of my muffin?". " thanks," said Lyra, backing away hesitantly. "What?!" said Bon Bon, "that's not like you, Lyra! Normally, you barely leave any for me!" Lyra giggled. She was used to teasing like this from her best friend. "Well, the thing is, I'm scared," she said. "Scared?! Why in Equestria would you be scared of muffins?!" said Bon Bon. "Well, remember a few days ago when we ate those muffins and got sick? Pinkie Pie herself said that they weren't baked goods, but rather baked bads. I don't want to get sick again!". "Ly, it was a fluke!" said Bon Bon, "Pinkie said that she will always check the ingredients before making the muffins, and besides, they tasted terrible. We would've spat them out but we were afraid of being rude. But I say that if you don't like it, just spit it out." Just then, Pinkie Pie bounded over. "What's going on, you two wacky mares?" she said. "It's Lyra," said Bon Bon, "she's worried that the Baked Bads incident will happen again so she doesn't want to eat a muffin." "Don't worry, Lyra," said Pinkie Pie, "I now have a policy against having ponies who are sleepy help make the cakes, I check to see what they put and discard any muffins with yucky ingredients." She said this all in one breath, lay her head on her front hooves at the word "sleepy", and made a silly disgusted face at the word, "yucky". By this time, Bon Bon had finished her muffin, so Pinkie Pie ran out and got Lyra another muffin. She set down the muffin and said, as though Lyra was a stubborn foal, "Come on, Lyra-Wyra, just one bite!" Lyra leaned over the muffin and drooled, but she still looked hesitant. Then, Pinkie Pie burst into song, singing very quickly to the tune of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: "Lyra should eat the muffin. 'Cause it's very nice and sweet. She's always liked my muffins. And I'll make sure they're good to eat. Bon Bon ate hers and she's fine. Lyra will like hers, I bet. And if she eats the muffin, She'll be very happy yet!" With each lyric, Lyra's eyes and mouth opened wider and wider and she leaned in closer to the muffin, eventually taking one little bite. It tasted so good that she instantly forgot about being scared and scarfed down the whole thing. "Atta filly, Lyra," said Bon Bon. Lyra gave a satisfied smile and hoof-bumped Bon Bon, the two went on their merry way, and Lyra was never afraid to eat a muffin again.
  4. Okay, so the fandom has speculated on the background ponies' personalities, but most of it is just fanon. In the "real" Equestria, the community's theories may not be true at all. This isn't to say they're definitely not true, it's just to get us thinking. Derpy: We know that's her name and that she's clumsy because of "The Last Roundup". We also know she's a mailmare because one of the comics involved her delivering the mail, and we know she likes muffins, but is she really obsessed with them? And we know she's clumsy but is she really dumb like some people think? Clumsy does not necessarily equal dumb. Lyra and Bon Bon: We know that Bon Bon's real name is Sweetie Drops, but that she calls herself Bon Bon as a code name and that Lyra's name really is Lyra and that they're best friends from "Slice of Life". We also know that Lyra is a bit wacky from seeing her do wacky things in the background. However, does one really have a crush on the other or is that just all shipping? Is Lyra really an anthropologist? Does she really know what humans even are? After all, we've seen lots of ponies sitting upright. Time Turner: An official description of him said his job had to do with time, I think, and his cutie mark is an hourglass but can he really travel through time? For that matter, is he really in love with Derpy? Dinky: She was seen at the Sisterhooves Social with both Derpy and Amethyst Star, so are they sisters? Cousins? Is she really the daughter of Derpy?
