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  1. Gamer Pizza

    events Give somepony a balloon on Balloon Day!

    To the entire brony fanbase. God bless all bronies.
  2. Gamer Pizza

    Gaming Roasting Your SSB Favorite

    1)Ness is a child whose third game never saw the light of day in the U.S. 2)Dr. Mario is a discount TF2 Medic 3)Toon Link is a discount Link 4)404 FIGHTER NOT FOUND 5)Peach is so lazy that she relies on his boyfriend (who is half her height but twice her age) to rescue her 1) Pink Ball is pink and does a lot of sucking. 'Nuff said. 2)Bowser always gets his butt handed to him on a silver platter by a guy who used to battle gorillas for a living 3)404 FIGHTER NOT FOUND 4)It's totally fine. I don't have it either.
  3. Gamer Pizza

    Last thing you got out of the wardrobe?

    A lion and a witch (see what I did there?)
  4. Gamer Pizza

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned for not posing on this thread.
  5. Gamer Pizza

    Gaming Roasting Your SSB Favorite

    Hello, Everypony! I've decided to try something new. I've decided to do a roast of smash bros characters. Just tell me what character you use, and I'll roast 'em. LET THE ROASTING BEGIN!
  6. Gamer Pizza

    In the Rainbow Factory

    Many of you know about the popular MLP creepypasta "Rainbow Factory", but I've decided to change it up a little bit to make it less terrifying. The episode starts with the mane 6 getting a strange invitation to a place called "Rainbow Falls". When they get there, they see a run down yet still working factory. Then they all breathe in a green gas and fall unconscious. They all wake up inside the factory, each inside a glass cube dangling from a mechanical railing on the ceiling. A Pegasus in a white uniform with multicolored stains greets the heroes and introduces himself as Swirly, the head of the rainbow factory. When asked about the factory by Pinkie Pie, Swirly explains that he lures ponies into the factory and uses the " Pegasus device" to extract "color matter" from them, a certain essence that gives ponies their colors. PInkie starts to yammer on about how "this isn't how rainbows are supposed to be made", which irritates Swirly to the point where he uses the Pegasus device on her. When her color is removed, she becomes zombie like and works in an assembly line for the factory. After Swirly leaves for a coffee break, the rest of the mane 6 get broken out by an old stallion. When they escape, the stallion introduces himself as "Old Grapes", and was the founder of the rainbow factory. Originally, they used fruits and vegetables for rainbows. However, when Swirly took over, he created the Pegasus device and kicked Old Grapes out. Eventually, they sneak in and discover that by pouring color matter onto ponies who lost their color, they turn back. They do this to all the other zombie like ponies, but Swirly can't be found. They find a note signed by him that says "you have beautiful eyes, Rainbow Dash" Tell me what you think!
  7. Just a heads up.

    I am still alive.

  8. Gamer Pizza

    Politics vs mlp

    Well, they may or may not discuss racism, seeing as how it’s still a big issue.
  9. Gamer Pizza

    Ask Luna

    Thanks for the info! What qualities do you want to see in a stallion? (Again, asking for someone who is TOTALLY not me)
  10. Gamer Pizza

    Ask Luna

    Sooo, Luna. What would be your ideal first date? (Asking for a friend who is TOTALLY not me)
  11. Gamer Pizza

    Ask the Mane 6

    Yo Luna! What would you do on a first date? I’m asking for a friend. His name is...ummmm...Video Game...Calzone...the third.*starts to blush*
  12. According to @Sparklefan1234, I would be shipped with princess Luna.

    Anyone have a second opinion on that?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Aqua shine

      Aqua shine

      i mean that fine if you do that

    3. Sparklefan1234


      @Gamer Pizza

      I'm sorry but Princess Luna doesn't answer questions in my "Ask a Pony" thread. :blush:


    4. Gamer Pizza
  13. Gamer Pizza

    Give the user above you a motto/catchphrase!

    Feel the storm!
  14. Gamer Pizza

    Ask the Mane 6

    It's okay. You'll all find somepony eventually. So @Sparklefan1234, who would you ship my avatar with?
  15. Gamer Pizza

    Ask the Mane 6

    Hmmm...Shameless self promotion. I like it! BTW do the rest of you have special someponies?