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  1. "Hey don't worry about it dude. I'm sure we'll find a way out of this eventually!" Nel tried to lighten the mood somewhat with a confident attitude. (Not too much tonight but I can post a little!)
  2. Wow I love that last one! I love the facial expressions as they speak to the innermost parts of my soul! (Random critic talk to take up space xD)
  3. "You seem to misunderstand. Guards, please escort these three out." The former escort reentered the room and led the three out. Celestia smirked from her desk and turned towards the fire once more. The trio walked throughout the castle until they reached a small corridor with 5 small cells with heavy iron doors. The guards opened a door at the end to reveal an average sized room with 3 small beds. "You'll be staying here until the Princess decides what to do with you."
  4. "That is your belief and you are free to believe it. But the law is what we view is best for Equestria as a whole. The council agreed on the decision unanimously." "Council? Since when was there a council?" Nel turned his head in confusion. "The Council is a group of mortal ponies that have been around almost as long as Luna and I. They were meant to act as advisers until I decided to give them more political powers." "But why would you do that? That just takes power away from you." "How I choose government officials is not your business. Now if you don't have anything else to say I suggest you leave."
  5. Why yes I would love it! I am in fact a Twilight fan but Luna is my princess xD
  6. Well I can tell I'm gonna love this!
  7. Nel tried to come up with an answer but hesitated when Celestia spoke again. "Don't try to deny it. I see more than what you think. Heck I can see your houses from my bedroom window!" She laughed and took a sip of tea from a small tea set on her desk. "Then why are we here? We're just a few musicians." Nel finally replied. "But that's where you're wrong. You're a few musicians that almost upended all of my work with one little concert! I don't like when ponies mess with my plans." "What kind of plans?" Steady asked with a slightly worried tone. Celestia took one more sip and stood up. She walked to one of the bookcases and pulled a thin booklet out. "Do you know what the economy has been like since music was made illegal?" She dropped the booklet in front of the three and opened it to a page filled with numbers. Almost every line began with a bright green arrow pointing up... it was a stock record. "Without music to distract ponies they have been able to focus on more productive things such as their careers. Thus productivity in every area has grown so tremendously that Equestria may never have to worry about financial crashes for centuries to come. If ponies have to give up one luxury for this kind of prosperity I think that is fine." (Trust me on this)
  8. Why can I only brohoof this ONCE?! GIVE ME A HUG MAN I'm so glad somepony actually sees it the same way I do!
  9. Holy cow that was amazing! I love this!
  10. I don't think the word "swag" is as bad as people say. While yes some people who say it are actual very arrogant like the definition explains... It can also now be considered a compliment because in this day and age a person's respect for themselves is seen as a very positive thing. From what I see in the music industry (rap, hip hop mostly), this is most often true considering the type of music that is popular right now.
  11. The sitting figure spun in her chair and stared at each pony in turn. "I was wondering when you finally arrive. Please take a seat where you are." All three immediately sat down on the floor. "Why did you bring us here?" Nel asked with little hesitation. "I wanted to see the ponies that have been causing such a stir in person that's all. From what I hear you three led that little concert a while back."
  12. My god the hate is so thick you can cut with a knife... (the da hate)I thought it sounded pretty good! Sure the Zecora part conFused me a little but it could beA LOT worse!
  13. Steady shook her head to clear it when they were finally stopped and pushed into a small study. A fireplace burned on the other side behind a large desk and office chair. A familiar mane seemingly flowed despite tha lack of a breeze.
  14. Nel and Steady sidestepped around her with Red in tow. "What did you do to her Red? It's like she's a damn mute." Nel whispered into Red's ear once they were far enough away. Instead of entering the court room. The guard leading them took a left turn down a much smaller hall.
  15. "Umm, nice to meet you?" Nel gave her a nervous smile while awaiting some sort of reply. "I'm sorry but I believe we have a more pressing matter if you're going to stand here and stare at us." Steady was growing slightly irritated from waiting.
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