  5. Twilight Sparkle has a brother named Shining Armor, a niece named Flurry Heart, a sister-in-law named Cadence, and I think her mother is called Velvet Sparkle and her father is Nightlight Sparkle or something like that. Celestia is also Cadence's aunt and also is Prince Blueblood's, which would make Celestia Twilight's...great-aunt-in-law? And what would that make Blueblood? Her brother-in-law? And that means Luna is also family because she's Celestia's younger sister but I don't quite know exactly how. Pinkie Pie has three sisters Limestone Pie, Marble Pie and Maud Pie. Maud is older than Pinkie, I don't know how old Limestone and Marble are. Their father is Igneous Pie and their mother is Cloudy Quartz. She has two grandmothers, Granny Pie and Nana Pinkie. Applejack has an older brother Big Macintosh and a younger sister Apple Bloom. Her mother is or was Pear Butter and her father is or was Bright Mac, but we don't know if they're still alive. She has a grandmother called Granny Smith and a grandfather called Grand Pear. She also has relatives called Apple Brioche, Goldie Delicious, Apple Fritter, Red Gala, Apple Bumpkin, Red Delicious, Caramel Apple, Apple Strudel, Apple Tart, Baked Apples, Apple Cinnamon Crisp, Apple Cider, Apple Cobbler, Apple Honey, Apple Munchies, Gala Appleby, Jonagold, Lavender Fritter, Peachy Sweet and Perfect Pie, but I do not know their exact relation.She has an aunt and uncle Orange and two cousins Babs Seed and Braeburn. Fluttershy has parents Mr and Mrs Shy and a younger brother Zephyr Breeze. Rainbow Dash has a father Bow Hothoof and a mother Windy Whistles. Rarity has a younger sister Sweetie Belle. They have parents, but I don't know their names. Scootaloo has parents, but I don't know their names. Thorax has an older brother named Pharynx. Carrot Cake and his wife Cup Cake have a son Pound Cake and a daughter Pumpkin Cake who are twins. Diamond Tiara has a mother Spoiled Rich and a father Filthy Rich. I think I also heard something about her having a grandfather named Stinking Rich. Flim and Flam are brothers. Peewee has parents but I don't know their names. I think that the Ursa Minor and Ursa Major are related, with the Ursa Major probably being a parent, but I don't quite know for sure. Did I miss any?
  6. That's because you're destined to write music in the human world. Mum! My cutie mark is a spaceship!
  7. I had a dream where I was watching an episode of MLP and it was about Thorax moving in with Fluttershy. There was no romantic aspect at all, they were just roommates and Fluttershy was introducing Thorax to her animals and she said something like "and this is Mr. Sprinkles. He likes to suck on rocks." and Thorax was like, "I used to do that all the time when I was a larva." XD
  8. Just recently I had a dream where I was running late for something 'cause I'd gotten a huge rip in my clothes, and Discord insisted on sewing it up.
  9. If it's not too much trouble, could someone please PMV this?
  10. I would firstly be very surprised, then I’d go get someone else to make sure I wasn’t seeing things, then I’d take a photo or call the newspapers, or something like that.
  11. I just had a dream where I was trying to watch MLP but Apple Bloom had black spots going down her sides (like from her cutie mark to her cheek), Twilight had a big, deep, loud voice like a dude, and Fluttershy was a punk and I was like, “Well, this is different.”
  12. Hello. I just thought of an episode. I was thinking about the ponies’ special abilities and thought that maybe, a weird creature who sleeps all the time because it lives in its lucid dreams or whatever, only getting up to eat or drink go to the bathroom, puts everyone to sleep except Celestia and Luna, so they would be in the dream world with it for whatever reason. Luna tries going into the ponies’ dreams to wake them up but it doesn’t work, so she tries to talk to the creature, but it speaks a weird language, so she taps into Fluttershy’s dreams to try and get Fluttershy to convince it to wake them up. At the end, Fluttershy says, “I had a weird dream where I was saving Equestria!”, and Luna is in the background and winks.
  13. Hello. There is a Youtube user called Songdrops who writes amazing songs and I’d really like to see PMV’s of them but can’t find any. If anyone is in the mood, knows how, and has the time, could you please either make a PMV of a Songdrops song or link me to a PMV of a songdrops song. I’d make them myself but I don’t know how to make PMVs. I’m linking you to Songdrops now.